Questions Australians Want Americans To Answer


So Many Questions

It’s not only the big stuff, like voting and healthcare.

There are a ton of questions the international world has for people in the States. This collection comes from those in the land down under. It should also be warned that this includes the dreaded pineapple questions.

Insane Proportions


@Cnrt asked…

“Can someone in America explain to me why food proportions are so huge? Either someone finishes it and it’s totally unhealthy, or they don’t and it’s a waste of food. On that note – why do so many restaurants have impossible eating challenges?”

Bacon Everything


@jdfgcb4 asked…

“What is the obsession with bacon? Seriously … pre-cooked, deodorant, cologne, sprinkles, bandages, mayonnaise, and toothpaste. The stuff is good, but it’s not THAT good. Dial it back, will ya?”

So Much Sugar


@Lisadohal3 asked…

“How is there sugar in everything and no one notices? Milk and bread is like desert. Why is there so much? How has no one connected the obesity problem with all these additives?”

Satisfying Things


@taumark asked…

“Some of these “satisfying” videos are fun like the cleaning stuff. But what’s with the soap cutting and mowing lawns or arranging books? Legit question. How is this popular?”

Everything Wrapped


@peachnapplz asked…

“Why do Americans wrap everything in plastic? It’s a shameful thing in Australia! No shade intended to my US friends! Just curious! There’s already enough waste in the world, what’s wrong with just washing the fruit and veggies?”

Huge Houses


@dizzys_creeks asked…

“Why do Americans live in houses with huge bedrooms but in Australia it’s impossible to fit a bed, a bookshelf and a desk into one room? And what’s with the “big beige box” love?”

Shady Storage


@HymeHoppers asked…

“Australian here. Why is it when you watch movies, that every other storage unit has somebody inside doing something shady? Even just squatting in them. Do people really live in them? It’s impossible to imagine.”



@Tomaltach777 asked…

“Why do Americans hate Pineapple on pizza? I thought they invented it? It’s a dietary staple here in Australia. Especially in Queensland, where we farm Pineapples.”



@luobro asked…

“Why do Americans pronounce parmesan as parmezhaaan? Where does the zh sound come from? It’s neither an s/z nor a g as in parmigiano… (In Australia parmesan kind of rhymes with artisan but with a [z])”

Pit Sticks


@pansypeej asked…

“Why do Americans have stick deodorant. Wtaaat is that. That does noooooot exist in Australia. Is a spray stick not propular?”

Dangerous Things


@dragofelidz asked…

“Why do Americans say Australia has dangerous animals, when you guys have moose, bears, coyotes and mountain lions. There are dangerous things everywhere. Most of the stuff in American countryside looks like it wants to eat you.”

Fry Obsession


@veelcorert asked…

“Open discussion but do Americans really go that gaga for French fries? I see diner food on shows and it’s always piled with way more fries than any one human can eat. Plus, they don’t take home very well, so what happens with the extras?”

Porch Poachers


@fleur67811 asked…

“Porch poachers. I don’t believe it. Is that a thing? Americans out there, help me out. Do people really drive around hoping there might be something good sitting one someone’s front porch? Why don’t the delivery people come back or take it to a drop-box place?”



@_blu3 asked…

“I’m perplexed every time a streamer does a cereal tier list. Why do Americans have so much cereal? In Australia u eat weetbix, nutrigrain, cornflakes or nothing.”



@yunglwt94 asked…

“Why do Americans complain about having to drive 30mins when I literally drove 25 hours straight for a 1-hour concert, they should try living in Australia.”

Cheese Spreads


@KdanLove55 asked…

“That cheese stuff that comes in those whipped cream cans … do people really eat it? It looks gross. Please explain.” People are also looking for explanations to this next question…



@ageofthefaII asked…

“Why do Americans have like a designated room for students to eat in? it would be mental in Australia to imagine that. Why not in the classroom? What’s the point?”. And what’s the story with pies?…



@trolleythief asked…

“Why do Americans call pizzas “pies”??? anyone wanna contribute??? help me please. in exchange I might tell you why Australians say chinwag”. And how their weather is the opposite to yours!




“Why do Americans think if they are in winter, we are all in winter? I posted a picture referencing the summer heat and some stranger said ‘but we are in winter?’ who is “we”? IM in Australia. It was ‘egg frying on the pavement’ weather on Monday.”



@mariloo45 asked…

“Why do Americans have Presidents Day? I can just imagine the reaction from Australians if the Government proposed Prime Ministers Day. The howls of laughter would be heard in Vancouver.”

Social Security


@zeffles asked…

“Do Americans really have the last 4 digits of their social memorized, or is this just one of those TV things just to save time?”. Speaking of things we see in movies, explain this one…



@angelvnte asked…

“Do Americans really decorate their lockers w/ posters and mirrors and pictures of their crush (bit noncy) or is that just in the movies?”. And what about American’s obsession with canned food?



@alexsheapsychbeani asked…

“Can an American explain potluck dinners to me because I always think it’s a competition of sorts the best food wins I don’t understand at all. And what’s will all the gross jello dishes?”

Flour Kids


@disposablefilms asked…

“Do Americans actually have a school assignment where they have to take care of a bag of flour like it’s a kid with another student or is that just something in movies and tv shows?”



@amongsthieves asked…

“Americans I have a question: is it common for parents to put away money specifically for their child’s future wedding that may or may not even happen like they seem to do in the movies bc I’m confused.”



@IsabelleCB_ asked…

“Can an American explain to me what kind if shop “Target” is because I get really confused by it. Is it a supermarket or what? Get Walmart. well not the crazy dressed people that go there. but this Target thing is the same?”



@othersome asked…

“Can someone American explain the concept of “homecoming” to me? I’ve googled it many times and don’t get it. who are the king and queen, are they elected?”




“I wish Americans in movies would just top comparing the length of things to that of a football field. I have no idea how long that is. Isn’t there another form of measurement they can use in movies and stuff?”

Angry Water


@looroll_ asked…

“Why in shows/films do Americans always go to the fridge and get a bottle of water and dramatically drink it in an argument.” I mean, this person might just have a point. Not unlike this next Australian…

Kangaroo Confusion

Discover Magazine

@taureanmark asked…

“Why do Americans think Kangaroos are everywhere in Australia? They’re not in the middle of the streets and stuff lol”. They’re not? Well, yeh we guess that absolutely makes sense.

Blooming Onions

Don’t Go Bacon My Heart

@LisaDib1 asked…

“What the hell is a blooming onion and why do Americans keep associating it with Australia?”. Does anybody know the answer to this, because we sure don’t?

Pumpkin Obsession

Very Best Baking

@jdcb4 writes…

“Why do Americans eat so much pumpkin in dessert/sweets? I’m in Australia and sweet pumpkin dishes are virtually unheard of here.” Americans do live their pumpkin pies…

Could Or Couldn’t?

Very Best Baking

@cactusian asks…

“Why do Americans say “I COULD care less” about something. In Australia, we say “I COULDN’T care less” which to me makes more sense”. And that’s not the only thing that seems to have been lost in translation…

Why ‘Waldo’?

The Independent

@HarryRock34 asked…

“Why do Americans call him Waldo and Australians call him Wally. Like “where’s Waldo” doesn’t sound right but “where’s Wally” sounds better.” Speaking of sounds…

National Anthem


@SamPrimer writes…

“Why do Americans care so much about their national anthem. Most Australians don’t even know the second verse of the Australian anthem”. And one more thing…

President’s Day

NY Daily News

@MeaningfulB asked…

“Why do Americans have Presidents Day? I can jut imagine the reaction from Australians if the Government proposed Prime Ministers Day. The howls of laughter would be heard in Vancouver”.

Where’s Australia?

@KYOTOS wonders…

“Why do Americans know nothing at all about Australia, you guys it’s not that hard”. Do you agree? Do Americans know little about Australia? Perhaps it isn’t something that’s on the forefront of their mind, unlike fashion…


Good Housekeeping


“Why do Americans like to wear UGGs out in public? It’s a shameful thing in Australia! No shade intended to my US friends! Just curious! Haha”. Really? Was that no shade @palepeachtweets? But, fine. Good question. Anybody want to answer that? And while you’re at it…

Different Countries, Different Customs


@RustyRoj asked…

“Why do Americans always seem to be surprised that things are different outside the US? … The world is a big, diverse place. Also in Australia Burgerking is called Hungry Jacks. So they have a complicated relationship with food.”