What’s the difference between real and movie scientists?  Just about everything.

But before we go further, you know what really grinds my gears?  When they show a computer in the movies and it makes beeping or electronic sounds to support whatever’s happening on the monitor, like “Scanning database…”   And it vocalizes things like, “Access granted” (in a female, British accent).  When has anyone ever heard a computer make any sounds other than the hard drive clicking or fans whirring?  That’s right, never, because it would get maddeningly annoying if the computer made beeps and electronics sounds every time you tried to use it.

Ok, I’m done ranting about unrealistic computers in movies.

Now, the folks over at The Upturned Microscope have laid out a few of the differences between real and movie scientists as hilarious yet completely accurate comics.  Let’s enjoy them, quietly.

real vs movie scientists 1


real vs movie scientists 2


real vs movie scientists 3


real vs movie scientists 4


real vs movie scientists 5


real vs movie scientists 6


real vs movie scientists 7


real vs movie scientists 8


Image Sources: http://theupturnedmicroscope.com/

  • Lady H

    That “real scientist” would NOT be eating a hot dog in a lab! Especially when about to prepare a PCR. THINK OF THE CONTAMINATION!!

    • Duuuude

      haha, i think its there to add to the “nonchalantness” of the scientist.

    • Pearl

      I’ve eaten a hot dog in my lab (such a rebel), but there’s no airborne contaminants or horribly toxic chemicals in it either.

  • Karen Sieradski

    Movie scientist: “Save my work!” Assistant: “Noooo, no one took any notes, and they’re aren’t any copies of anything anywhere! It is impossible to replicate the super-soldier!”