Quick:  do you think Montreal, Canada, is north or south of Paris, France?   Which is further north:  London, England, or Calgary, Alberta?  It’s hard to tell.  But if you were to illustrate the relative latitudes of European and North American cities by transposing them on the opposite continent, you could easily find out.  That’s exactly what Beardsley Klamm did over on metafilter, which eventually found its way onto one of our favorite sites, Brilliant Maps.

Click the maps below to see a high resolution version:

overlay of cities on europe and north america map600
Click to see a clear view of the map.

Now, even though Calgary is south of London, London has far more consistently warmer weather.  This is due to the Gulf Stream passing through the North Atlantic Drift’s warmer waters, which moderates the climate to a balmy average December temperature of 2°C.  Calgary clocks in at a chilly -8°C for the same time of the year.

And here’s what a map of transposed South American and Australian cities look like on opposite continents.  Again, click the map below to see a high resolution version to inspect it:

overlay of cities on south america and australia map600
Click to see a clear view of the map.

Article idea:  Brilliant Maps 
Maps created by Beardsley Klamm via metafilter and Reddit user Yearlaren, respectively.