Cell Phone Use: A Dilemma for Students

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Banning children from using cellphones, under the age of 15, is a new law in France. Children using cellphones in school is a problem because it distracts them from their studies.

Cell Phone Abuse

Cell phone use has caused a fear of cyber bullying and disruption through social media websites. Knowing how to monitor what they are looking at is difficult. Inappropriate content is also an issue with cell phone use in class. If it could be used in a more constructive way, it wouldn’t be as much of a problem. But if cell phones were used as a tool for learning, schools would need to change the culture in how technology is being accessed.

Easy Addiction to Functions

Even though cell phones have advanced in technology, kids are attached to them and cannot let them go during a class period. The over stimulating functions on a phone are easily addictive. Have you ever enjoyed something so much that it is difficult to separate yourself from it? Well, giving a cell phone to an under age child is like giving a bag of candy to a child. Apps are easily accessible, YouTube can be accessed anywhere, and the texting world is extensive for any group of friends.

Educational Purposes 

Phones can be incorporated into the classroom lesson by using digital lessons, apps, online discussions. There are a lot of apps out there for digital platforms: Google Classroom, Quizlet, Educreations (short videos for students in the classroom) Classtree for parent communication.  The way we communicate in our world is changing. Apps can be incorporated into the classroom for 21st century learning.  Social media as an educational tool can be intertwined into a classroom setting.

France’s Ban on Cell Phones

In France, the ban on phones in schools is due to a dependence on cell phone use for entertainment purposes. The schools will decide if they want to follow the ban on cell phones. But, the proper use of cell phones is being monitored closely.