Bored Dog Left Alone At Home Decided To Transform The House Into His Personal Water Park

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We all have experienced the artwork dogs have created while being left at home alone throughout the day.

This one might have taken their creativity to a new level. What exactly was it that this dog decided to do?


In the form of a liquid contribution to décor, this dog made his way through the family home throwing a bit too much water around while carrying his shower hose.

What exactly did this dog have in mind?


Being at home alone all day could surely get boring and possibly a bit monotonous.

No trouble for this pup as he had an idea in mind that would remove any form of boredom that he may have been facing.

Garden Hose

As we all wish to think our dogs are at home guarding the premises, behaving themselves and taking the time to relax, it may be that in fact, our dogs are up to a bit more.

Like this dog who pulled in the garden hose and created a festive water-park.


While they do say idle hands are like the devil’s workshop, the dog’s usually like to dig up trash or get a hold of a pillow and tear it apart, which is all considered good fun.

How far would this dog go?


If you have several dogs it’s usually difficult to distinguish who the culprit is, but with CCTV cameras in this home, this boxer named Oscar would be caught red-handed for his mischief with his favorite toy.

What was the worst part?


This family clearly has good taste in décor and furniture, if you have the same tastes, these images would surely have you cringe at the behavior this dog has revealed, wetting the carpet and surrounding furniture.

But what was the dog’s last move?


Oscar ran amock in his family home, shaking himself and basically transforming the house into his personal water-park. From there, he wanted nothing to do with the mess he created and quickly exited the house before anyone got home

Not knowing everything had been captured on the CCTV. Typical behavior of an amateur thief!