20 Awkward Wedding Photos That Are So Bad They’re Good

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Creepy Couple

Everyone loves a great photoshoot, especially when it’s on your wedding and of you and your significant other. We just aren’t sure if this was a planned picture. Is the creepy couple photobombing them?
Are those the parents looking through the window into the new couple’s marriage? Perhaps the photographer was trying to be creative, but I suppose we’ll never know.

Sad Bride

The accordion player seems to be having an amazing time but the bride in the background perhaps not as much.
I also wouldn’t be terribly thrilled with that messy table and high school prom decoration scheme going on behind her. Hopefully, she was just caught off guard.

Cool Dad


So let’s try to break this catastrophe down. It looks as though the bride was indeed walking next to someone, but he’s been edited out and replaced with…
Um, her tiny father wearing a jet pack. Did you notice how her hand was made incredibly tiny, too? It’s about the size of her nose.

Tiny Bride


An interesting concept, but there seems to be a lot of these tiny pocket-sized brides in wedding photos. She looks pretty happy about being Thumbelina and the groom looks super won over by her miniature size.
They’ll certainly save on airplane tickets to their honeymoon.



Let’s gloss over the awful background that this couple has been pasted onto and focus instead on the fact that the bride is sprawled over a shag rug while being, ah, ridden like a pony.
Clearly, he has never ridden a horse before with the way he’s holding his ‘reigns’. Let’s hope there will be no more hair pulling in their future.

Lift Off


And we have lift off. This bride was so over the moon at finally getting married that the photographer decided to send her to space.
Either that or she shouldn’t have had such a hot curry the night before the wedding photos were to be taken.

Cabbage Patch


This groom is terrified and overwhelmed at the fact that his betrothed is presenting him with two newborns that are seemingly sprouting from cabbages.
We have so many questions. Are they part plant people? How is she balancing them and isn’t she getting tired? Or are these in fact hors d’oeuvres?

Beach Bum


It’s very sweet when the photographer only has eyes for his clients but perhaps in this instance, it would have helped to concern himself with what was in the background too.
While it may be funny to look back on this particular picture, it certainly ruins the moment when a speedo wearing beach bum bombs your romantic memories.

White Doves


Now I understand that this is a tradition, kind of. Some couples release doves into the air to symbolize freedom and their new lives together, but how it went from live doves to dead chickens is anybody’s guess.
The groom looks suitably disgusted as he hoists his raw bird into the air. The bride, on the other hand, is clearly thrilled though.

As Cool As


You may be cool, but you’ll never be as cool as… getting married in a flashy car whilst balancing precariously out of both doors whilst you car surfs a sweet wave in the ocean.
Maybe the photographer went a little overboard with his creative license on this picture.



More miniature people being lifted effortlessly by the groom in a weird balancing-of-the-scales pose. Are these the two most important women in his life? Or is he making the choice between mother and wife?
We will never know, so luckily the photographer gave them all a nifty superimposed background.



This shot made the list for the simple fact that no one is celebrating a downpipe. What beautiful curves that waterspout has. Such smooth lines alternating with rigged curves.
Oh, and did you see? You also happened to catch a well-dressed couple in the background. Wonder who they could be…



Okay, we just don’t know what is actually happening here. Our bride is once again strangely small and also effortlessly suspended upside down. He husband is bowing her exposed leg.
We have zero idea if there is any symbolism going on here or if he’s just an excellent fiddler who wants to show off his skills.

Photoshop Gone Wrong


Possible the worse case of photoshop we have seen in this lineup. We have accepted the small brides… so moving on. Here we have a bird-woman with some white dove wings mashed onto her back whilst being clasped uncomfortably in her husband’s ogre-sized hands.
Amazingly, she still manages to look quite angelic throughout this ordeal.

More Birds


We couldn’t resist throwing in another bird-themed picture, only this time the groom has grown the wings. We assume by the mountain background that he was going for an eagle but honestly he’d barely pull off a seagull at this point.
And is it just me or does it look like that bride is bent over his knee ready to be spanked for bad behavior?

Zero Gravity


This is actually quite a cute picture. A beautiful couple and a decent photographer (it’s in focus isn’t it?) and, amazingly, there isn’t any weird photoshop editing in sight. But I have two questions…
How is her hair defying gravity? and more strange, why have they been thrown upside down in a car in the first place?

Nose Rings


What is with the rings up their noses?! Honestly, we can not think of one good reason why anyone would shove a huge gold band up their nose and then smooch it up for the camera. Super close-up, too.
We hope no trips to the ER needed to extract their symbols of love and commitment.

Catch Of The Day


There are plenty of fish in the sea, but you won’t be catching a gorgeous bride with that dirty thing. See how she gracefully evades his capture.
Luckily for him, she seems to already be in a dress and ready to marry him.



Here we see a bride surrounded by herself on a background of red and pink roses. Maybe the photographer simply couldn’t choose which picture of her to use, or maybe she was getting more bang for her buck.
Nine pictures for the price of one.

Epitome Of Romance


This is the ultimate ‘what were you thinking’ photo. It’s a great picture with a lovely background, but explain to me exactly why we have a homeless guy front and center?
And not just any guy, either. A bearded man smoking a cigarette butt sporting a lovely shiner. Romantic!