Amazing Pool Noodle Hacks That Will Have You Running To The Nearest Dollar Store

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Pool noodles have been a common household item for years and many of us may have some lying around the house right now. Most commonly seen, of course, in a pool, these foam rods have never seemed terribly useful. However, more and more people are discovering alternate uses for their pool noodles.

Take a look at these mindblowing hacks. You’ll almost certainly find a new use you want to try.

Boot Shapers


We’ve all had high boots that look great, but whenever you’re not wearing them or put them away they flop over and risk damaging them. To prevent this you would generally need to go and find a boot shaper which might be expensive, but not if you have a pool noodle lying around.

Simply cut the noodle to the right length and stuff it inside your boot. Voila! No more floppy boots. However, there are many more uses coming up.

Super-Sized Lincoln Logs

Rusty Brooks/Pinterest

A toy that many children love playing with is Lincoln Logs. This simple toy encourages creativity and imagination. However, why not give your children giant Lincoln Logs? Simply buy 15 or more pool noodles, cut them in half, and notch the ends like the toy.

Don’t worry, you can find brown ones if you want them to look even more like the original toy. There are also seasonal uses for these toys as you will see.

Door Stop

Create.Craft.Love. /Pinterest

No one likes to hear doors slamming, and should you get your fingers caught it can be really painful. A great way to keep your fingers, and those little kiddie fingers safe is simply to cut a piece of pool noodle, slice it down the middle and slip it around the door.

This will prevent any injuries as well as stop slamming doors from making a terrible noise.

Wreath Base

Jan Petroff/Pinterest

Many people love to make wreaths for the holidays. Pool noodles are the perfect base for any seasonal wreath. Simply push a wire through the middle, bend it into a circle, and join the two ends of the pool noodle. Now you can start decorating it to your heart’s content.

Because it’s made of foam it is easy to put ornaments on it simply by pushing them into the foam. But what if I told you that there was a way to use a pool noodle to protect your car.

Keep Car Doors From Hitting The Wall


We all try not to but at some point we will knock our car door against the wall of the garage as we open it. Naturally, this can scratch your paint and if it is hard enough, it could even damage your car.

Simply screw a pool noodle to the wall at the right height and it will act as a buffer before your door bangs into the wall. So, decorations, toys, door stoppers, is there anything else they could be used for? Well I’m glad you asked.

Teaching Tool

Brianna Red Pipe/Pinterest

Whether you are a math teacher or just a parent helping with homework, pool noodles can be a great way to help children understand fractions.

All you need to do is buy a few pool noodles, cut them into the appropriate lengths (half, quarter, eighths etc.) and you have a new colorful toy to help them learn.

Road Trip Headrest

Specific Love Creations/Youtube

We’ve all been there, you’re on a long drive or road trip, you’re not driving and start to feel drowsy. Your head starts to droop as you nod off then suddenly lolls to one side and you’re awake, possibly with a sore neck from the sudden jerk. If only you had a headrest. Well never fear, just like with the door stopper, cut a short piece of the noodle and slice it open on one side.

Then you just slip it around the seatbelt and you have a handy headrest. If you want it to be a bit softer you can simply wrap a towel or t-shirt around it. Next up, what do a pail and a pool noodle have in common? A great hack that’s what.

Grip Guard

Specific Love Creations/Youtube

Anyone who has ever had to carry a pail with a thin metal handle knows how they cut into your hand. To prevent them from cutting into your hand simply cut a small piece of pool noodle, slightly wider than your hand, cut a slit in the one end, and slip it over the handle.

Now you can carry the pail with better grip and no fear for the safety of your fingers. This next hack will surprise you.

Giant Squeegee

Specific Love Creations/Youtube

Sometimes we spill something in the garage that we need to clean up but we don’t have a sponge or it is too dirty to be of any use. Simply measure a pool noodle against the teeth of a heavy-duty rake, cut, make a slit, and insert the prongs of the rake into the slit.

Now you have your own huge squeegee to help you clean up that mess. Our next hack will make you jump for joy.

Trampoline Saftey

megi oblak/Pinterest

As much fun as a trampoline is, we all know they can still be dangerous. Not only can you fall and hurt yourself, but there are metal parts like springs and supports that can injure someone. Fortunately, with just a bit of work, you can cut up some pool noodles, add slits, and use them to safely pad all the metal poles and springs. One less thing to worry about when the kids are on the trampoline.

However, did you know that pool noodles can also be romantic?

Floating Candles

Esther Muniz-Guzman/Pinterest

Grab a pool noodle in your favorite color and cut it into three-inch-thick sections. Take a tea light/votive candle and place it in the center of the pool noodle. Trace the outline of the candle and cut a hole, hollowing out the area you traced.

Make sure it’s not too deep and insert your tea light. Now you have floating candles for your pool or your bath! Did you know that pool noodles can make household chores simpler too?

Stop The Toy Graveyard Under The Couch

Specific Love Creations/Youtube

What if we told you there is a way to stop your kids and pets from losing their toys underneath the couch? And that it’s a fix as easy as running to the Dollar Store and grabbing a pool noodle? That’s right, use a pool noodle to block the gap between the floor and the couch.

It will make your life a lot easier when it comes time to clean. That is, unless you like finding a graveyard of random toys under the couch.



Nothing says ‘easy kid’s birthday party’ more than a Star Wars lightsaber craft table. Since pool noodles typically run from $1-$3 at your local Dollar Store, they’re super cheap and easy to buy in bulk. All you need is a variety of different colored noodles, some duct tape, and markers!

Let each kid design their own laser sword and unleash their inner Jedi knight. If anything, you’ll learn who the trouble-makers are by seeing who picks a red noodle!

Protect Your Car Doors Paint Job


Stop hitting your car door on the side of your garage. There is an easy pool noodle hack to ensure you keep your car’s paint job pristine. Either attach a part of the noodle to your garage or keep a section in your car so you can slip it onto the door before opening it fully.

Just section off a bit of noodle and slice it from end to end. The noodle will easily slip onto your door and allow you to get out of a tight garage or parking space without fear of banging up your paint job!

Save Money On Heating Bills With This Draft Blocker

Gently Sustainable – Simple Living and Homesteading/Pinterest

This nifty little hack will have you saving some money on your bills come the winter months! Just cut a pool noodle to the exact dimensions of your door, cut it from end to end, and slide it right under your door.

It is an inexpensive and yet very effective draft blocker that will have you cozy in your room in no time. We definitely recommend using this hack in any room with tile floors — they tend to get the coldest!

Child-Proof A Fishing Pole

Specific Love Creations/Youtube

For those fishing families out there, one of the worst things to happen on a trip is a little kid throwing their pole overboard and watching it sink to the bottom of the ocean or lake. Have no fear, we have a hack! Use a pool noodle to create a float for the fishing pole.

Just in case your little one feels like throwing things overboard, you won’t have to watch as the expensive piece of equipment sinks out of reach. This next hack will help you keep your fishing poles organized in your garage.

Keep Your Fishing Poles Organized


Any avid fisherman should know about this handy pool noodle hack that will keep their fishing poles upright and organized. Cut slits into the noodle, spacing them about four inches apart so the poles aren’t too close together.

Then you’re going to want to screw the noodle to the wall. It’s not mandatory, but if you want to protect the end of your pole from the garage floor, put a piece of wood underneath the noodle. You’ll never have to worry about your pole falling over and breaking again!

Stop Banging Your Toes On The Legs Of Your Bed

Tracy King – Bulletin Board Lady

There’s nothing worse than getting up in the middle of the night only to stub your toes on the legs of your bed. Well, we’re here to help! Wrap pool noodles around each of the metal legs.

That way, your toes are safe from any unwanted shooting pain and you’re free to get out of bed in the middle of the night to get a glass of water without worrying. It’s a win-win for everyone! This next hack will help you stay organized.

Extension Cord Organizer That Fits Perfectly In Your Closet

Do It On A Dime/Youtube

With pool noodles, there’s no reason for your extra extension cords to be knotted in the back of your linen closet. One noodle can be used as at least three separate organizers.

All you need to do it cut the noodle into three or four equal sections, cutting a slit to the middle from either end. Then fold up your cord and slide it right into the organizer! This hack will keep all your cords knot-free. Up next is another organizational hack.

Organize Your Broom Closet

Do It On A Dime/Youtube

If you’re like us, then every time you open your broom closet at least one (or six) things fall out onto you. Don’t worry, we have an organizational hack that will make it so you don’t have to cower in fear about the inevitable broom to the face.

For this hack, you’re going to want to cut the pool noodle flat on one side. That way you can affix it to the wall. Then cut vertical triangles for the broom, mop, and other cleaning tools’ handles.

A Delicates Clothes Hanger

Do It On A Dime/Youtube

If you like keeping your delicate clothing, like sweaters and nice slacks, in good condition, then you need a delicates hanger. You don’t want your nice clothing stretching out or creasing now, do you?

You might have dry cleaner hangers with the thin foam padding but we’re here to tell you that you need to step your game up. We’re talking pool noodle padding over the hanger rung. With that much cushioning, there is no way any of your clothing is getting ruined!

A Floating Cooler So You Can Stay In The Water


This hack brings the noodle back to its natural habitat, the pool. But there are other fun ways to use noodles in a pool, aside from floating on them! Measure a noodle around four parts of a plastic container, cutting each section of the noodle accordingly.

String the noodle sections together and tightly secure them around the container. This will help the bin stay afloat and not capsize, leaving you to enjoy an afternoon in the pool without having to get out for a beverage.

A $1 Wrist Rest

Pam Kilmain/Pinterest

Say goodbye to uncomfortable typing in your workplace. Let us introduce you to a hack that is both ergonomically friendly while also cheap! Granted, you could probably run out and buy a wrist protector for $10-$15, but why do that when you can spend $1 on a pool noodle and $9 on lunch?

We’re just trying to help you be economic over here. So grab a pool noodle, cut it to the length of your keyboard, and then cut it vertically so it is a comfortable height for your hands.

Line Insulation For An RV So The Water Doesn’t Freeze

Lisa Coleman/Pinterest

If you have an RV and are planning on taking a trip to a cooler climate, this hack might just save you! Bring pool noodles to insulate your water and sanitation lines. You’ll be thanking the noodles in the morning when neither line freezes up and you’re able to utilize the water.

It’s the little things that you don’t think about, but there is no reason to ruin a perfectly good adventure because of frozen lines!

Keep Your Garage Floor Clean From The Elements

Val Accetura/Facebook

If you live in a place where it snows or rains a lot, then you know that your garage floor can become a pseudo watering hole. Have no fear, pool noodles are here! Grab a few pool noodles from your local Dollar Store, some duct tape, and a large tarp. Affix the noodles to the bottom of the tarp, flip it over, and place it on the floor of your garage.

Now, whenever you drive your car into the garage, the melted snow and rainwater will fall straight onto the tarp! It’s a much easier cleanup.

A Phone Holder For When There Aren’t Enough Hands To Go Around

Shake the Future/Youtube

Depending on how old you are, you might need parental supervision for this phone holder hack. You’re going to want to get creative and use an X-acto knife to cut the intricate groves into the noodle. There are plenty of tutorials online to show you a safe and easy way to do so!

Once you have your stand, the options are endless! Stand it upright to play games, or lay your phone on its side to watch videos. Keep your skin nice and cool with this next pool noodle hack.

Arm Rests That Won’t Burn Your Skin Off In The Summer

Shake the Future/Youtube

There’s nothing worse than walking out to your lawn furniture on a nice summer day only to get the skin burned off your arm because the metal chair has been sitting in the blazing sun all day. A pool noodle can fix that problem.

You’ll want to cut the noodle in half and then cut each half like a slinky. Wrap one noodle around each armrest until its fully covered. Cut off any extra material.

The Drawer Organizer Your Silverware Deserve

Katie Lynott/Pinterest

This hack will make it so you never have to hear the dreadful sound of your silverware spilling all over the place again. Just measure the end of your silverware organizer to the end of the drawer and cut the pool noodle accordingly.

Slide the noodle right between the case and the back of the drawer and you’ll never have to worry about shutting the drawer too hard! No matter how hard you slam it, that silverware isn’t going anywhere.

Keep Arts And Crafts As Clean As Possible

Deborah Guske Parrish/Pinterest

One of the drawbacks of arts and crafts is the mess, especially when paints are involved. Something to help keep your countertops clean and tidy is putting a little bit of pool noodle on the side of a bowl and cutting slits into it to store paintbrushes.

This way, you stay organized and your furniture stays somewhat clean! Not to mention, when you clean the brushes dirty water won’t go everywhere. It’s the perfect drying station!