200 Years of Poker: Significant Milestones in the History of Poker

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For over two centuries, the game of poker has been enjoyed by people of all walks of life from all corners of the world. With its multitude of variations, there will always be a game for players of any skill level. Whether it’s the fiendishly simple five card stud, or more complex versions like Ohama Hi/Lo or H.O.R.S.E.

The most popular form of poker is Texas Hold ‘em, where a table of players are dealt two cards each, before five community cards are laid out for all to see. The objective is to use the two in your hand, along with the five community cards, to create a combination that is strong enough to beat your rivals.

Texas Hold ‘em is the game most professional poker players play, competing around the world for huge prize pots and global accolades. But how has a game from such humble beginnings transformed into the highly lucrative game it is today? This infographic published by partypoker looks at the history of poker – taking us on a colourful journey, from it’s earliest recorded game to where it is today.


Source: partypoker