Diner Cancels Interview With Pregnant Girl, Sees Response And Regrets It

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Expectant Mother

Being an expectant mother without a job can be a stressful situation. Being discriminated against for that fact is even worse.
This story would go down in the history books for playing a major part in altering laws in Florida.



When this girl and her partner fell in love, they were inseparable. Furthermore, she would fall pregnant.
It would be the most exciting time in her life as well as the most dramatic. Why dramatic?

Get A Job


Lindsay was so excited about being pregnant, all she wanted to do was get a job to better support her unborn daughter.
She didn’t want to leave all the responsibilities to her boyfriend Felix. What would she do?

Full Time


Lindsay had already worked a few part-time jobs since she left high school.
However, she was looking for full-time work, despite having enough financial support from her boyfriend. Where would she go?

Physically Demanding


Lindsay knew having a job would be physically demanding, especially while being pregnant, but she wanted it so badly even though it would be difficult. Lindsay proceeded to send her resume left, right and center.
That’s when her application was rejected by Reece’s Family Diner before she had even had the opportunity to have an interview. Felix posted the messages on social media.

No Support


With an outcry in the community over the decision, people stopped supporting the Diner, especially when the diner posted Lindsay’s resume for the community to see.
Local news took notice of the situation, bringing even more attention to Lindsay. Where was this headed?



This story became a viral sensation in a very short frame of time. It wasn’t just TV stations that wanted to share in the outrage, as the story became plastered around parenting websites as well.
Lindsay would go on to reject an interview offer from Reece’s but change the world around her. How?



Florida legislatures decided to help end the discrimination by altering the Florida Human Rights Act.
They added pregnant women to the list of groups who should be protected from employment discrimination.