As a child, the thought of swimming in the deep end of the pool terrified me.  That’s where the big sea creatures lived and they were going to pull me down and eat me.  I grew up, and that fear quickly passed… but I’d be lying if I said I was completely comfortable swimming in the deep ocean – especially if I can’t see the bottom.  I assume it’s because there’s a lack of control – I don’t really know what could be coming up from beneath me.  And even though the risk of, say, a shark attack, is extremely low, the fear persists.

This chart shows humans to scale with some of the ocean’s largest animals.  Don’t worry, none of them live in your swimming pool…

World's Largest Ocean Animals
Ocean Giants Infographic by Karl Tate, from



  • nice post

  • Chris

    If the lions mane jelly fish is 120 feet, and a blue whale is 108 feet, why is the blue whale about 10% LONGER then the jelly? Your scale is not to scale.

    And the Sperm whale is nearly 30 feet shorter then the blue, yet in the image appears to be about 10 feet shorter…

  • YoshiSnivy

    Why the heck is the Colossal Squid smaller than the Giant Squid? The Colossal Squid is way bigger than the Giant Squid. Don’t say I am wrong because I have done TONS of research of Colossal Squids in the past.