Deep Black Hole in California Lake

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A man drew his drone closer to catch a glimpse of something like he had never seen before. It was at the very least an unusual and unbelieveable sight.

Investigative Discovery

A breathtaking image was captured by Evan Kilkus. It was even a scary sight over Napa County’s Largest Lake: Lake Berryessa. Evan worked the ski rental at Lake Berryessa, but he enjoyed investigating this rare phenomenon with his drone.

Lake Berryessa has a deep black hole. It looks like a frightening spectacle that has a life of its own. The deep water hole attracted the public to wonder what lurks beyond this questionable tunnel-like hole. Evan flew his drone over the strange but attracting shape. His drone did something unexpected which raised his anxiety.

Drone Reaction

It started to shake and lose power, and Evan had to quickly land it. He couldn’t let the drone go any further into this deep opening in the lake. The lake appeared to have a vacuum like suction and affected the drone flying over it. How could Evan get closer to the lake? He had to formulate a plan that would get him closer to this mind-boggling mystery.

What is the Mystery about the Hole? 

Evan decided to fly his drone around the perimeter one more time. He wanted to discover what this hole was all about. Was the hole a man-made or environmental wander? His drone circled around the surrounding area in the deep mystery in the lake.

California Uses its Resources to be Prepared for a Drought

California did suffer from a prolonged drought.  At one point it left the lake barren. The lake not only has a hole in it but it also has a dam that helps push back, store, and distribute water. So, water is a valuable thing in California because they experience a lack of rain. Does the dam, being a part of the lake, have something to do with the hole?

So, when the rains came did the dam and hole have a part to play in creating a reservoir?  California has a Mediterranean climate.  Conserving water is very important to this state because of the unexpected droughts.

Slipway’s Purpose

In Evan’s discovery of the hole, which was about 72 feet wide, he found an answer to the mystery. The hole was actually a slipway. A slipway was created to ensure that the lake never overflows. It keeps the dam wall safe from a build up in pressure and risk of cracking.  Why wasn’t this black and deep chasm seen? When the drought occurred, the slipway was not used because all the water dried up.

The deep hole, as Evan investigated, was more than just a mysterious abyss. Lake Berryessa is a manmade lake to assist with the most precious gift to California: water. The structural spectacle draws people in to look at the view.  It appears to be a sinking pit of water. But, it has a purpose to preserve and keep water from overflowing. It also is a stroke of genius in engineering, as it keeps pressure off the dam.