Are Zombies Real?

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Are Zombies Real? Some Cultures say Yes

For weeks, the public has been in an uproar over the budding signs of a real, full fledge, Zombie Apocalypse. Too many bizarre series of cannibalism and face-eating crazed maniacs in Florida are popping up —I’ve seen my fair share of Zombie flicks to know the “infected” typically start in a concentrated area! All jokes aside, while rational people are contributing these graphic actions to drugs—more specifically bath salts—the girlfriend of one of the “zombies” is blaming Voodoo for her boyfriend’s human eating ways. Could she be on to something? After all, for centuries the Haitians believe zombies are real and are created through Voodoo and black magic. To learn why doing a background check on your neighbor might not be enough to prevent you from getting eaten and to learn a little bit more about Haitians beliefs in zombies, continue reading below.

Zombies:  Directly Related to Voodoo

Unlike American zombies depicted in horror movies and television shows, traditionally, Haitians believe that zombies are victims, not villains. Meaning, their zombies are innocent dead corpses who are brought back to life against their will by a witch doctor called a bokor. Through the power of voodoo, a bokor brings back the dead and magically controls the zombified person for a specific purpose—usually for labor. Although it’s hard to imagine how a brainless, uncoordinated human would be efficient working in the fields, that still didn’t stop the Haiti government from threatening to turn “uncooperative” Haitian citizens into mindless, flesh-eating zombies. In fact, historians note that is was a scare tactic commonly used in the Tonton Macoute regime era (1957-1986) to get people to abide by their rules and regulations. That’s right. Those that rebelled were threatened to be turned into zombies. Too many were unwilling to call the regime’s bluff and followed orders.

Any Scientific Evidence for Zombies?

There isn’t much scientific evidence to support the Haitian’s stories of real life zombies, but a Canadian anthropologist and Harvard grad named Dr. Wade Davis claimed that he learned how to make a secret zombie juice from witch doctors in Haiti on an excursion. He first became curious about investigating the legitimacy of zombies after a Haitian farmer claimed that he died and came back to life in the early 1980’s. David went to research the man’s story and claimed that while there, a witch doctor taught him how to make zombies using a potion with toad skin. Davis went on to write a book about his discoveries entitled Passage of Darkness (1988). This is where he claimed that real zombies aren’t really dead per say, but in a weird limbo stage. The potion is a drug-like substance that makes people insane for a long period of time.

So, How do you Kill a Zombie Haitian Style?

Since the little evidence of zombies being real sprouts from Haiti, it might be best to learn how to defeat zombies according to Haitian folklore—feed them salt (just not the kind sold in local head shops). Allowing zombies to see the ocean (salt water) will also help the zombie come to terms with what has happened to them and motivate them to return back to his or her grave.

It sounds silly when you think of it, but one thing is certain: all of these man made, chemically altered drugs like bath salts are making its users cray-cray. If the problem isn’t controlled, we might get real zombies walking all over the country in no time, a la 28 Days Later.

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