Andy Goldsworthy: Art in Nature


Nature is beautiful. When nature is taken apart to showcase an art piece, it can become an image of fantasy and symbolize another world outside of simply just nature.

Naturally Formed

When looking at nature, we can often see the designs that are naturally formed. Look at a sunflower, and you can see the natural design with the petals and leaves. Flowers usually have a circular pattern, and a tree stump has an intricate pattern as well.

An Enriched Background

Andy Goldsworthy comes from a family where his Dad is a mathematician. He is a brilliant artist that uses natural elements to create art installations. He grew up on farms and is very close to nature. He breathes and views nature as something to be reinvented and basically decorate nature with nature.

Installation Art

Andy admits that his type of art form requires “getting into the rhythm” of it. His artwork at first showed decay and natural death of nature. Now, his installation art shows more of a life-like form that resembles numerous patterns in a round shape.

Enhancing Shapes

Serpentine shapes are also apart of his artwork as well. Serpentine patterns twist and turn in his almost fantasy-like forms. Installation art takes into account using parts of nature: tangible life-like forms are embedded into nature. One aspect of Any’s art is that he creates movement. When you view his art, you can view the moving quality of the shapes.

Mathematical order to his installations that are like storybook shapes. You can almost fall right into the shapes especially the one with the branches. The forms he creates tell a story about our interaction with landscape, and our place in nature. In using the natural world as his inspiration, his canvas, and his materials, he makes us look at our surroundings with new eyes. The materials he uses are wood, earth, fire, leaves and all facets of nature to beautify our world.  Adam Goldsworthy takes us into another world or fantasy and reality combined into one image.