Making Dinner Plans? Forget These Restaurants In 2021

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Feeling The Effects Of Coronavirus

Coronavirus has taken most places out of business the past few weeks but these businesses won’t be reopening their doors once the lockdown is over. Amongst them are some real family favorites that you probably have good memories of dining in as a kid.

This next one was amazing in its heyday, for food and value.

Pizza Hut


Pizza Hut was the place to be for parents who wanted to bring their children out for pizza in the 80s or even 90s. Unfortunately, with its sales falling massively in the past decade and many people calling their pizza ‘greasy’, by the end of 2020, there will be no more Pizza Hut restaurants left. They will continue to operate online and for takeout.

Find out which fast-food burger giant may be leaving your town next.

Burger King


Burger King is a well known fast food chain who’s main competitors would be McDonalds and Wendy’s. Burger King has announced they will be closing 200-250 underperforming restaurants which is an increase from the 100-150 closing every year before that.

Next up is another fast food giant and one of Burger King’s competitors that will be closing their doors.



Ahhh good old McDonalds or Maccy D’s as it’s known in the UK and Ireland. Despite being such a huge fast food chain, they too are closing stores in 2020. McDonalds has felt the wrath of Coronavirus and after closing throughout the pandemic, over 500 McDonalds premises will never open for eating in again.

If you like pancakes, this next one will be particularly heartbreaking.



If you love pancakes, you probably have heard of or have been to IHOP. Sadly for all of you breakfast lovers out there, they will be closing hundreds of restaurants. They have stated that there may be a possibility of them reopening in the future.

Next up is some very tragic news for taco fans.

Taco Bell


Taco Bell is a hugely popular chain that serves tex-mex fast food. They have also been hit hard by Coronavirus and have stated that they will be closing stores. They have not yet confirmed how many they will be closing.

If you’re a fan of eating out on Fridays, this next restaurant closure will be particularly upsetting.

TGI Fridays


TGI Fridays (which stands for thank goodness its Friday for those of you that didn’t know) have premises across every continent except sub-Saharan Africa. They have announced they will be closing a number of underperforming restaurants across the globe following COVID-19.

This next restaurant closure announcement will be a massive disappointment for Italian food lovers.

Olive Garden


Casual dining Italian food joint, Olive Garden has always been moderately successful but despite this, they will still be scaling back their business in 2020. Nonprofitable restaurants will be closed in 2020 and they have not stated which ones so hopefully its not your local one.

The next restaurant has been silently declining for years and more closures are expected.

Carl’s Jr.



Carl’s Jr. has premises across the US and Canada. For those of you that didn’t know, it actually started as a hot dog cart in 1941 which then became a restaurant. Unfortunately, the business has been in slow decline for years now and several stores are set to get the axe.

The next restaurant up is not quite Subway but it’ll still be missed.



Quiznos is probably known by many as the not as good rip off of Subway. Quiznos is actually not doing well at all, having filed for bankruptcy in 2014. Over 1,000 stores have been closed in the last few years which is huge.

This next restaurant closure will predominantly affect those who live in Texas.



Luby’s has eighty three branches throughout Houston, as well as one in Mississippi. It has its headquarters in Houston, moving from San Antonio, where the restaurant was originally founded. Unfortunately, it also has many nonprofitable restaurants that will be closed in 2020.

The final restaurant on our list is a taco place that will be closing several premises.

Del Taco


Del Taco is a very popular fast food restaurant that serves tex mex inspired fast food as well as your usual burgers and fries. Despite being able to keep competing with Taco Bell, they will still be closing many premises in 2020.

The ones that will be closed are underperforming ones to keep their business profitable.