Pet Kitten Won’t Stop Growing, Vet Looks Closely At X-Ray And Sees Why



A pair of Argentine teenagers were out fishing when they discovered a very cute ‘abandoned kitten’. The girl and her brother discovered the kittens and, being the compassionate teens they are, decided to rescue them.



The local press reported that Florencia Lobos is an 18-year-old girl from Santa Rosa de Leales in Argentina’s Tucuman province. According to the news, she and her brother discovered two kittens in a cave near the river where they were fishing.



It was clear that the two young cats had lost their mother. After some consideration and discussion, Florencia and her brother decided to bring the kittens home. They had decided to care for the poor animals.

Losing Half


The pair brought the two kittens home to nurse them back to health after the loss of their mother. They decided to name the kittens Dani and Tito. Unfortunately, Tito died not long afterward while Dani got stronger and stronger.

Fateful Moment


Dani had been growing stronger and stronger under the care of Florencia and her family. However, one day the little kitten had a tumbled and ended up injuring its leg. Florencia immediately rushed Dani to the vet. That’s when the vet revealed something that stunned her.

Big Cat


While Florencia was getting Dani checked out, the vet made a shocking discovery. After making sure of his suspicions, the vet revealed that Dani was no ordinary kitten. Dani was, in fact, a Jaguarundi cub.



The Jaguarundi is a big cat that is very similar to a puma. Jaguarundi are found in both North and South America. However, unlike house cats that are kept as pets, Jaguarundi are Amazonian wildcats and are not tame.



Not only are Jaguarundi similar to pumas, they are actually more closely related to cheetahs and cougars. None of these cats are exactly the kind of cat you want cuddling up on your lap or your sofa with you.



Dani discovered that she wouldn’t be able to pay for the surgery that was needed to fix Dani’s leg. She also didn’t want to keep the animal from a natural life. So, Florencia contacted the Argentine Animal Rescue Foundation hoping that they could help her.

Good Call


The Argentine Animal Rescue Foundation’s president, Hernan Rodriguez Salazar, explained: “Fortunately, she called us and gave us the animal because she realized it would not be suitable for her home. We took it to a vet who works with us.”

Moral Of The Story


The events with Florencia and Dani teach a very important lesson. You shouldn’t take wild animals into your home, particularly cats, as they can be very dangerous. Fortunately for all concerned, this story worked out well.



After the AARF’s vet took care of Dani’s leg, the cat was taking to a nearby nature reserve. The idea was that it would help Dani by giving her leg enough time to properly heal. The animal’s health was their top priority.

Reality Shock


When it comes to Florencia, she admitted that she had been utterly shocked to discover the truth. She never imagined that her playful little rescue kitten could turn out to be a wild cat. She definitely didn’t expect it to be a big cat like a puma.

Keeping In Touch


Florencia didn’t leave the matter there, however. She makes sure to stay in touch with the AARF. She is being kept up to date on the situation with Dani and how Dani is doing. Florencia plans on visiting Dani, stating “I feel he will be sad without me.”