Culture and Business: Women in Thailand Successful in Business


Thai Women in Business

Thai Women in Business

Women in Thailand are successful compared to any other Asian or other countries because of a number of factors. Where it is sometimes difficult for women in the US to break through the glass ceiling, we have more women in politics but not in business. Thai women thrive in business because often times they run family businesses, and it has been passed down in a cultural sense.

The Role of Women in Thailand


Families in Thailand are dominated by women, unlike other cultures, who take the main responsibility. This role is extended into family businesses. Within the family unit, there is plenty of help with extended families. Domestic helpers assist children so that women can dedicate their time to climb up the corporate ladder. Forty-two percent represent senior management.

Women Not Allowed in Politics

Thai Prime Minister

Women are leaders in the corporate world and surpassing other countries around them. However, Thailand is at the bottom as far as women in Parliament. They rank 181 out of 193 countries in regards to women in the United Nations. Despite the fact women are not in politics as much as business, women have worked outside the home in Thai culture through family businesses. Women are encouraged to further their education and strive for excellence.

Women in Specific Business Jobs

Finance Thai Women

Women are apart of real estate, transportation, retail, and manufacturing. They work alongside the men in finance and insurance. In South Korea and Japan, women hold few corporate jobs and their main role is running the home in comparison with Thai women.

Women Gain Ground

Women Gain Ground

Kamonwan Wipulakorn, 56, shows the competence of women in Thailand to lead companies. She started in a brokerage firm. She rose through the ranks of men. she is now leading a real estate company as a chief executive officer. Women in Thailand have truly broken through the glass ceiling.