Chocolate Lab Falls In Love With Mailman, When Dad Realizes Why He Starts Filming

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Comedic Rivalry

There is the old and hopefully outdated cliché of comedic rivalry that we have seen for years: that of the postman and some awful canine that is out to get him, his mail, or the seat of his pants.

There have been countless cartoons depicting fleeing mailmen, chasing dogs, and mail… Lost forever, strewn across some suburban yard. Has anything changed?

Coming Changes

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According to a viral video, this trend may be coming to a close. And it encourages some much-needed change in the relationship between those that carry letters and those that fetch tennis balls.

Leading the change are two unlikely friends that have brightened the day of anyone who has seen them. And someone was always watching.

A Long Time Coming

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This had clearly been happening for some time now. If you had been counting you could even say that seasons had passed and somehow turned into years.

In the beginning, there hadn’t been anything to see but slowly something was building. It wasa something that nobody suspected and dad was ready with the camera when it did. Something precious and heartwarming. Something that makes your heart beat a little faster and then leaves you with a warm fuzzy feeling.

Things To Do

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Very few people like popping out for every little thing, but come rain or shine life goes on. We need to eat and sleep and work but sometimes we would very happily forego some of the little chores that we don’t want to do.

Like getting ready just to head to the grocery store or some other retailer when we could simply get it delivered. That is exactly what this family started doing.


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These days you can pretty much get just about anything delivered to your door. From large heavy furniture to organic perishables and your old-school mail.

If you are home this is a very convenient service and you could even get to know your local postal person pretty well, and even look forward to his visits, or dread them… One family member couldn’t contain his joy when the postman arrived.

A Longstanding Problem

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One thing that has long been a problem for people in the postal service is vicious, unfriendly, untrained or most unfortunate of all – loose dogs.

Not only a threat to personal safety but a major hindrance to the job, you could see how a rivalry akin to Wiley Coyote and The Road Runner would be an easy relationship to fall into. So it was a surprise when quite the opposite happened.

The Way To A Dogs Heart

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Labs must be the friendliest dogs to ever grace people’s homes and lives. It seems they will go to just about any length to be close to their human counterparts, wanting as much attention as they give, and they can give a lot.

But when it comes to loyalty it is the one who holds the treat that gets the pup — as this chocolate lab proves over and over again.

The Beginning

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This particular mail courier must have known the way to a lovely Labrador’s heart was through his stomach. An endless fan of food and treats, labs are well known for their insatiable appetites.

And even though food can conquer all, that wasn’t the end of the relationship… Only the beginning.


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Over the years it became a much looked forward to ritual between both man and dog. They would meet while he was on the job, the lab racing down the lawn as oon as the door was opened and the postman waiting with a treat on a pat on the head.

So much so that eventually Chuckie the labrador’s parents decided to take a video or two of the pure joy and excitement of the occasion.


facebook / TeamChuckietheChocolateLab

You see, Chuckie’s best friend is, in fact, the mailman! You can tell by the sheer excitement as he hears the mail van stop outside (yes, he knows the sound of the van!).

He waits behind the closed front door with great impatience and much noise as his tail thumps the floor, as he jumps up to seek a look through the window… and there he comes!


facebook / TeamChuckietheChocolateLab

The mail carrier walks up the driveway getting closer and closer and Chuckie can simply not contain himself. Mom finally unlatches the door and he’s already nudged it wide open and gone barrelling down the steps into the waiting arms of his BFF.

Anyone would be scared of this big beast hurtling towards them, but not this postman.

Good Boy

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Immediately you see the routine and ritual that have happened time and time again. Chuckie sits like the good boy he is and watches as a biscuit is retrieved from a pocket, ready to be offered and obviously always accepted.

Chuckie isn’t shy with displays of public affection either. He passionately covers the man in big sloppy kisses, thrilled that he has returned once more.

Are They In Here?

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Come rain, shine or snow Chuckie insists on seeing his best friend when he comes around. He has even been so bold as to go in search of treats in the post van if his friend forgets to close the door.

Chuckie will just hop right on in like he was invited.

Almost Famous

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Chuckie the lab is quite a famous pup with a rather extensive social media presence. His parents are great at filming him and documenting his life as it unfolds.

And Chuckie leads a full and well-rounded life, full of adventures, friends, and spoils.

His Own Book

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In fact, this particular chocolate lab even has a book written for him about all the crazy things he does daily. The cute book titled “Chuckie Makes Mistakes (Sometimes)” is a book about how hard it can be to always be on your best behavior.

So it seems that Chuckie has a naughty streak beneath that cute fluffy face. We’d love to find out more…

Extremely Handsome

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The introduction begins by describing what the book is about, “With a few reminders, we can learn to be more considerate and kind to others. EVEN CHUCKIE!

Chuckie the Chocolate Lab is an extremely handsome and sometimes mischievous dog who loves to be the center of attention. While we totally agree that he is super handsome, you can just tell that this is written by his adoring mother.

Social Media

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Chuckie is the youngest of the animal children in the household, and you can watch his silly and mischievous antics and his enthusiasm for life on a wide range of platforms, namely Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest.

Even Youtube has some of his video clips which have been viewed over half a million times.


facebook / TeamChuckietheChocolateLab

There are a good few things that Chuckie truly adores. Number one is, of course, his family which includes his human mom and dad as well as his doggie sister Nestle and a sweet Tuxedo cat named Bert.

This is closely followed by peanut butter, but there are naughtier delights that Chuckie gets away with too.

Good Garbage

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Like any Labrador Chuckie can be a teeny bit destructive, getting hold of the trash is any dog’s delight, the problem is, he’s not very good at hiding his misdeeds and is often caught red-handed, or… erm, red pawed.

He also happens to be a master thief with a penchant for soft things… Things like his mom’s socks, hopefully, freshly laundered.

The Small Things

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Take it from Chuckie, if the small things in life like a visit from a friend or wearing cute clothes, licking the spoon or cuddling up with something soft can bring such joy.

Shouldn’t we be finding just as much in the small things we do every day?