Clear Eye Scanner: Biometrics Identification

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Have you ever had the headache of going through security at the airport? Traveling is no longer like the 1980’s where everyone would dress up and travel in style.

Security Now: Stressful

Since 911 and the terrible attack, travel has turned into an examination of everyone being a suspect. Everyone goes through the same security check now: scanned luggage, full body scans, and questions about items. Items are omitted if they are larger than a small clear bottle. No liquids or sharp objects can be carried through security. No blunt objects that look like a weapon can be in your possession. Airports are now implementing all these regulations for security purposes.

Waiting in Line and Checked Thoroughly

Has anyone every missed a flight from waiting in long lines? When you move through security, it is like moving through mud. You are checked once, twice, and sometimes three times especially with international flights.  Now, who cares if you have small children accompanying you because they are checked as well. Even strollers are suspicious.

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Efficient Way to Check In

Who wouldn’t want a faster way to get checked in and time to spare to get a sandwich or a meal? There is a way now to get through security more efficiently. Along with many other technological advances, CLEAR is a friction-free security process at airports, stadiums, and arenas that scans your eyes or fingerprints so you can reach and focus on the place you really want to be — the flight gate, concert, or game — quickly and conveniently. CLEAR is a security check using an eye scanner, but your data is kept secure and private. As soon as you check through with CLEAR, you are good to move forward.

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Biometrics: Wave of the Future

Biometrics is a new way to scan biological traits and speed up the process in airports. Scanning fingerprints and eyes is only the beginning to identify people without an ID card. The world is moving into a digital world of a paperless society because of criminal activity along with a stolen identity. Identifying oneself with an ID card will be an event of the past unless biological traits are stolen. However, promise of security and keeping information secret is a promise of the CLEAR device.

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