Bride Discovers Her Wedding Is A Lie Just Before Her Big Day. Town Mayor Is Involved

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The Fairytale Begins

When Megan Carney’s long-time boyfriend, Avery Suelzer, proposed to her, it seemed like the start to the fairytale she had always dreamed of.

However, every fairytale has a villain, and usually a wicked witch. This fairytale would be no different. Megan just didn’t know it yet.

Making Arrangements

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As any bride will tell you, there are many things to keep in mind but undoubtedly the most important, and often hardest, decision is choosing the venue.

After a lot of searching and consideration, Megan found a potential venue. Could this be it? Had she really just found her dream venue?

Destination Wedding


The venue had everything a bride could want. A fireplace that had been imported from a French castle, chef’s kitchen, and a pool house were only a few of the features on this massive five-acre site.

Megan couldn’t believe her luck when she booked this wonderland for her wedding. She could not have prepared for what happened next.

The Final Countdown


After five months of planning her big day was finally at hand. The vendors had been booked and paid for and everything was on track.

She decided to call the woman who owned and had rented the venue to finalize the wedding day arrangements and the itinerary. But why wasn’t she answering her phone?

An Unexpected Answer

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When Megan finally managed to contact the venue owner, she was told that the wedding couldn’t be held there.

This was shocking enough, but the explanation was even more baffling. The owner told them that she had received many complaints from neighbors and the city. Some even threatened to sue her. But how could this be?

Paperwork And Plaster Casts


The property had not been zoned to allow it to be used to host events. The owner had received all the necessary paperwork but had simply never submitted it.

To make matters worse, when Megan and Avery went to see her, Megan slipped and fell, breaking her ankle. Was her wedding day truly doomed?

Help From On High

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Everything seemed doomed but then Megan got unexpected help. Various other vendors jumped to assist her. Some offered services and even venues the couple could use.

Most surprising of all, even the town mayor stepped in and offered to help the couple find a new venue. Was the wedding saved at the last minute?

A Tough Decision


With such an amazing outpouring of support and help, the wedding seemed sure to be a success. Everyone wanted to help the couple.

However, with her foot in a cast, there was no way for Megan to walk down the aisle on her wedding day. Megan and Avery wondered what they could do.

Let’s Call The Whole Thing Off


Despite having spent thousands of dollars on their dream wedding, Megan and Avery decided that they would rather postpone the wedding. They decided to push their wedding back to the next year.

Their story went viral and is a true cautionary tale about always making sure the paperwork is in order before paying for anything.