A Trip of Reflection and Transformation for Many Women


Get Moving Beyond the Issues: Traveling is More Than a Vacation

Healing Nature

If you are single or feel trapped in a situation that is oppressing you, take a trip that will challenge you to transform your life. If the holidays are getting you down, follow a dream into another country. Sometimes traveling can help you reflect on your past and grow as a person.

Other Women Have Traveled Far and Wide: Susan McPherson Traveled Outside of Her Comfort Zone

Sea of Cortez

Going beyond ourselves to find answers to our skepticism is sometimes the best medicine. Take a risk and move out of your comfort zone. Susan McPherson did as she traveled to four-nights on a five-day adventure cruise in the Sea of Cortez by herself. She found her worth in traveling and realized that pushing/challenging herself was the best thing she did for herself. She wanted to believe in something that involved some risk.

Elizabeth Gilbert’s Journey

Elizabeth Gilbert

It isn’t the first time that a woman has taken a trip to regather herself. In the story, Eat, Pray, Love, Elizabeth Gilbert travels across Italy, India, and Indonesia after her divorce. Through her divorce and heartache, she discovers to appreciate the “now” and in the moment. In her travels, she finds versions of herself that she has to get to know in depth.

Finding Happiness Through Walking

Wild Movie Made from Cheryl Strayed

Cheryl Strayed hiked 1,100 miles on the Pacific Crest Trail. When her mother died and she got a divorce, she knew she had to do something drastic. She had to walk through her pain on a journey toward finding herself again. She lost a part of herself, and she wanted to gain that back on her long journey of physical strength into the Wild of her life.

Journey of Growth Toward Understanding Oneself and Inspiring Others

Long Journey Documenting Growth

There is something very healing about traveling to far distances. Nature in itself can take you beyond your limits and challenge your thinking. Have you ever been on a trip that changes your perspective or helps you discover something about yourself? There are many women who have gone on adventures that have enabled them to grow. In their growth, they have inspired many.