Writers Will Certainly Appreciate these 5 Jokes

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What Are The Most Common Writing Mistakes Writers Can’t Help But Laugh About?

Writers are a bit of an odd breed. You’ve never truly encountered a stickler for grammar and syntax until you’ve met a professional writer. Whilst most people view written word as a pass time, to a writer it is so much deeper than that. Writing is both a science and an art. However, there are a few errors which pop up in texts from time to time that even writers have to laugh about.

Why Writers Are So Passionate

As previously mentioned, professional writers look deeper into the text than your everyday reader. The art of penmanship is something which could take years to craft. But above all, the passion for text is born from pure emotion. If you think about it, all writing is emotive in some form or another. Even those bland assembly sheets found in the boxes of products. When you read the text, and it informs you how to correctly assemble your product, you feel empowered. You get the sense of “heck yeah I did that!”. Whilst assembly sheets were a bad example, most writers write with the aim to either evoke or inform. Evoking an emotional response from a reader is a great reward. In the same right, informing them of a topic close to your heart is as rewarding.

The Bane Of All Writers’ Existence

Grammar and syntax are every writer’s bread and butter. When these are incorrect, you may as well throw the English language out the window. However, some people miss the importance of these rules when it comes to writing. The easiest way to show their importance is through humor. Making fun of one’s mistakes and errors is a much kinder way to approach someone’s shortcomings. No one is perfect as the common adage says. Here are some popular errors committed by writers which were turned into classy jokes.

Know How To Spell Before Passing An Insult

People always get confused with using these two words: Your and You’re. Even the well-loved series “Sex and the City” made use of this error in one of their episodes. Always keep in mind that “Your” denotes ownership. The word “You’re” is the abbreviated form of the two words “You Are”.


Wrong Spelling May Cause Madness

Another common writing abomination is the word loose. To get your o’s in order, remember this saying (hint, all the double o words rhyme):

Loose is the goose that escapes the noose.

If you can’t understand that, don’t be a sore loser. Just move on.How-do-you-make-a-writer-lose-mind

Save A Life Through Punctuation

Don’t give readers the wrong impression! Use commas to avoid cannibalism confusion!


Too Much Love An Not Enough Grammar

Once again, save yourself and your family by punctuating correctly. If you don’t, you might just get reported for a crime you unwittingly confessed to!


Don’t Be Afraid To Be In-Tense

Writers undoubtedly struggle with crafting their work with the proper tenses. This is one skill that anyone should master if they want to make writing their profession.


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Bonus joke, via Grammarly.com:

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