When She Followed Her Cat, She Never Expected To Uncover Her Parents’ Huge Secret

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Hiding In The Shed

Laura opens the door and peeps into the shed, a lump forming in her throat. It was as if her cat had been eaten by the darkness. Where could he be? She called to her cat, but he didn’t come. Laura knew she wasn’t allowed in the shed, it was her mother’s rule.

She steps into the shed and uses her phone as a light source. She starts tensing up as she notices a mysterious box in the corner. Her body was telling her to run away. It was irrational, she knew this. She didn’t believe in monsters anymore. As she walked to the box every ounce of her being was screaming out for her to stop.

A Perfect Life

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Laura Robinson felt she had lived a seemingly perfect life. She was lucky enough to have amazing parents, a beautiful house, and great friends. And she was about to start studying at her new university.

Laura loved life right now. Nothing would have impacted this chapter in her life and she was ready for what awaited her next. But Laura was unaware of what was waiting for her.

A Conversation

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One day Laura woke up and started going downstairs for her breakfast. As she was about to enter the kitchen she heard her parents talking softly. What could Ronnie and Adam have been saying?

She slowly peaked around the corner and started eavesdropping. The parents looked flustered like they had something to hide and didn’t want it getting out. What was wrong? What Laura didn’t know was that her life would change soon.

What Did They Have To Hide?

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“We can’t tell her,” Laura’s mom softly whispered. “She’ll be devastated.” Laura started feeling anxiety creep into her as she kept listening. What was the secret? And why would devastate her?

Laura needed to know. And she knew her parents weren’t going to tell her. Laura needed to find out whatever it was on her own. The discovery she would make would leave her in doubt with everything she knew.

Something Was Wrong

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The secrets actually made sense in her mind. For as long as Laura could remember it had always seemed like both her parents had a secret that they didn’t want her to find out.

After she heard them speaking it just confirmed her suspicions about them. They were both hiding a secret they never wanted their daughter to know. The most important thing to Laura was what they were hiding.

She Needed The Truth

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Laura couldn’t just stand by and not bring it up. Families should tell each other everything and never keep secrets. Armed with the evidence to back up her suspicions, Laura had to find out what they were keeping from her.

She had a say too, she was part of this family and wanted to know what secret was too important to tell her. Laura didn’t know that, in hindsight, she should have rather just left it a secret.

Clearing Out Her Wardrobe


In the afternoon, Laura was cleaning out her old wardrobe. After 4 hours of sorting, she got through hundreds of items. Her aim was to give the clothes to a charity shop. In the meantime though, she’d just store them in the shed outside.

Laura was making her way to the shed carrying the heavy bags filled with old unwanted clothes when suddenly, she heard her mother bellow out: “Don’t go in!”

Don’t Go Inside

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Laura’s mother was storming out of the house. Laura questioned her as to why she shouldn’t go inside the shed. Her mother didn’t expect backchat and looked surprised. After a moment of thought, she just said: “Just don’t please.” She looked flustered and struggled to come up with a reason.

She then said: “There are rats… and you don’t want to let them out do you?” She then picked up Laura’s bag of clothing and stormed back to the house with them. Laura was shocked, her mother never acted like this. What could she be hiding?

What Was In The Shed?

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“We can just put these in my wardrobe,” Laura’s mother called out to her. Laura was hesitant but could see her mother’s stress so she reluctantly agreed. As she started to follow her mother back inside, she couldn’t shake the question in her head – what was inside that shed?

Just as she reached the doorway into the house, Laura turned back to the garden to take another look at the shed on the far end. She had a bad feeling about that shed.

Getting To The Bottom

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After a few days, Laura’s parents left the house to go to the city. Laura was at the house and was busy making herself a smoothie when the thought of the shed entered her mind. She couldn’t help but look at it from the window.

What was in there? Why couldn’t she be allowed to see it? Laura wanted the truth. Even if that meant defying her parents’ wishes and taking the plunge inside.

Letting Her Cat Out


As she took a sip of her smoothie, she saw her cat Nibbles was trying to get out of the house through the back door.
Laura went over and opened the back door for Nibbles but something inside her told to follow the cat. She had no idea why, but she knew she had to follow.

Following The Cat


Laura followed behind Nibbles as he made his way through the garden, then he came across the shed. The cat turned around to Laura and let out a meow as he scratched the front door of the shed. The cat wanted to go inside, but why?

It was just a shed. It had gardening tools and rubbish in. Laura had no idea what was coming.

Inside The Shed


She opens the door to the shed and Nibbles slips himself in disappearing into the darkness. Laura then attempts to find a light switch but to her dismay, it doesn’t work.

She can feel her heartbeat in her throat and panic brews like tea in a pot. She had to be quick and she had to find whatever it was her parents were keeping from her. But time was running out.

Looking Around

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She whips out her cellphone and loads up the flashlight app. She carefully scans the room with her eyes and flashlight, trying to find something that looked strange or suspicious.

A few seconds later, Laura saw something. And it was something that would turn her world upside down.

Someone’s Home

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Just as Laura was about to gasp, she heard a car pull up, followed by the sound of a car door slamming. Had her parents come back already? Laura looked at her phone; they had only been out 20 minutes, surely it wasn’t them?

Either way, Lara stood frozen in her tracks trying to listen out. If it was her parents she was going to be in deep trouble. But time was running out.

That Was Close

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A few moments later, Laura realized the sound was from her neighbor’s opposite. Phew. That was close. She carries on looking inside the shed.

As her eyes scanned the dusty and cluttered shed, suddenly, Laura notices a large box in the corner. And a terrible feeling hits the pit of her stomach.

A Random Box

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Hidden in the corner was a massive box covered in fabric. What was inside? Slowly Laura made her way and ripped the fabric off. She had to find out why her parents didn’t want her in here. What were they hiding?

She opens the box and right there and then, Laura’s knees drop to the floor. She couldn’t believe it. Was this legitimate? Was this the reason why her parents had been so sneaky?

Truth Is Revealed

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You see, it turned out that inside the box was a top of the range computer with a note stuck on it saying “To Laura,’ she was speechless!

She had been wanting this computer for years and as she was starting university in a couple of months she dropped a few hints to her parents, but she never expected them to come through!

Back Inside The House

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Laura knew she couldn’t let her parents know she found the computer. They would be heartbroken. Quickly, she leaves the shed and heads back into her house.

She sits herself on the sofa and looks out the window waiting for her parents to come back. She couldn’t believe it. As if they had got her such an incredible computer!


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Her parents arrived back and Laura kept her lips sealed shut. She was going to wait for them to surprise her, after all, she didn’t want them to know she went against them.

When they walked through the door Laura went over and embraced both of them. She said nothing, but her affection said a thousand words.