Each year at, we take a look at some of the world’s premier psychics and evaluate the accuracy of their predictions. The year 2011 has come and gone, so let’s see how they fared…

Psychic Craig and Jane Hamilton-Parker

psychic craig

Prediction: Tropical Island is evacuated due to volcanic eruption

Wow – so general. Any island along the Ring of Fire could be a target, and that’s a lot of targets. This is an easy “hit” because it’s so predictable. Doesn’t count.

Prediction: Earthquake in California and the famous Hollywood sign is damaged.

Looks like it’s still standing, unscathed…

Prediction: Wild animal disease scare results in mass slaughter of livestock.


Prediction: In February the Beckhams reveal that are planning a divorce.

Not that I care about this one in the slightest… but they are still together as of December 18th, 2011:

Prediction: Liverpool wins the FA cup

Nope, someone else won.

Prediction: Leading politician dies in a plane crash

A bit more specific, maybe? A president? Prime minister? A cabinet minister? Come on.

Psychic Nikki

psychic nikkiShe has hundreds of predictions on her website, but let’s take a look at a few of them…

Prediction: The Playboy Mansion will burn down.

This would have been big news, but alas, it did not happen.

Prediction: A gold rush will occur in Hawaii.

Nope, didn’t happen.

Prediction: The first brain transplant will take place.

Seriously? Didn’t even come close.

Prediction: A horseshoe-shaped UFO will be spotted over Roswell, New Mexico.

Swing and a miss.

Prediction: Hilary Clinton will win the Nobel Peace Prize.

Nope. It was awarded jointly to Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Leymah Gbowee, and Tawakkol Karman.

Prediction: A big computer virus will take out large swathes of communication for a 48-hour period, which could affect air travel.


Monte the Psychic

psychic monteAccording to Monte, “I have been having psychic experiences since I was 8 years old, but have been working with Angels & Guides for the last three decades doing readings and workshops for Spiritual awareness”. On his website, he states that “No other psychic in the world has posted more than 500 future World Predictions since 2008 with more accuracy!”

That sounds really impressive. Let’s see how he did…

Prediction: 2011 will be a year of economic change for most people by late Summer from high food cost and major shortages all over the world due to soaring grain and corn prices…Expect to see food protest in China, Russia, the UK, and USA….

Food protests are nothing new, and “a year of economic change” can easily be considered a “hit” any year. Doesn’t count.

Prediction: North & South Korea will continue their fighting and economic collapse is coming to N.Korea before late Winter which will trigger a revolt in their country by citizens wanting change, the leader at that time, Kim Jong Un may not survive the revolt, or he may go into hiding in China…

Completely wrong, and considering that Kim Jong Il died on December 19th, 2011, wouldn’t Monte try to predict that?

Prediction: Russia and China will sign a major military pact that will make them a dominant world power rivaling NATO….

I missed hearing about this in the news – perhaps it’s a secret.

Prediction: A major volcano eruption in Indonesia will become the largest in that country’s history, killing many, the people there need to leave now to be safe.

Again, fairly easy to consider a “hit” since there are many active volcanoes in the region. There was one, in fact ( but it wasn’t the largest in the country’s history.

Prediction: A device to allow people to levitate will be built where you can walk on a platform and levitate…

I hoped this one would be true, but alas, no such device exists.

Prediction: Japan and China will have a military standoff after more ships are sunk near a disputed Japanese Island by China almost bringing these countries to war, Russia will intervene to settle the dispute.. …

Didn’t happen…

Prediction: The US military will sabotage President Obama’s administration by leaking damaging information on him to the public…

Didn’t happen…

Sidney Friedman

psychic sidney friedmanWe then took a look at Sidney Friedman. Friedman bills himself as ‘psychic to the stars’.

Prediction: Lady Gaga becomes a teacher at a university. Maybe it’s just for a day or two, but she lectures at a school of higher learning.

This is a useless prediction. I’m at a loss for words.

Prediction: Economically in the U.S., I sense the climate in some ways continues to improve, slowly but surely.

He had a 50/50 chance of getting this right, and he got it!

Prediction: This I truly hope does not occur: A major league baseball player inexplicably dies on the field.

As far I could tell, one active MLB player died in 2011, but it was not on the field – it was a stabbing. Sorry, Sidney, this doesn’t count as a hit.

Prediction: I am not precisely certain of what this is, but an explosion in the sky is seen in the middle part of the country.

Could you be more specific? Seriously – this could be a plane, a meteor, a flare, a hot air balloon… this is so general that it probably happened a number of times, but was so insignificant that it was never reported in the news.

The Psychic Twins

psychic twinsPsychic Twins, Terry and Linda Jamison, claim to have been the only psychics to predict the 9/11 attacks. They have been correct on a number of predictions which have given them a high profile in the United States.

Here’s their predictions for 2011:

Prediction: President Barrack Obama will not be re-elected, and more women will come to power in the next a few years.

This might happen in 2012, but all one must do is look at the US opinion polls to make an educated guess. I wouldn’t really consider this a “hit” even if it comes true.

Prediction: There will be many medical breakthroughs for diseases such as cancer in general, including lung cancer, colon cancer, bone cancer, as well as diabetes, heart diseases in the year of 2011.

It’s pretty fair to say there will be “medical breakthroughs” because 1) it’s hard to define what’s a “breakthrough”, and 2) they chose diseases/conditions that are heavily funded and researched – so there’s a decent chance that if there’s a discovery or “breakthrough”, then it will be for one of those diseases/conditions.

Prediction: They have predicted job recoveries, especially in the second half of this year, albeit they are slow job recoveries.

This is a safe bet. The unemployment rate did decrease in 2011 compared to 2010, but, it’s important to note that it actually increased in June (the start of the second half of the year), and then dropped again in November. So you see, as soon as they try to get specific, they… fail.

Ooops… What About These Forgotten  Predictions?

The year 2011 also had some epic moments in the news… and you will note that the psychics above failed to predict any of them.

  • Japan Earthquake and Tsunami and the associated nuclear crisis
  • Bin Laden’s Death
  • Tucson, Arizona Shooting Rampage
  • Death Amy Winehouse
  • Occupy Wall Street
  • Kim Jong Ill’s death
  • Arab Spring
  • Penn State abuse scandal
  • Steve Job’s death
  • Tornadoes across Midwest and Southeastern U.S.
  • EU Fiscal Crisis

Wouldn’t it have been incredibly useful for the public to know where the tsunami would hit Japan? What about saving the military’s 10 year hunt for Bin Laden… and just telling them where he was hiding? Maybe a little warning about the Tucson shootings? No. Nothing. Why? Because no psychic can predict anything useful with any sort of accuracy. Good luck in 2012.


  1. The prediction on N. Korea really wasn't far off. And the levitating platform? Also true I would…reevaluate some of those brush-offs. I'm a hardcore believer in science, but as a scientist (I assume that because of the website), shouldn't you be interested in some of these instead of brushing them off as nothing? Certainly some of the greatest achievements in science came from exploring the world of the unknown.

  2. I wouldn't include "Tornadoes across Midwest and Southeastern US" in the list of forgotten predictions. It really takes no psychic powers at all to correctly predict that tornadoes will occur during tornado season in the tornado alley.

  3. And then there was the biggest con artist of all – Harold Camping and his promise of the Rapture in April and the total destruction of Earth in October.

  4. Miggy, what would be the point? If they really could make useful predictions they'd predict a lottery number to get rich, or if they're altruistic, they'll predict things like the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. They can't do either, so they just make money off of pretending to be able to predict the future.

  5. While I absolutely do not believe in psychics, you apparently missed the fact that a couple of those wild guesses actually did come true. For instance, Monte wrote: "A device to allow people to levitate will be built where you can walk on a platform and levitate…"

    That is exactly what this is:

    Also, though he doesn't specifically mention the death of Kim Jong-il he did say that Kim Jong-un would succeed him as leader this year, which would almost certainly require the death of Kim the elder.

    Lucky guesses, definitely. He's a fraud, absolutely. But let him have his hits when he does get them right.

  6. "Completely wrong, and considering that Kim Jong Il died on December 19th, 2011, wouldn’t Monte try to predict that?"

    To be fair, the article states the Kim Jong Un would be in power at the time and Winter doesn't officially end for a couple of months yet…

  7. Magnetic levitating hover-boards??? A bit of a stretch guys. In any case, even a blind squirrell finds a nut once in a while. Are people really so desperate and hopeless that they actually believe others who claim to be able to predict future events? Very sad.

  8. Well, for the critics in the reply section:
    "hovering platforms" were invented years ago and are in use today. Some idiot kids with liquid nitrogen and a 10 meter track don't quite compare to a freakin train… link below.
    If the general public understood more about science and technology, the first thing thought by the masses wouldn't be the skateboards in back to the future.

    And for the kim jong ill / un. If anyone has been following this at all, they would know that kim jong "mentally" ill was going to kick the bucket soon. His declining health was so bad he went into what the media called "hiding" for a long time. It was a matter of time, and i'm sure millions of other people made that prediction. Besides, for good ol Monte's prediction to be correct, we still need that N. Korea revolt. So for all the skeptics out there, maybe we do have to wait a little longer for your minds to be at rest. Lets hope Monte's wrong on this one… like the rest of them…

  9. For the critic of the critics in the reply section: No one is even remotely suggesting this information was obtained by supernatural means. But the article is flat out wrong in saying no "levitating platform" was introduced this year, no matter how well known the underlying scientific principles might have been.

    And of course it was obvious Kim Jong-il was in poor health. That's what these frauds do – make the predictions that are most likely to come true by pure chance. But specifically calling Monte out for not predicting that death, when in fact he very clearly indicates a leadership succession will take place, is intellectually dishonest.

    As for the blind squirrel remark, that is an unbelievable straw man, as I have pointed out before NO ONE IS CLAIMING THIS IS SUPERNATURAL. We are only disputing the fairness of dismissing two specific nuts that were indeed found by this blind squirrel. How the nuts were uncovered is not the point of the article or the comments.

  10. It is morning on December 22nd, 2011, and I predict that in the coming
    year 2012, Newton Gingrich will say ever increasingly dumb things.

  11. Concerning the Kim Jong Il/Un prediction, if the predictions are for 2011, "late winter" would seem to mean this past February or March, not this month, as there is only the first week and a half of winter at the end of the year (technically, anyway).

    Also, concerning the critique of the twins' job recovery prediction, July begins the second half of the year, not June. June ends the first half.

  12. I'm the critic of the critics writing back to my critic… Boy is it critical in here.

    The author was in the wrong by saying nothing exists, but this goes back to my "back to the future skateboard" problem that i posted before. Monte took technology that wasn't understood by many, glorified it and made "psychic" predictions. Like any technology, newer especially, there will be advancement which is what Monte was banking on. Monte was doing just as you mentioned in your post, stating the obvious, so when it becomes true, his "ability" becomes real and proven. Also, i should mention those kids are probably not idiots, i spoke harshly.

    Getting to the second point, the Kim's. I didn't agree with the presentation of this either, however, the general negativity in the article towards psychics here begged the authors harsh, dismissive words. Though, incorrect, taunting a psychic isn't outside the boundaries of reason for this piece.

    The larger problem at hand is the fact that "psychics" like these exist. Though, who am i to say a real psychic doesn't exist? As far as i know now, the whole thing is fiction, and i'd rather stick to our guns (science) and let that lead the future instead of somebody's pipe dream. A reply board is not the best venue to promote scientific literacy, but i felt like doing it anyway.

    In general, i liked the article and thought it was a fun read.

  13. Fun article, but the author seemed biased, and obviously did not perform due diligence in their research of every prediction. Also I think half points should be given for near hits like the Lady Gaga thing..there is an upper-division sociology course at the University of South Carolina titled "Lady Gaga and the Sociology of Fame." Isn't she teaching by proxy? 🙂

  14. I was at the Hollywood sign recently, and there is some flaking and chipping of paint. So we should count that as a hit, right?

  15. The levitation technique in the video is not new, not surprising. Meglev trains are essentially a platform that levitates AND transports. Psychics don't get credit for predicting something that has already been discovered/built. My favorite prediction is still the forecast the Dolly Parton's left breast will explode on national TV. Yup, her LEFT breast.

  16. >Monte the Psychics web site says Kim Jong Un, not Il precisely as you printed above.

    Either you misread his web site or he got it right; or he changed it after seeing your critique AND you mistakenly copied Kim Jong Un in place of Kim Jong Il in your note above.

  17. It's a shame that some psychics take it too far. Psychic readings also fail in many cases, especially if the psychic is a newbie. In the case of these people featured in the blog, they made too risky statements and they banked on mere guesswork to gain the attention of the crowd, which is why they have eggs on their faces now. But as far as I know, there are psychics who truly get predictions right, maybe no 100% accurate, but still reliable.

    found a site where you can ask a psychic free question

  18. Yuri-

    So the way that a psychic should ply their trade is to be very vague so they don't go out on a limb in their predictions? That is already the way most of them do it.

    "But as far as I know, there are psychics who truly get predictions right, maybe no 100% accurate, but still reliable." Can you point me to some psychics who made reliable predictions (not postdictions)? If there are such psychics I'm sure they would be touting their reliability at the top of their lungs, but I'm sure not hearing any of them.

  19. I predict that not one professional pseudo skeptic will actually take the ten thousand dollar Bill Perron Honesty Challenge even though it is a very simple challenge that Perron has had open for five years. He documents how Randi lied to weasel out of the Perron astrology challenge for the disingenuous million dollar publicity stunt money. Randi and the rest of the Randibots at JREF run in fright from the truth of the Perron Honesty Challenge. I also predict not one pseudo skeptic will ask Randi why he lied to weasel out and why he runs from the truth of the Perron allegations and Honesty Challenge.

  20. Just because someone calls themselves a psychic does not even mean that they are. I would never get a reading form these people. There are real psychics out there who are authentic, sane and normal people. The only difference is that they have a gift. I know because I have talked to them. They are not the solutions to your problems but they certainly bring clarity so that you can feel empowered in the decisions that you make with your free will. It is important to refer to a reputable resource for expert psychics that screens and provides real user reviews such as Oracle Avenue.

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