Bioenergotherapy: Healing Hands or Hocus Pocus?

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bioenergotherapy“Bioenergotherapy”– wondering what it is?

I’ll let you in the on the secret.

“Bioenergotherapy is concerned with correcting energetic perturbations in bioplasma tale, called the aura. Human’s aura contains 7 layers which are responsible for a state of mental health stemming from psychical and emotional ones. All somatic and mental diseases have its’ reflection and are visible in our aura.”

What’s a bioplasma tale? According to my Google search, there’s only two references to this term – and both are from the same author. It has no definition. But save the questions and skepticism for later. Let’s take a close look at what bioenergotherapy can heal!

From the leaflet above:
‘Sinus headaches, vertebral joint, kidney stones, gallbladder, stroke, asthma, diabetes, cancer, multi sclerosis, varicose veins, women’s condition, epilepsy, menstruation problems, thyroid, hemerroids, constipation, addictions.”

At first, I thought “women’s condition” was a euphemism for “menstruation“, but then “menstruation” followed on the list. To which “woman’s condition” might this licensed bioenergotherapist be referring to? And which university or college offers the training to support the issue of licenses?

If you’re still confused, let me clarify by posting the rest of the definition:

“Qualified bioenergotherapeutist is able to locate and correct these disorders. The removal of energetic blockades is equivalent to health recovery. To achieve it, several sessions have to be attended. There is no need to be discouraged after the first session when we can see no results instantly, because energetic treatment is a therapy and has to last for the certain time to bring the expected issue. There are some diseases when patients are able to recover after just one session though.”

It continues…

“Physical body and bioplasma tale interact, penetrating one another. Aura energetic disorders undoubtedly have impact, or will have impact in the future, on somatic diseases in one’s organism.”
Still confused? Let’s just see what it looks like in action:

There is currently no evidence anywhere to support the existence of any human energy fields or auras.  The real definition of “energy“, from a physics perspective, is the ability to do work.  The entire premise that bioenergotherapy is built upon is unproven.

bioenergotherapy moneyWhat could possibly be the motivation for selling this treatment when there is no official documentation to prove its efficacy available on PubMed or even Google? Cash money.  The going rate I found in my research was $100 per hour.  Not bad if you see a few patients per day, and especially if a patient requires multiple sessions.

On its own, bioenergotherapy appears to be relatively harmless, since, like homeopathy, nothing is actually happening. At best, a patient’s positive response to the treatment is likely due to the placebo effect. So why could this still be considered dangerous?

Because certain alternative medicine, like bioenergotherapy, is very dangerous if it’s used instead of medically proven treatments. When I see “cancer” on a list of ailments that are “cured” by an unproven form of alternative medicine, then a huge red flag goes up. It would be a damn shame if someone postponed chemotherapy or radiation for bioenergotherapy, and then suffered needlessly, or cut their own live’s short.

Seek the advice of a medical doctor before undergoing any treatment, and make sure any additional treatments you decide to undergo do not conflict with your existing treatment. Think critically – if bioenergotherapy really worked, don’t you think the medical community would embrace it? Don’t you think they’d try and cash in too?