Couple Find Suitcase In Walls, Then FBI Shows Up


Couldn’t Believe It

One Ohio couple was over the moon when they found a suitcase while renovating their home. They found it on the walls of the basement, but what was so special about this suitcase?

The suitcase would be the answer to all of their problems, or so they thought. But the FBI would be knocking on their door.

More Than Just Money

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The couple was so excited when they found even more hidden gems, they found a secret room in the basement with some expensive watches and a stack of tapes.

But the tapes would prove to be something that would change everything. The money inside the suitcase sure was welcomed but something happened next that would never be told to the public.


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Nobody knows what was on the tapes, the man who found them never posted the result. All we know is that it must have been something truly horrific.

The man quickly called the FBI and they launched an investigation into the tapes. We’re sure nobody wants to know what kind of things were found on them.