What It Means When A Cat Sniffs Your Face


Amazing Creatures

Cats have been with humans for centuries and are a lot of people’s favorite furballs. But even after being domesticated they still hold a lot of mystery that we still don’t quite know about.

But behaviorists have taken the time to study these felines and figure out what their behavior actually means. Now when your cat starts drinking from your faucet or kneading on your legs, you’ll know what it means.

Change In Meow


Male or female cats tend to be at their worst behavior during mating season. Female cats “in heat” will look for a mate so they’ll start rubbing on furniture more and being more sweet than usual, but they also tend to meow in loud, coarse voices.

So, if you have a cat that’s locked up indoors all the time, it might get aggressive as it wants to go outside and meow loudly for a mate.

Expecting Constant Massages And Pampering


Like humans, cats also love to relax. Their love to unwind makes them a demanding pet as they always want massages and gentle strokes on their chin, ears, head, and belly.

What you might not know is that when cats meet other cats, they greet by rubbing their heads together to transfer their scent. So petting them in these areas makes them feel comfortable and connected.

Lying On Your Laptop


Cats love to lie down and purr themselves to sleep in warm places. So it’s no surprise that once they find out your laptops warm, they’ll claim it as their own!

But don’t let them fool you, they also do this move as a tactic to divert your attention to them. Sneaky clever cats…

The Purr


If you have a cat that purrs a lot, then congratulations! You’re doing something right! When cats purr, they’re displaying signals of relaxation and happiness.

You might notice their purr will intensify when they’re stroked on your lap and treated with their favorite goodies. Purring makes them feel happy and wanted and they like to let you know that they’re content.

Licking Themselves


Cats have great hygiene and love to keep themselves well-groomed all the time. This is one of the reasons cats spend so much time licking themselves.

Felines hate dirt and fleas on their coat and have their rough tongue forever rolling on their fur to make sure they stay clean. So if your cat spends hours licking itself, don’t worry – it’s only natural!

They Sneak Around 


Cats have the ideal frame to be sneaky and they know it! Their agility and lightweight mean they can move around even quieter than a mouse!

Studies show that they enjoy sneaking around so that they can investigate food and high resting places at ease without being interrupted on their alone time!

Showing You Their Rear End


Though this isn’t the most charming of behaviors, cats also communicate with you through their rear end! Cats will turn around and show you a raised tail with a glimpse of his rear end to express how safe he feels with you.

They also love to flaunt their contentment in front of other cats too. To reciprocate this funny, loving gesture, you can show him love back by petting his face or below his neck!

Kneading You With Their Paws


When your cat decides he wants to knead you, it’s a sure sign of trust! Kneading a behavior they used as a kitten to press their mom’s tummy to stimulate the milk flow. If they decide to do this to you, it means they feel relaxed and close with you.

Though this is their way of showing love and satisfaction, it can also hurt if they have sharp claws. So, your cat loves kneading on your thighs or bare legs, you can trim their claws down.



Have you ever noticed your cat making funny chatter noises when there’s a bird in the yard? No one’s too sure about why they do this but it’s speculated that their vocalizing excitement at seeing potential prey fused with the annoyance of not being able to jump on them!

Cats can also make other noises like chirping, hacking, and yowling when encountering birds and insects so keep an ear out for it!



Sometimes cats and dogs get along, but other times, they really really don’t. Fair to say, it’s a love-hate relationship. Cats generally like to stick to minding their space, while dogs are more curious and love to cuddle and encourage felines to play.

Unfortunately, cats don’t always understand dogs’ playful behavior and get aggressive with them instead to rid themselves of the annoyance. Poor doggos…

Scratching Surfaces


Cats live a relatively slow-paced life. Apart from stretching, and cleaning, and eating, they don’t do much else. Oh, except for scratching! Cats often scratch rough surfaces like doors, rugs, and trees to get rid of the dead outer layer of their claws and to keep them sharp and shining.

This act also marks their territory. But if they’re scratching up your furniture, it’s a habit you’d better fix sooner or later by offering a better scratching pole!

Aggression Towards Other Cats


This might be obvious for some, but cats don’t like to share. Especially, when it comes to their space and love. Cats want all the attention and they’ll get aggressive to keep it!

Male cats are especially bad for being aggressive with each other, but on the bright side and in true cat fashion – it’s nothing a bit of space and time can’t fix.

Chewing Odd Things


Some cats have a habit of chewing on weird things, like plastic bags, rubber bands, or socks. While this odd behavior may be related to boredom, it can also be the early warning signs of anxiety or an oncoming illness. Felines who were weaned too early can “nurse” on soft items like stuffed toys or blankets.

But if you encounter your cat chewing inedible things that make no sense for a cat, you should visit your vet quickly as this habit is dangerous and might cause choking and intestinal blockages, as well as other problems.

No Appetite


Cats love eating and snaking on treats so if you notice your cat shying away from his bowl or favorite snack, it could signal some underlying problems, both health-related and non-health-related!

Non-health-related reasons that affect their eating could be a change in ambiance, your attitude towards them, and their relationships with other cats, but health-related reasons could vary. So it’s always a priority to get them checked with the vet.

Phone Call Interruptions


Does your cat always try to get your attention when you’re on a phone call or at the keyboard? If he does, don’t be alarmed. All your cat is doing is just finding a way to seek your attention!

Cats actually become jealous of things that have your attention so the solution is to give your cat a gentle rub on his back or stimulate him with interactive toys to make sure he doesn’t feel neglected and distract you when you’re busy working.

Sharing Bed Space


Cats really have unique ways of expressing how they feel about us. If your cat hops onto your bed and snuggles near you or on you, it could only mean one adorable thing—he loves you!

When cats sleep with their owners, they are showing you they feel completely safe and love being with you. Perhaps, the next time your cat jumps up on your bed, just tell him you love him too!

Waste Cover Up


Unlike dogs, cats are modest creatures and don’t like to do relieve themselves in front of anyone for their business all to be on the show! Felines cover their waste to mark their territory. However, they also bury their waste to avoid conflicts with other cats.

This way, cats feel more secure by not being challenged. Where possible, they prefer to stay clear of unwanted face-offs.

Staying Up All Night


Although annoying, most cats are night owls and prefer to be active throughout the night. It’s a habit they inherited from their wild cat ancestors who loved to hunt under the cover of the night. While this behavior is normal, it can be annoying and is reversible!

To rotate their odd sleeping patterns, you can have them play with interactive toys during the day and offer them a small meal before bedtime. If your cats let out funny noises in the middle of the night or show any signs of pain, it is advisable to visit your veterinarian.

Shying Away From Family


You might think hiding is something your cat will do because he’s scared but that’s not quite all there is to this behavior. While hiding is nothing to worry about, the meaning behind the behavior can be funny! Cats will hide from people simply because they do not like them.

They’ll think of a way to avoid being seen by them. However, if your cat is always hiding from you, perhaps you should visit the vet to make sure nothing’s wrong.

Head Bumping


When cats continuously and adorably bump heads with you, you might have already guessed that they’re saying, “I love you!”. Bumping also lets them know that you belong only to them and makes them feel more loved.

Cats are great communicators of affection but don’t worry. If your cat doesn’t head-butt you, they’ll mimic other ways to express their affection!

Sniffing Your Face

The Spruce Pets

Unlike dogs that have a powerful nose and can smell you from miles away, cats need to be closer to take a good sniff of you. Though this strange behavior might seem strange at first, it’s actually good that they feel so assured around you that that’d get so close at all!

Cats never get close to people whom they’re unfamiliar with, so each time your cat sniffs you, it’s a privilege few people will experience.

Eating Grass

Getty Images/ Amanda Rengifo

Perhaps all cats, both domesticated and wild, eat a few strips of grass for its functional purposes. Eating grass can help a digest food or throw up if they’re experiencing indigestion.

It’s strange how they know to do this, but they do! Eating grass can clean their system and they find it pleasing and relishing. So let them eat!

Puff Their Fur

Getty Images / seraficus

Cats puff up their fur when they’re displaying aggression or are scared. The behavior makes them appear larger. This is their way of exhibiting peacocking when fear overwhelms them. It becomes a funny reflex if you have a cat that’s easily scared!

While there isn’t much to worry about this behavior, it would be wise to help him beat the fear by diverting his focus on the pleasant things he likes.

Suddenly Staying Outdoors

Getty Images / Nils Jacobi

When cats decide to leave behind the affection and posh amenities they had always enjoyed, it’s hard to know exactly why they do this. However, the fear of invasion by another dominating cat or your ignorance towards them at any particular place in time might linger in their young minds, urging them to leave forever.

While most of the cats return home even after weeks or sometimes months, some find a new life elsewhere.

Sipping From The Faucet

Getty Images / mamonallard

Cats seem to prefer faucet water over bowl water. Perhaps, this odd behavior is traced back to their ancestors when they had learned that running water was safer than water from a stagnant puddle or bowl.

If you don’t mind your feline taking an occasional sip from the tap, then good for you. But if you do, try setting up a shallow fountain for them to enjoy a sip whenever they want.

Knocking Things Over

Getty Images / Vikki Hart

So many videos of cats knocking things over have gone viral on the web. It’s a funny behavior but why do they do it? Though it can be startling and quite annoying when your cat shoves a book off the shelf or pushes over a framed picture, it’s normal.

Cats have sensitive paws and like to swat things around to investigate them. However, cats sometimes knock things down on purpose to seek your attention.

Ignoring You

Unsplash_ hocza

Ignoring people for attention isn’t just a trick reserved for humans, no, cats do it too! If your cat ignores you and never purrs or ‘meow’s at you, it probably means that you did something that offended him. Yes, you offended him!

So give the notoriously independent furry being a little time to himself, and in time, he’ll get over it! Don’t worry, he’ll be back when he wants attention.

Napping In Small Places

Getty Images / Cyndi Monaghan

Cats love to sleep in small places because they find them more comfortable and warm! They enjoy lying down in tight places like dresser drawers, bathroom cabinets, or even closet corners since they feel that they are cozy and safe.

This odd behavior can be traced back to their ancestors, who would sleep in their hideouts to avoid predators and unwanted disturbances.

Winking At You


Have you ever noticed your cat winking at you? This is sometimes termed a ‘cat kiss’! A cat kiss is a slow cat-eye blink that means nothing more than a non-threat signal.

Felines use it with each other and the people when they’re comfortable with them. Moreover, you can reciprocate the same signal to your cat with a slow blink.

Rolling And Cuddling

Instagram / miesthecat

Cats are adorable, especially when they do things that are more cute than usual! A real ‘Awwww’ moment is when your cat flips around on its back either in front of you or in between your legs while you’re standing.

This behavior typically signals how safe he feels when he’s with you. But it also might signal that your cat is quite the attention seeker who would go to any extent to grab your attention!

Dog Fighting

Getty Images / Tetiana Garkusha

Cats and dogs aren’t always a perfect duo and this is why: While cats like to mind their space and keep to themselves, dogs are curious beings who love to cuddle and bring cats into some funny playful action.

Unfortunately, cats don’t think it’s “funny” at all, and can get aggressive. Since a cats behavior is unpredictable, it’s best to train dogs on how to behave when cats are seemingly not in a playful mood!


Excited Cats

When your kitty rubs his head or side on you, he’s actually doing way more than just showing affection and saying hello.

He’s also “bunting” which is a behavior that’s very common in cats. Bunting is what they do when pheromones are being released from their head. They leave their scent on you as a way of showing ownership over you as well as pride in that you are his.

Gift Giving

Excited Cats

Behaviorists have a few theories on why your cat gifts you with things, usually, it’s their kills but sometimes it can be random, like a leaf or toys.

Even though this habit may be perceived as bad, it’s actually good. He’s acknowledging you as a member of his group and is sharing his hunting success with you. He could be thanking you for taking care of him!

Cat Eyes

Live Science

One minute your cat’s eyes are glued on you, it gets creepy and you understand why people think cats stare at you planning your demise. But then the next minute, he appears to want nothing to do with you. So what gives? The fact is, if your cat is staring you down he’s just trying to get your attention. But if the stare is intense, this “staring contest” could mean that he is on high alert about someone or a situation.

In that case, it’s advised to not look at your cat directly in the eyes. As with any animal, cats can see this as an act of aggression in preparation for a fight.

Kitty Litter Fail


Sometimes cats may miss the point on this one and do their business outside of the litter box. This is known as inappropriate elimination and it is the most common behavioral complaint of cat owners.

So if your cat does this, don’t feel alone! Understanding the underlying causes of this condition can help solve inappropriate elimination. It can be caused by medical or behavioral issues so visit a vet to be sure!



If you notice your cats ears can twitch back and forth, it’s time to slowly and carefully back up. This is one way that they likt to express their anxiety or agitation.

However, if their ears are just slightly pointed upright, that just means that they’re alert. It also means they’re listening intently to their surroundings.

Twitchy Tails

Great Pet Care

You may have noticed your cat lounging about and seeing a little twitch happening around the tip of her tail. You may also wonder, “Is that normal?”.

The answer is yes! And it could be a sign that your cat may be excited or focused. This usually happens when your cat is “hunting prey” around the house. So if you think you may be their playful prey, run!

Oh You’re Using This?

Front Page Meews

No matter if it’s magazines, books, clothes, or a suitcase, if you’ve laid out, your cat will claim it. They love to ly on things at the exact same time that you’re using it.

Why does he do this? He knows that if he plops himself down on whatever you’re paying attention to, chances are, you’ll pay attention to him too!

Midnight Zoomies

Nicko Margolies

When you’re jolted awake by the sound of your cat barreling down the hallway, the first thing that comes to your mind isn’t actually, “awww, that’s adorable!”. Most house cats have so much energy built up during the day that they can only release it at night.

Combined with their nocturnal instincts to hunt at night, they may wreak havoc on your sleep. So try to exercise your cat during the day to avoid this behavior!