Denver Democratic Bill Speaks to the Abuse of Animals


The Denver Democratic Bill is putting into place a law that prohibits people who commit acts of animal abuse to be forbidden to own an animal.

Mental Health 

Rep. Alex Valdez, D-Denver, said.“There’s a correlation between people who commit acts of violence against animals and those same people committing acts of violence against people.” Anger management and therapy would also be put into place for those committing crimes against animals. People obviously have mental health issues to take an innocent creature and torture it.

A Criminal Act

People who abuse animals are more than likely going to abuse people as well. A pet takes a lot of work, effort and care.  Abusing an animal means there is a lack of care, love, and tolerance of an animal. Owning an animal is a privilege, so why not ban the abusers? According to a study done at Northeastern University, people commit crimes when abuse of animals is in place:

Abuse of Children Reflects Abuse of Animals

It has been found that in at least 88 percent of the homes that abuse took place children were abused also. It is also becoming an epidemic for when children are abused they abuse an animal as well.  A sadistic element is involved in the abuse of animals. Inflicting pain is not normal.

Animal Abuse Mirrors Abuse of Humans

According to the FBI, animal abuse is highly correlated with interpersonal, human-to-human violence. Serial killers often torture or kill small animals from an early age, and men who commit child abuse or domestic violence very frequently harm pets as well. Many of the famous serial killers-Ted Bundy, Jeffrey Dahmer-practiced on the weakest species. Animals cannot speak for themselves, they need to be protected.

Future Laws

Valdez is hopeful to get both parties on his side if Florida can pass such an important law. HB19-1092 would give judges the discretion to prohibit adults and juveniles convicted of misdemeanor animal abuse from “owning, possessing, caring for, or residing with an animal of any kind” for a certain number of years. The ban would be mandatory for people convicted of felony animal abuse.