4th Grade (Creationist) Science Quiz – yikes, it’s real

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When the image of a 4th grade Science Quiz entitled “Dinosaurs:  Genesis and the Gospel” appeared on my Facebook feed a week or so ago, I immediately dismissed it as a hoax.  The answers are so clearly wrong and the Creationist agenda is so clearly evident – how could it possibly be real?

A couple of sample questions?  “Answers” are in brackets…

  • True or False:  The Earth is billions of years old. (FALSE!)
  • True or False:  Dinosaurs lived millions of years ago. (FALSE!)
  • True or False:  Dinosaurs lived with people. (TRUE!)
  • What is the history book of the universe?  (THE BIBLE!)
  • The next time someone says the Earth is billions (or millions) of years old, what can you say?  (WERE YOU THERE?)

Well, my faith in humanity was broken once more when I looked it up on Snopes and discovered that the test is indeed real.  Check it out below, and read through the Snopes article to get the details.

4th Grade Science Quiz for Creationists

4th Grade Science Quiz for Creationists