Airport Staff Hear “Don’t Let Him Board The Flight,” They Spot Soldier Staring Intently At His Phone

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Due Date

A soldier wanted to be with his wife when she gave birth to their baby, so he planned to leave two weeks before her due date, to be with her.

But then he got the news that the day had come earlier than expected.

Delayed Should Know?

He rushed to make a booking for a flight that was earlier, but once he got to the airport, the flight was delayed.

Unfortunately, it didn’t seem as though he was going to be able to get to the hospital on time to be present for the birth of his baby.

Induced Labor Should Know?

Brooks Lindsay didn’t want to miss the final stages of the pregnancy.

But when his wife Haley went in for a final checkup, the doctor decided to go ahead and induce her the very same day.

Pre-Eclampsia Should Know?

Unfortunately, the baby was in distress and Haley would deliver two weeks early without Brooks being present.

The baby had to be delivered as Haley had developed pre-eclampsia, which would push her blood pressure through the roof if the baby wasn’t delivered.

Water Broke Should Know?

Brooks had received a confirmation via the Red Cross, whom his wife contacted, saying that she was going into labor.

Brooks had to get as soon as possible to witness the birth of his daughter. He also learned that Hayley’s water had broken.

FaceTime Should Know?

With his flight being delayed, Brooks knew he may not make it to the delivery room, but he was going home one way or another.

Brooks’s mother called him via FaceTime so that he wouldn’t miss anything that was happening in the delivery room.

Heart Sank Should Know?

Brooks’ heart sank, but his mother cleverly hid her phone in the delivery room so that he could watch the delivery of his daughter.

His flight was clear at the moment that his daughter was about to be born.

Newborn Should Know?

The doctor shouted, “Don’t board that flight,” having been aware that Brooks was watching. The news quickly spread across the airport, and everybody was happy for him.

Brooks later boarded the plane to get home to his wife and newborn baby daughter.