Moments That Almost Ended In Tragedy

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Instant Fame

Despite the clear risk that comes from taking a highly shareable and Instagram-worthy picture, these fearless photos are the ones that get the most likes and shares on social media… some were immediately snatched up by mainstream media outlets, and some have even caught the attention of the authorities. But some of these pictures were simply a matter of being at the wrong place, at the wrong time.

With that said, prepare to be wowed as we go through the moments that almost ended in tragedy.

Making A Splash


Whales are known as the gentle giants of the sea and will, most likely, not attack a boat. But they do often breach and jump out of the water.

Being so large, this can cause problems as this fishing boat just found out — the whale landed squarely on top of it. Thankfully, the fishermen were unharmed.

Total Car-Nage


Elephants are intelligent and naturally curious creatures. If something baffles them, they are quick to investigate.

This couple was driving through a game park and is probably wishing that they had a bigger car right now. Known to walk or even sit on cars on very rare occasions, seeing a 10-ton animal taking an interest in your vehicle while you’re inside must be terrifying! Next time, maybe invest in a Landrover?

Holiday Ruined


First things first: nothing fatal happened to this woman, but her reaction is priceless. This image has since spawned a plethora of memes.

Poking fun aside, her tears may have come after remembering that the legendary and late wildlife enthusiast, Steve Irwin, perished from a stingray’s sting — but that doesn’t make us, or the people in the background, laugh any less!

Playing With Fire


Bear selfies have been all the rage in recent years, despite the act involving dangerous predators lurking in the background.

Still, if you’re still alive after capturing that all-important bear selfie, the results can often mean thousands of likes and new followers, which seems well worth the risk of death…. NOT!



It almost seems offensive to invade the remarkable beauty of a famed statue, yet ardent thrill-seekers don’t seem phased.

In fairness, the shots are incredibly beautiful, especially this photo of British adventurer Lee Thompson atop the Christ The Redeemer statue.

Too Hot To Handle


Conventional wisdom would dictate you stay away from boiling lava — a fluid that has been known to disintegrate your entire body within seconds. But this dude didn’t seem too phased.

Laden in protective gear, you’d still be hard-pressed to tempt anyone — even with all the necessary clothing — to pose for a volcano selfie.

Flying High


Dear, oh dear. Surely riding one of these things is terrifying enough? But hey, I guess you could say writers are wusses, so it’s little wonder we’re criticizing this guy for doing something that, while cool, is incredibly stupid.

But hey, it looks good. Awesome, in fact. Even if his mother and a content writer disagree with his approach to life.

Hanging On For Life


This Russian daredevil took things one step further by hanging off the edge of the building with just one arm as he used the other to take a selfie!

Proving that the social media-obsessed teenagers will do anything to boost their online following, it doesn’t exactly make us comfortable knowing this has now become a trend because inevitably some people will die doing the very same thing.

Hanging In The Balance


It’s apparent from this article that most millennials are desperate for some sort of viral fame, and this man achieved viral recognition when he tip-toed his way across a waterfall — thanks to the aid of nothing more than a flimsy branch.

But if that wasn’t crazy enough, the intrepid explorer then uses one of his hands to take a selfie with those stupid selfie sticks.

Tornado Chaser


Whirlwind encounters can often mean chance encounters with your ex or bumping into Justin Beiber in your local McDonald’s, but you wouldn’t expect the famous phrase to ring true in the most literal sense.

Captured by vlogger Terry Tufferson, his reaction sees him spew an array of expletives we can’t write down, but we suggest you watch the video if you fancy a quick and easy laugh.

Not Worth It


In case you didn’t know it, photographer Angela Nikolau has the selfie game on lock. Although my stomach is doing an involuntary set of crunches after looking at her daredevil Instagram feed, I can’t seem to look away from the stunning pics.

Based out of Moscow, the self-taught artist has made a name for herself by snapping selfies and photos of others posing confidently on the ledges of buildings and skyscrapers that no sane (or extremely brave) person would dare go near.

Sleeping Like A Baby


Meet Laura Ellison.

She wrote on her Instagram page: “Please appreciate that he is still a wild animal. But also with the capacity to love so forgivingly. Humans took his mother and for him to trust me the way he does is incredibly bittersweet. Rhinos deserve a life with their mothers without human interference.” For a baby, this rhino is huge! We hope she knows what she’s doing…

Living On The Edge


We’re not sure why, but a model has decided that it would be a great idea to hang off the top of a building with no safety equipment.

Not gonna lie, we’re feeling a bit sick right now because it’s utterly terrifying.

Let Off With A Warning


This model was hauled before police after staging a death-defying photoshoot on top of one of the world’s tallest skyscrapers.

Major General Halil Ibragim Al-Mansuri, of the Dubai Police, said: “The actions of the Russian woman put her life at risk.” She was let off with a warning after vowing to police that she’d never repeat her dangerous stunt.

A Close Shave


This image, caught on a security camera, depicts a man and a woman sharing a lift. What she doesn’t know was that this man was arrested shortly after for a crime he had committed a few hours earlier.

Talk about a close shave!

Risking It All


Here’s that same model we saw earlier. All that stands between her and a dive off one of the world’s tallest skyscrapers is her assistant’s hand. Thankfully, he held onto her for dear life.

After being arrested, do you think she’s learned her lesson?

Taking The Plunge


To begin with, cliff diving is a dangerous recreation — and one that has killed many people over the years.

From the look on this woman’s face, we can tell that she instantly regretted this daredevil decision.

Prank Gone Bad


Tom Mabe, a notorious American prankster, decided to drive around town with his grandma on the back of his truck, complete with her mobility scooter for his new “Fight Me” video. He turned a few heads and some passersby were so concerned that they even threatened him!

This lady looks fit enough to deliver quite a punch — thankfully, he sped off before she could give him a beatdown.

Blaze Of Glory


While firefighters battle with this blaze and tragedy strikes someone’s home, this cheeky lad stops to snap a selfie.

It might look cool, but it’s in pretty bad taste.

Bull Run


As if running from bulls isn’t dangerous enough on its own. Why not try snapping a selfie at the same time?

Just in case being skewered isn’t enough proof of what you’re doing.

Railway Safety


A surprising number of daft people get killed every year while wandering about on train tracks. An equal amount of daft people risk their lives to take a selfie on a train line.

We’re not sure if that’s the case here, but it’s certainly dangerous.



We’re pretty sure this is fake. We hope so anyway.

Either way, it’s one of the most intimidating selfies on our list.

Diving In


Jumping off a high diving board is hard enough.

Taking a selfie whilst doing it takes it to another level.



This guy obviously has a death wish.

And he scaled that tower in his bare feet, no less!

Dizzying Heights


Here’s another picture that shows just how far some people will go for a good selfie.

Maybe he should be keeping his eyes on his feet?

Too Cool For School


This young boy’s photograph is certainly gut-wrenching.

Note the stance, too. “Look, ma! No hands!”

Eye On The Prize


When hiking up a mountain is dangerous enough, why not stop for a selfie?

We’re actually glad he did — the view is stunning.



We’re sure that this guy got a lot of likes on social media for this stunt.

But is a selfie worth risking your life for?

“Call” Of The Wild

Reddit/Prax Attacks

So the zoo’s resident croc decides to claim his one phone call.

Probably to break out of there.

Heard The Latest Buzz?


These bees surely are a buzz-kill.

Imagine coming out the shops to this?

Forward Or Backward?

Instagram/Nat Geo

So, who’s going to adjust?

Probably not the bear.

Ride Suspended


Now they know what it feels like to be the letter “L.”

At least help is on the way!

Case Of The Missing Buddies

YouTube/Boss DT

Maybe they just don’t have social media, email, text — anything?

Happy Birthday, Gary!

Okay, You’re Calling In Sick Today

Imgur/Unknown Author

At least the ice knows you’re special and put you on a pedestal.

At least there’s a good excuse not to go to work.

Should We Call The Police?


What happens when you shake your hair dye too vigorously?

That’s gonna take weeks to come off!

Solid Picker-Upper


Well, you did need something to perk you up, didn’t you?

What a great start to the day. Not!

Camel Doesn’t Like Selfies


“I don’t share photos!” says the camel.

That woman does not look impressed!

Fighting The Elements


We want the number of the guy who installed these windows.

Hope they’re still holding strong!

Turn Off Auto-Correct


It seems someone still hasn’t learned from the mistakes of others.

Turn off autocorrect!

So, How To Land?

YouTube/Boss DT

We don’t want to know how this ends.

At least it made for a good photo.

Came To Wash Just Clothes


Yup, you’re cleaning all that up.

But look on the bright side, at least the floor is clean!

They Say Giraffes Are Friendly


Too friendly!

This giraffe must have really wanted to get in there.

Lesson: Screen Your Inker Thoroughly


Tattoos are forever.

And the laughs will be, too.

Definitely Made His Mark


At least his imprint’s super happy!

He really made his mark.

Shhh, Woman!


No talking.

Just see to appreciate.

Because You’re Special


Well, now he knows how it feels to be singled out.

What a fresh start for this cadet!

When The Help Needs Help


What do we do now?!

The firetruck’s on fire!