my tieI have a confession.

I have been using the same knotted necktie since 1998. That’s right. The day before I left for university, my dad helped me by putting a tying a tie around my neck, and I have never untied it. That’s 13 years, folks (and counting).

In 2006, I got a new tie for a wedding, but before leaving the store, I had the salesman help me out. He tied the tie for me, and when he went to take it off (after I agreed to purchase it), I told him that it was okay – I’ll take it off myself. I took it off, ever so gently so as not to untie the knot, and placed it in the bag.

I only own two ties, and they have never been out of their knots because I still don’t know how to tie a tie. It’s not that I can’t… it’s more like I just don’t feel like learning how to do it on YouTube. And I’m too embarrassed to ask for help (so what better way to hide a secret then to post it on a blog?). I’m not sure if I’ll ever take the time to learn – I’ve made it this far in life without this critical skill. But I know one thing for sure – those two ties better not ever come undone…


  1. Depending on what knot you've got in there, there may or may not be a world of opportunity waiting outside your door!

    Unfortunately, there are two hurdles.

    1. The YouTube videos are a fucking disaster. Seriously, I sat through fifty in a row, then one in particular twelve times, before a wedding earlier this year. Didn't work. Went back to the same old round-and-around-and-whoopsie-dee-and-DONE shit knot that I've been using since 1995.

    2. Once you start caring about the knot in your tie, its complexity, and its wonder… you can't help but become a knot snob. It's really (k)not something you can come back from.

    Good for you for admitting your knot preservation fetish!

  2. how to tie a tie…stupid simple step by step!

    the flipping is what made it stick for me…so it feels more like learning in front of a mirror

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