Never Try And Use WD-40 As Engine Oil



WD-40 can fix a lot of things, right? Well, some wise kids decided to see if it really could fix everything. They got the WD-40 and what they wanted to fix, they just had to try it.

They wanted to try and start an engine with just WD-40. Surely it would work, right? That’s at least what they thought. Here’s what happened.

Don’t Do This

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They actually put a lot of thought into this. They drained the car of all of its engine oil and proceeded to fill it up with WD-40 that they got from Home Depot.

This is something that should not be tried at home! Even if it does vaguely say “engines” on the can.

The Results

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The car actually started and drove! But their celebration was premature when they smelt smoke after 5 miles of driving. They had to stop because the smoke was now blocking the windshield.

But no one expected the next event. The entire engine caught flames in a spectacular fireball! The teens knew the truth now, but did they run? No! They excitedly filmed the fire and posted it online. Teens will always be teens, after all.