10 Tips to Fight Off A Zombie Invasion

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Whether you believe in all the rumors about a zombie invasion or not, it just makes sense to be prepared, just in case. With our tips, you will be more than ready to survive in case of a zombie invasion and actually make it out alive. At the first sign of the living dead running rampart in your neighborhood, you need to follow the steps below.

 1. Find a base of operation

You will need a base of operation that will ensure you are away from the major areas that zombies will frequent. Find a home on the outskirts of town. It would be best if it has an upstairs or even a rooftop that is easily accessible. This way you will have a great lookout post so you can be ready for surprises. Board up the windows by using whatever you can find the house.

 2. Gather a team

If you can find family or friends that have not been infected, then you should gather them altogether. Only take in members that you know personally. Check each person for bite or scratch marks. Once you have a few people that you have checked for marks, you can then take them to your base of operation. Each person should have a type of schedule such as one watching from the rooftop while others sleep and so on.

 3. Know where to find supplies

While you were looking for a base of operation, you should also be on the lookout for large stores that will have supplies you need. You will need food, weapons, clothing, and even matches. During a zombie invasion, you are not going to have lights or the internet so you need to find things like lanterns, blankets, bottled water, and of course canned food. Fresh food is not going to last long in the stores and the animals like cows and chickens may also become infected so you are going to want to eat those. Bandages and first aid kits will also be things you will want to get your hands on.

 4. Know your area

Know how to get from the supply stores to your base of operation quickly. You should always find more than one route and not use the same one each time. You want to be as invisible as possible.

 5. Gather weapons

You can get a few guns and ammunition; however, guns will only be helpful as long as you get more ammunition. It would be best to find melee weapons such as a crowbar, baseball bat, or axe. You may find that these are easier to use when you are one on one with a zombie.

 6. Proper attire

Even if the temperature is 100 degrees Fahrenheit, it is not a good idea to run around the area in a bikini or shirtless. The best clothing to wear would be something a bit harder to bite through such as pots and pans or even leather. A good leather jacket and chaps may be the best when you are out looking for supplies.

 7. Avoid major cities

Stay away from large cities. The larger the city the more chances of mass zombie infections. Zombies will be all over the place as they can smell fresh meat and will be there to eat as many humans as they can find.

 8. Steer clear of malls, schools, and other large public buildings

Even in small towns or villages, you should also never enter any building where several people gather together. This is due to the same reason you should avoid major cities.

 9. Don’t trust anyone

If you meet a new uninfected person, do not trust them and do not take them back to your base of operation. They may have been bitten or scratched. If so, then you are sure to be infected as soon as they turn.

 10. Kill anyone that is bitten or scratched

The last and most important tip of all is to kill anyone that is bitten or scratched by a zombie. There is no cure and they will turn. You are only prolonging the inevitable. Kill them quickly.

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