Camera Captures Airman Picking Up Woman From Side Of The Road

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When people step away from their busy lives to make a difference in somebody else’s life, it’s not always unseen.

You may have found that you have helped people and never received any credit for it, but that doesn’t mean you haven’t made a huge difference.


When airman Jibril Jennings spotted an elderly lady walking on the side of the road with all her groceries, he immediately knew he had to do something.

He didn’t give it a moment’s thought and acted with the instinct to assist.

Without Hesitation

Janice Hall was making her way around town without the use of a car.

Jibril didn’t know it, but Janice couldn’t afford a vehicle and without hesitating, and regardless of the fact, he decided to stop to help her.


Janice was walking on the Interstate 240 and Sante Fe roads when airman Jibril stopped to ask if he could help her.

He then proceeded to load her groceries into his trunk, but this didn’t go unnoticed.


A woman by the name of Amber Roy spotted the uniformed man on the side of the road helping the elderly lady.

She decided to take out her phone while parked at the red light and start recording the random act of kindness.


Janice was so overjoyed by the kindness, that she immediately gave Jibril a big hug of gratitude.

The fun wouldn’t stop there, because before anybody knew it, Jibril had become a hero on the internet.


Jibril wouldn’t cut ties with Janice there. Himself and a few other airmen decided that they would build a ramp for Janice at her home.

She needed this as she was aided by a walker. The airman is interviewed.


But, Jibril remains humble.

Jibril, in an interview, went on to say: “I don’t think this is a hero’s moment. I think this is something anybody should be able to do. If this qualifies for a hero, anybody could be a hero.”