ouija boardAs children, we’ve probably all tried a Ouija board at one time or another. Remember how it went? Two or more players would gather around the board, and each would place two fingers on the planchette (the pointer). Each person would then ask the board a question one at a time, and, if there was a connection to the spirit world, the planchette would begin to move across the board, spelling out the answer. Sometimes, the board will answer with a simple “yes” or “no”, sometimes it will spell it out.

Generally, using a Ouija board is harmless. However, there are times when the connection to the spirit world can go very wrong. Sometimes, the connection will be to an evil spirit, a demon, or devil. In order to avoid such an evil link, one must follow the five rules of the Ouija board…

Ouija Board Rule #1
Never play with the Ouija board alone. This is for your safety both physically and mentally. Ouija board experiences are occasionally extreme and should this occur you will need someone with which to support you, both during and after the occurrence.

Ouija Board Rule #2
Do not allow the planchette to count down through the numbers or backwards through the alphabet. Doing could result in the spirit escaping from the board, allowing it to terrorize you and the other players indefinitely.

Ouija Board Rule #3
Always place a silver object upon the Ouija board before playing. Silver is known (ahem) for its power to repel evil energies.

Ouija Board Rule #4
Never, ever mention ‘God’, as it is believed that entities contacted through the Ouija board are generally ‘evil’ in nature. Some may appear “good” at first, but it is likely a demon who is playing tricks.

Ouija Board Rule #5
When you are done playing, say ‘goodbye’. Failure to close the Ouija board session by saying ‘goodbye’ may result in the contacted entity remaining present long after you have finished playing.

Pretty scary stuff. So what’s really going on?

The movement of the pointer on the Ouija board can be attributed to something called the ideomotor effect. Humans might not be aware of it, but suggestions can be made to the mind by others, by observations, or by other mediums – and these suggestions can influence the mind and affect motor behavior.

According to The Skeptic Dictionary, tests devised by American psychologist William James, French chemist Michel Chevreul, English scientist Michael Faraday, and American psychologist Ray Hyman have demonstrated that many phenomena attributed to spiritual or paranormal forces, or to mysterious “energies,” are actually due to ideomotor action. Furthermore, these tests demonstrate that “honest, intelligent people can unconsciously engage in muscular activity that is consistent with their expectations” (Hyman 1999). They also show that suggestions that can guide behavior can be given by subtle clues (Hyman 1977).

So, when people go to play the Ouija board, they know in advance of what it’s supposed to do, they (often) expect it to give some sort of results, and unconsciously, they guide the pointer so that it gives “answers”. There are no demons or undead. There are no spirits. It’s just a piece of plastic/cardboard. Nothing more.

After all “If there really is an afterlife, I’ll bet the best way to contact it is through a plastic, mass-produced board game from Milton Bradley! –Mad Magazine



  1. When I was a child , My friends and I played with the Ouiji board. I was afraid at first. Anyways this was when I was 10 I am now almost 30 . But I still remember this coincidence or not. We said if you are real then call us. Literally as we finished saying this the Phone Rang I laughed and said wow that was scary ..I answered it because they were afraid , no one was there . We were the only ones home at the time. and this is before everyone had cell phones. We contined to play asked if that was him calling he said yes, then the lights flickered like there was a short in the electrical system or somehting. We were a little freaked out. So we through the board across the room into her closet and shut the door. Two days later my child hood friend was dead , suicide.

  2. omg that is scary as f_ck, thats crazy how can it just move, why doesnt the world talk about this i mean there has to be a warning on the box at least

  3. my friend and I were playing with a ouija bored today, the pointer was moving all across the bored very fastly. spelling out random words we could not understand. we were also playing with my friends step mom. every time she touched the pointer. the pointer went nuts. scattering all across the bored. once we finally said goodbye. my friends step mom hands were ICE cold. and our hands were beat warm.
    it was like the spirit was using her to contact.

      • It is true. If everywhere is warm and and theres a spot that is at any freezing temperture you do have a spirit there. But you also have to make sure that theres no window or fan or anything that could do with coldness on/open.

  4. Just like to say this; have you ever played those of you reading? If you try to push the planchette consciously , it will trip up and it is obvious it was pushed. If you play, don't go in thinking "This is all rubbish!" because it most likely won't be someone pushing 😉 Happy Ouija games! Stay safe.

  5. i want to try this, because my friend told me it actually worked on him, but it was scary. and I m not sure if i should give it a shot too… it sounds fun, but if its not all bull, the chances of things going wrong is wayy higher than "staying safe"

      • I’ve only used an Ouija board once, but the feeling you get when using it is pretty adrenaline filled. I remember thinking that it was probably the placebo effect, but afterward it felt more realistic. All I know is that it was scary.

  6. Well me and my friend did't now what it was when we first saw it in her house so we opened it and shaked it all up we went upstairs and told her parents and there only reply was that they said "you let him out" i was so scared!

  7. my firend started laughing histariclly after we used one and then all the stuff on the table flew at hom and he broke his arm in thre places so we just threw it away and forgot to say goodbye, 2 days later his parents found him pinned to the wall dead with the kitchen knives

    • As if.
      Tell you what, let’s have your friends name, location, the name of the police department with jurisdiction, and tbe name of tbe police officer in charge of the investigation, and we’ll check the veracity of you post.
      Hello? Hello?

  8. I was playing with the Ouija board and at first everything was going good we were talking to a little girl when she spelled help and repetedly going to qf she then proceeded to say he wanted to hurt us then things got weird the Planchette was going so fast it was slipping from our hands it was saying things like it wanted me and it didn't like us and we asked who is this it replied qf and when the planchette went to the g my closet door slammed open and there was a lot of pounding and stumps and ever since then bad stuff has been happening I took it as a joke but this isn't a joke don't mess with the Ouija board

    • Something like that happened yesterday me and my boyfriend had something like that happened we wanted to know who we were talking to it kept saying DY DY DY and then we asked him the next letter it said no… We said goodbye just in case we were talking to an evil spirit we asked if it was evil and it said no. Next time we’ll put silver on or sage

  9. I just bought one and i'm kind of scared to use one but i don't really believe some of the stories that are being told and i don't want someone to get hurt.

  10. do not mess with these things. they are real and u will regret it. your inviting evil spirits. me and my friends did it. nothing moved or anything. but we were all scared. we felt it. there was something there and it was not good. we tried and tried. my friends dog came in barking like hell. that dog hadnt been in there in a looong time. it was terrified. and just sat there and looked at us in fear. we put it away. that day nothing went well. it was terrible. i went home that night and there was something in my room. there were shadows going past my door. and right before i fell asleep twice. something whispered right in my face. the second time it was fuckin piseed as hell. this is no joke. dont do it..

  11. Its hard to believe these stories all over the internet a buddy of mine has tried it so many times id say over a hundred times on his own, with people and out of his head on drink and drugs and he has never had an encounter with ant spirit and this fella loves all these kinda things, can any1 say they hav a story like this were they have tried it so many times and nothin hapened. I hope it works i wana try for myself but cant get any1 to do it i would ask the friend iv been talkin about but he moved to a different country. Like some1 whispering into ur face and loads of shadows goin past your door that would be some fukin scary shit and u say it as it was like it was nothing to u

  12. Iv played it all of my life and yet nothing has ever gone wrong. If you follow the rules, Nothing is really scary. They can lie and i'm sure they can follow you and hurt you too, But as long as you do the right things then your just fine.

    • NO! Don’t try it. They do work. Please don’t try it. Google Demonic Symbols – look at the board and planchette. When I was a child around 9yrs old we did this at a sleepover at my house, we also had a seance (sp?)and retrieved a spirit. Scared me sooo bad!! I never did it again. Never will. Maybe it is because a childs mind still is open to these things. Don’t know. Definitely not going to try it again and see.

  13. ive played the ouija board recently with some friends and i didnt believe it was real at all but once i played i found out different. me and my friends talked to what i believe was a demon and ever since ive played the ouija board i feel like someone is watching me and following me wherever i go it is a very uncomfortable feeling i regret ever playing it.

  14. Ouija board is no joke, anyone who says its fake doesn’t know jack, I am 23 I started playing at 14 with my best friend then more and more then even alone at times, I will never in my life touch one of those things again, evil is real and it’s scary, at that time in my life I was against god, and for the devil, and if you allow it a demon WILL attatch itself to you and it will NOT leave until it is done screwing with you. I get chills to this day just thinking about the things I went through. It’s unexplainable, most people think I was crazy. But I know it was real. So please be careful to anyone who’s thinking of playing. If you are a believer you just might have something bad coming your way. Hopefully not. You don’t want it.

  15. I’m really into these things I love it but wen I speak about ghosts demons n devils I feel very uncomfortable and I feel strange lyk sumone is waiting 4 me 2 get hurt I’m goin 2 buy an ouija board and av an experience 4 myself I’m only 15 but I’m a person who’s lyk ill try everything but if sumthing goin wrong I’m really paranoid u name anything about ghost ects its happened 2 me but its really called a lifetime experience

  16. its all fun and games till someone gets hurt but listen the ouija board is a way to talk to pearets nothing more close the door when you done or your going to get hurt demons lie they trick you they cnive and thrive on pain so always close the door even if you have to force it shut you and who ever is playing with you if you DON’T you will get HURT or even DIE but if you CLOSE THE DOOR NOTHING WILL HAPPEN o yeah one more thing BE RESPECTFUL THE HOLE TIME and never play if your SCARED never play if your BORED or if you think it is a JOKE because then your asking for TROUBLE

  17. I’ve tired playing the Ouija board by myself and I do see spirits I’m currently living with my bf and his mom and I know the house wasn’t haunted when I moved in and since I tried playing. By myself I’ve felt a presence around me today I seen a guy in the corner of my eye and I know this is the guy I’ve been feeling around me but oddly the Ouija board didn’t move for me but I said goodbye but it was days later and I still feel him and seeing him but I have played it with my sisters and friends it always worked. But this time playing it alone wasn’t smart since I’ve played alone Ive been having bad dreams about going to hell and bad thoughts of killing myself I myself I warn whoever want to try some scary fun to always say goodbye and if they don’t want to say goodbye say it for them because the territory I’ve been dealing with is scary and Iregret ever playing

  18. me to a girl with black hair and black dress been watching use my friend becky got hurt my friends
    were scared and act like it was aj joe and wont work then it got scary any i almost died if i didnt
    move never play with mirrors around

  19. I cant believe that all these people would make up such a crazy story to scare people. I tried the ouija board it does not work

    • This is real, I swear, my younger cousin who is just learning to spell was using the Oujia board and he spelled out the words it is very unlikely, he is in preschool

  20. I’ve played it nothing happened. My friend Audrey…he’s a drag queen…got sliced with a mcnugget…no joke…

  21. Honestly? Demons? Devils? Lol. Try it with a group of friends blind-folded. And have one mate, not playing or touching just look on to see what happens. 100% of the time it will be mumble-jumble.

    What does that tell u? The human mind is far more powerful than anyone can imagine. Wake up people.

    But sure, if it makes you feel better….the devil made me do And some of the stories
    above, are just the rantings of small minds. Sorry, but true.

    • If you truly think a ouija board is fake, I suppose I have to warn you. Please trust me. This story is real. Some friends and I messed around with a ouija board. We thought it was funny. The way it moved. We didn’t bother with the silver. We didn’t need it, we thought. We thought we were talking to a boy. He said he was 13. Very sweet boy. Very wise. We asked him what his favorite number was, and he said 98. The night went on, and for about an hour we talked to him. We asked him to show us something amazing. 9. 8. It went. It stopped for about a minute. No movement, no reaction. 7. 6. 5. 4. 3. 2. 1. 0. Nothing happened. The lights didn’t flicker. No phone rang. Nothing. We got bored, and packed it up. Now I should say this.. We didn’t say good bye. To this day, I hear them before I sleep. I smell them. Burnt flesh. I talk to those who burned in Auschwitz. The worst part is.. I can’t step foot in a church, or touch a crucifix. I can’t touch a bible, and I can’t be in the same room as holy water. This is what I get for playing with a ouija board. You were warned.

  22. I’m calling bs on “Do Ouija Boards Really Work? Spoiler Alert: They Don’t.” in response to my firend started laughing histariclly after we used one and then all the stuff on the table flew at hom and he broke his arm in thre places so we just threw it away and forgot to say goodbye, 2 days later his parents found him pinned to the wall dead with the kitchen knives

    • As if.

      Tell you what, let’s have your friends name, location, the name of the police department with jurisdiction, and tbe name of tbe police officer in charge of the investigation, and we’ll check the veracity of you post.

      Hello? Hello?


    Observe this simple experiment. Put two pieces of cardboard, or smooth poker chips on top of the cup. If spirits are moving the cup, the cup will move first then the chips will be dragged behind. If it’s people moving the cup, the chips will move first then the cup will follow.
    I betting spirits aren’t being called by a toy made in China by Milton Bradley.

  24. When are you stupid idiots going to relies that it is f_cking b_llsh_t. How the $#%& can a piece of wood or a piece of paper make these so called “spirits” contact us ? wake up to yourselves its all fake i did it last night and i even said come in and you can stay as long as you want and then i started to scream and say very nasty things to them but nothing … Nothing moved at all. All of your stupid little stories are either fake/made up or just plain coincidence.

    • Chris; Sorry but its “realize” . Just saying you can believe what you want but this stuff happens to be true. I experience paranormal in my house so has my aunt, dad, mother, and sister not my brothers. I believe in spirits, exorcism, and demons. But like i said we dont expect you to believe in it,

  25. I did one with my sister and 2 of my friends and i regret ever doing it!!! My parents told us never ever do it cause they had to have priest come in and get it to go away.

    But us being bored we decided to it on the roof us my bestfriend house. The pointer shaked a little bit but that was all so we blew out the candles forgetting to say bye. we then left at my friends and me my sister and my friend shelby went home and we remebered we didnt say thats when thing got bad all through the night wierd things kept happening and we blew off like we were just parinoided or something. So we woke up the next morning and my mom said i know you did a ouija board and we were like how did you know and she said because last night around 4am i was going to sleep and all of a sudden i saw like a person with a green shirt and a baseball hat on!! we then told we were having wierd thing happening to us too. and she said just dont think about it or it will get worse so we went back upstairs after breackfast and i was the last one and i went to shut the door behind us half way up the stairs i heard the door open and me and my friend shelby looked back and it was open and so i called thinking it was my brother and my mom screamed he is with me and i am so scared


    • Go back to the Ouija board and open it. Start as normal, and then once you contact a spirit, say ‘Please go away. Please leave us alone.’ If that doesn’t work, be firm but not demanding. Stay calm and don’t yell. Say ‘Go away. Leave us alone. Goodbye.’ If the Planchette goes to goodbye, you should be okay. I’m not speaking from personal experience, just what makes sense, but I hope this helps!

  26. I played a Ouija Board with my friend a few months ago. We were aiming to talk to another friend of ours who had recently died, but we couldn’t seem to get him. We prayed everytime before we tried to contact a spirit, and said ‘goodbye’ calmly after we decided to give up. I was a little bit freaked out for the next few days but nothing weird happened and I usuallyy pick up on strange energy changes (as in ghosts) in the room. It works, just be careful and pay attention to all of the rules. Never do anything to aggravate a spirit. Happy playing!

  27. i like how everyones friend has played the ouija board LOL! i havnt played one yet but i do intend to, im hoping to contact some spirit but, i dont believe half of the stories on here, the one whos friend was found pinned to the kitchen wall by knives,… it just seems a little farfetched, i guess the ouija board is a board game that doesnt work for some people, it really depends on if you believe it will work but then in saying that its obvious the game doesnt work, it just psycologically makes up belive that the game is real.

  28. all these postings about storys and people calling b.s. but doesnt anybody ever learn how to type?
    like really spell your words right. pluss if you let a demon in your session ask it for power. make your self a king. lol

    • brandon i dont mean no offence but i dont get how you can come online and judge people on their spelling when you cant even spell PLUS, and like i said before ouija boards do not work its all pyscological … you head makes you belive it works, and the reason why it dont for some people is because some people dont let there heads get carried away, … seriously everyone no bullshitting but has anyone ever experienced anything that can be concidered paranormal …i dont wanna hear what your friends have done and i dont want no bull crap either …

      • Curious how old are the people that are telling their stories? I seems like most of you are young teens because the spellings are horrible. I’ve played a ouija board when i was younger and I was skeptic of it then and to no surprise i’m still skeptic about it unless someone can show proof that the ouija can produce spirits or demons.

        The one about the kid having knives stuck in him and the wall….. yeah not buying that one. People need to remember young kids have very active imaginations.

        A Toy company will not make a game that will bring spirits or demons. Sorry everyone but a lot of these stories are too far fetched to believe. I think some of you shouldn’t watch the movie called Ouija experiment.

  29. @Syra – I thought I did, but how can I know if it was paranormal or just my mind playing tricks on me? This is why I always doubt paranormal things… there always seems to be a much more simple explanation (for example: an illusion, something natural, my mind playing tricks on me, etc).

    So I guess the answer is “no”, based on that.

    • The best way to see if ouji boards work is to record yourself playing the game and then play it back if your unsure of the result… It helps if you think your results are based on your own mind (mind playing tricks on you) hope that helps

  30. Hi everyone! A couple of my friends and myself had just used the Ouija board and I can’t even lie, I’m kinda scared, lol! I googled the rules to the Ouija board and I came across this website, so I read every post and I don’t know wether to believe everything or to laugh! We didn’t have a pointer, all we had was the actual board. So we put the board on my living room floor, with the front door closed, and the light’s out… And nothing happened. My friend Tyler asked the Ouija board if there was any ghost’s in my apartment and nothing happened, he then started saying ‘come out you f@gg0ts’ and was talking smack but still nothing had happened. So I decided to put the board back and stop using it, so I said goodbye, my friend Jacob said goodbye but Tyler did not. Nothing has happened yet, Hopefully nothing will later as well. Guess we’ll see! 🙂

  31. Me and my friend tried this yesterday and at first I didn’t think that it worked but the all the sudden it started moving and it said hi jasmine it’s grandma and my grandma had just died in June and she also told me to tell my brother to get outside so I don’t know if it was really her so does any one else think that it could be her please reply

    • Ibelive that they are reall.! My mother did one when she was younger the bored just kept saying … Just wait, his coming. Then all of a sudden a man had a heart attack and crashed his car through the front of the house were they we’re doing it !

  32. Ok for all those people that are saying ” how can paper and plastic call spirits” the fact that the ouija can contact the spirit world is irreverent to what the board is made of. A spell is still a spell no matter how its written down. The Internet is a virtual world that can harm people, cyber bulling or humiliation… And a computer is nothing more than wire or plastic. We can use the Internet to buy or get real physical good, but you can’t go or visit the Internet physically it takes a special device with the proper combinations of wires And plastic and antennas. The ouija is the ” computer” to the spirit world. Just like there are people that can use a computer properly there are people that can’t use a ouija board properly, one may say computers are stupid it won’t do what I want it to do ( no the user is stupid bc he/ she can’t use it) same goes for the ouija

    • So would you in your personal oppionion say their real? Have you ever used one? Im looking into buying one but reading all these stories is making me second guess my choice… ?

      • Danielle…. The fact that you want to get one all depends on what you are looking for. If you are just looking for something to do bc you are bored then I would not recommend using something you are not familiar with, the results could be regrettable. Let me as you and everyone on this post, does anyone on this post believe in a higher power… God…does anyone believe in the power of prayer, that someone like Jesus can die on the cross and rise again. If you answered yes… Then why in the world would evil stand on the sidelines and be fake. There is a Satanic church, there are spells and prayers for evil too. So back to your question, if you want a pass time , get checkers, if you want to achieve or reaching a higher power…then be respectfully and accept the consequence …good or evil.

      • My brother and his friends played with an Ouija board and they have no fear and never had harm so i think its pretty cool and I’m probably going to try it sometimes… I don’t know I’ll ask his friend i pretty good friends with her so I’m kinda exited. If you have a different opinion I’m fine with that. But the only person to dare to talk to is my mom Sarah

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  33. ive been playing with the brainjar ouija board for a while now and when i first done so i thought it was all gunna be a load of fun and games, nothing real will happen – until last week. I asked the ouija board will a certain horse win its race this week, it said ‘no’ and guess what, the horse came 4th, when i asked it will something particular happen at work this week it pointed to ‘yes’ and guess what that particular issue did occur at work, then i asked it if it would rain on saturday wher ei live it said ‘yes’ – no prizes for guessing whose more accurate than the weather-man. then the table started shaking, i thought it might have been something more logical (it was after all a very windy day), i clicked on ‘goodbye’ and i heard noises coming from the walls (house noises? i dont know) but they ceased a few seconds after i clicked goodbye…fake?? i dont fucking think so….scary as hell?? yes but very accurate.

  34. Just about all of the stories in this are all just their minds playing tricks on them or they just want attention and decide to make shit up…
    Remember Bloody Mary? look in the mirror say it 3 times and she kills u? no one did it cause they were scared and if they did, they were so influenced already , their mind came up with it… its all bullsh*t

  35. whats with all the d!ck measuring just cause someone cant spell a word correctly! ever thought that people might actually know how to spell but miss out letters due to fast typing! this site is suppose to be a debate about whether or not ouija boards work! not name calling like school kids please!! and for the record i tried the ouija board my self and nothing happened! you believe what you want to believe and see what you want to see this game is a trick of the mind! if you truly believe something will happen then it will, minds have a great way of playing tricks on us, so when we get scared it may sometimes feel like something is really happening although 9 times out of ten it will be a trick of the mind…. and everyone else stop rippin on people who cant spell and if you wanna be keyboard warriors theres plenty of chatrooms on the net that welcomes your B.S …. peace

    • No kidding, some of us are typing on a square that is about 1x 2 inches on our phones, not to mention this damn text auto correct…. Get off the nuts about the spelling.
      I agree with home boy

      • im not here to impress anyone and i do not need you to correct me thankyou, i know how to spell perfectly well thankyou i just dont feel the need to show off about it and make everyone else feel stupid … i guess i dont need the ego boost like some =D … peace

  36. We used a wooden Ouija Board the real ones won’t burn and when you try to burn them, black goats will appear, sign of the devil… Just don’t get an entity named “SETH”…he’ll be all nice to you at first & flirts with you even and then he’ll start swearing when you go to leave him…and NEVER draw an open door on the back of a Ouija Board, it’s lets the spirits out…

  37. Axiome; something which is as itself being, proves itself simply by being … ( self-evident) … when I 1st used a Quija board, “Axiome” was what “it” called itself, but I had never heard the word before then, just only looked it up afterward… and it spoke in paradox.

  38. I am 24, and played with the board about 6-8 years ago. But I don’t think that contributed towards my experiences. I truly believe from experience that there is something more to this life and because we are physically existing, its a limitation to an extent. I remember being fully awake about a few months ago, and I was researching how to interact with spirits, and got bored so I turned off the computer and light to my bedroom. I was still wide awake and kept the door open enough to allow the hallway light come in. It was around 3am and remember “I was wide awake” — nothing drew my attention towards the door, but I’d stare at it before falling asleep every night. I actually witnessed a body like shadow travel past my room. The light of course wasn’t entirely blocked by this shadow. For the next 20 minutes I was attempting to yell, degrade, or whatever to get this spirit to do it again. I saw what I saw… It was not out of the corner of my eye… No one else was around… a couple weeks prior I was accused of unlocking someone’s bedroom door and going through the room towards the bathroom…. FYI — the direction to that persons bedroom from mine was the same direction that I saw a shadow heading towards… Both mine and their experience happened in the middle of the night.

    • I actually played one this weekend. and first me and some friends asked if we could have a hint of the spirit. it literally started moving. spelling the word “Far”. we were confused. so I asked who are u?? It started spelling the name Kevin. I bursted out in tear because I was terrified. The name kevin only related to me. July 16 2012 I met a guy in N.C. and fell in love I think about him all the time and he is FAR away. I was trippinggg. Then a friend got the nerves to ask what did he want? With my eyes closed I felt the glass moving.. as my friends stay brave and hold my hand I open up my eyes to find the spirit spelling out my wholeeee name. Not the nickname that everyone knows me as. I realized this wasn’t fake. they werent trying to scare me. they asked who the hell Allison Williams was. and I was like thats me dude. I paniced. A friend tried getting it off my mind so she asked when we were going to die as a joke.. it went to the # 3 and right when it landed I went into shock, harsh vomitting and choking. The front of me was cold and my back side was hot. I ended up passing out and breaking the Circle. now I’m scared..

  39. Hi room.

    So i haven’t used a Ouija since I was in 5th grade. I dont’ t know if I believed my friends way back then. So I purchased a used Ouija from the 1940’s made by Fuldman which was before Parker Brothers bought the rights from Fuldman after he passed. It arrived in the mail on Saturday. I opened it but have not used it yet. It’s been sitting on my bar in the kitchen. Saturday night my dog stared at the Ouija board, growled, gave a small bark and panted heavily. She stared for about 4 minutes. She has never acted that way before. It gave me goose pimples. Tonight my Husband and I are going to try it for the first time. I will report back.

  40. almost 95% of ouija boards dont work because they have been blessed, when you bless a ouija board it is next to impossible to get any kind of paranormal activity from them …. if you look on amazon or even ebay for a cursed ouija board there the ones you need if you want a true paranormal experience … aim for the boards that date back to the 1930’s to the 1970’s .. i hope that info was helpful to anyone seeking a spooky evening =D

    • Last night we tried the Ouija and nothing happened. The board came from ebay. Didn’t say anything about it being blessed, haunted or any experiences. I’m disappointed but I will try it again. we made sure to say “goodbye” of course. lol

  41. it really work but it works in the waning night ,do it after mid night with 3 person including you ,it is better to make your own board
    before doing this activity sit inside hazarat pagambar ali ki chauky ,to protect from goblin, evil spirits and demons .
    if you need more knowledge contact on my email id

  42. I recently purchased a ouija board, but im not sure if its a good idea to use it now, after reading some more about them… should i just get rid of it? ahh

  43. I don’t know what to believe because half of you literally can’t spell to save your lives from these demons lol. Seriously go back to 3rd grade so I can get some logical information! Honestly you’re all in dire need of some education. I do agree this is more than fascinating. I once had a real experience around age 14, now I’m about to be 21 I live in a house that was built in 1909 I will come back and post what I experienced, I promise to spell correctly and not lie, like all these other idiots, sorry idiots.

    • this page happens to be a site where people can come and enjoy a chat and debate about ouija boards! right this is not a site where you can come and rip the p!ss out of people because of how they spell, … me for example i have excellent grades in english writing as well as numerous other exceptional grades… people make mistakes and spell incorrectly because they type to quickly like my self not because they are thick and in need of further education…. if you dont have anything nice to say to anyone then dont say anything at all… and if you cant help your self and you feel the need to be constantly rude to everybody then go on this website they will be more then willing to except your bullcrap there and they might even give it back to …. peace

  44. i bought one not long after my mother passed a few years ago. Ive had a blast sat in my livingroom alone ya know wid all the candles n shite. i bought it from a site so not a homemade one, comes with instuctions etc. Anyhow i sat, i followed instuctions, i sat………. nothing!!!!!!! my intentions are to contact people i know not shite thats gonna jump out n scare the tits off me at every op! my question is, can i play this alone safely?????

    • as far as im awear you can play this alone it dont reall matter as long as you remember to say goodbye … thats what ive been told anyways

  45. interestng. . . I nevr tried an ouija though. A frnd f mine kinda knws hw to do a similar thng as ouija. He takes a paper, write letters A-Z, places a coin n i didnt pay mch attntn bt i saw dat freaking coin muvng gvng correct answrz wn i lukd at it. . . . Cn sme1 describe an ouija board 4 me?

  46. I played only once in a dark room with candles. The roombecame cold, some candles, blew out, i opened my eyes the board kept going to no then spelling stop. Over and over again. A misty figure of a beautiful woman in a red dress was there. She spoke ( and not threw the board) she said Zama, Zama, Zama. The next day daughter three at the time was cutting out articles of natural geographic. She brought to me a picture of a dead lamb/or calf the head cut off saying mommy look Zama! Zama! I searched the magazine an article abot gypsy s and there way of life. The next day i talked to my father different state, i told him. He said i had a dream of a woman she was so beautiful, she said her name was Zama but i couldnt reach her, she was too far away and no matter how far i ran she kept gwtting farther. I have not open the spirit world since.

  47. I have played with ouija boards all my life. I honestly do not follow the rules, I do not say goodbye, and so on. Nothing bad has happened and no “devil” has followed me. The only thing that has happened once was that I was with friends and we were playing with the ouija board. We asked, “can you show us a sign that your here?” A single light turned off then turned back on a couple seconds later. I am sure no spirit is capable of hurting you. Think about it, you don’t here about any bloody/gory or even slightly creepy deaths that don’t have an explanation. Trust me, nothing is going to hurt or haunt you. Ouija boards are a fun experience, and you can get some real quality info off of it. My friends and I use it for more girly reasons(crushes)

  48. Ive played long ago with a few friends at 1st it moved slow and we all accused each other of moving it till we got a strange.almost magnetic feeling (like when u put 2magnets together but try not to let em touch) so we all lifted r fingers about 2inches still over the pointer and itstill moved and quite fast it was like are hands were pulled with it but every question asked came out later yrs to be true I was.1st outa group to have kids it said id have many girls (I have 4) any many other future questions I later found out came true. Very amazing and freaky at.same time.

  49. I am some what of a sceptic i believe their is something after life but im unsure what and i ghosts extist or not! A true story here now no bs but wen i was 15 me n a mate decided it would be a gud idea to try the ouija board and it worked how do i know?i asked questions only i knew he answer to my friend had no idea of my mothers maiden name or what address my grandad lived at or how old my parents/grandparents were! Every single personal question i asked this home made board came back spot on which kinda freaked me out! We had no goodbye on our board (individual letters wrote on paper in a circle with 0-9 yes and no) we came across a “spirit ” that didnt seem too happy us playin so we left it alone n i left the glass turned upside dwn in my bedroom n ditched all the letters etc! A week later i decided to touch the glass,alone and the fuckin thing slid along my table a gud 6 inch not fast but really slowly!i ditched the glass on a back alley bt yeah thats my story!nothin bad has happened n iv tried a few times since now im 27 nothing has happened since then! Keepin an open mind id like to think of life after death!

  50. yes they do work how i know, someone was killed and im 12 and i had no idea someone was killed and i asked my mom and she said someone has. i asked the board and it said the exact name of the person dwho was murrdered

  51. I believe in the oujia board! My cousins,me, and my siblings were playing the ouija board and asking simple questions like is anyone there and stuff like that. Well once we were done playing and we all said goodbye nothing really happened and we all thought it was fake and why we even wasted our time playing it well about two weeks later when I went back to my cousins house we were all alone while her mom went to the store to do some food shopping. Well we heard creaks like some one was walking around the house and a few times the lights would flicker in the kitchen me and her were dead scared and we wouldn’t even move. After that and her mom came home we went into her room and she told me that she hears voices in her room and the bathroom and I didn’t believe her and I’m very skeptical so it was hard to convince me that ghosts exist but I started hearing voices in her house and only her house and something strange really happened her baby brother was sitting in the couch and I looked away for a second and looked back and he was in the other side of the house…. Strange right… That’s not all I also saw a shadow many times I was by her room and the bathroom also the storage room. If I were u I would try to play it u will. Regret it trust me

  52. i had a Ouija Board for 2 years always tried it alone. never worked. But for 2 years i had crazy f…ked up depressing dreams, thankfully i am mentally super strong as it wasn’t good. not 1 good dream in 2 years till i eventually sold it. i was never scared and thought what a load of crap, and nor am i paranoid, but those dreams were weirdly bad, Don’t wait 2 years folks get rid of asap. Pray to god read the bible ask for forgivness and all will be gone. God is good god is mighty than all and nothing can stand before god, we are all his children and god will sort it if you ask.

  53. just to add, noticed more arguments and stuff in the house. After 2 years it does get 2 you in a bad way. but when i got rid of it i felt a weight lifted off my shoulders. every1 gets the odd bad dream but not 2 years everyday. Remember Say thanks to god and god will sort it. its all good now

  54. Hi all,
    I am an atheist and I am well educated. I don’t believe in nor God neither Ghosts. So to give a try with Ouija Board I made one by myself today morning.

    I called up my friends to my home and started to use that board. At first it didn’t move at all but after some time with our finger on the planchette the pointer moved. It was showing no when we asked if someone there. Then it started telling about it. It said its MOXO who is 101 B.C died in a war in Spain. It also said its from Spain and waiting for its Girlfriend Artothusar. We have never came across such names in our lives. Also we same across ZOZO-famous demon once, then a spriits like Lowco, OM, HPM etc.,

    In this, Lowco was very interesting. It said that it can fortell the future and also predicted some events in our lives. We are waiting to see it happen. But when my brother didn’t believe in us and tried alone nothing worked for him. He tried for a long time but it didn’t move.

    I still feel like my mind is playing games with me. When I guess consiously some word it is not showing the same word but starts to rotate in the board. So saying that it works unconsiously with motor musles. But we are getting good stories with this board. Thanks to that board for this.

    • atheist do you believe in god now that you’ve encountered spirits?and your mind cant answer questions it doesn’t know the answer to,the brain is powerful,but your no phycic,or future teller,so do you now believe in God,because you’ve encountered spirits

    • atheist do you believe in god now that you’ve encountered spirits?and your mind cant answer questions it doesn’t know the answer to,the brain is powerful,but your no phycic,or future teller,so do you now believe in God,

  55. Afternoon,

    First of all, eveyone involved in arguing over spelling and punctuation should take their comments elsewhere. A grammar debate is not the intention of the thread. I’m always correcting my girlfriend’s grammar, but does that make her a moron? No. She’s currently enrolled in Engineering at University, so she is far from. Every one has their strengths and weaknesses.

    Anyways, to the point… The title of this article is ridiculous. Its like saying, “Does God exist? No.” How can anyone know? The author of the article clearly has never experienced a Ouija board, or gotten the results they were looking for. Although I’m sure that many of the above stories are fake or exaggerated, I’m also willing to bet that the other half are honest. Until you have a personal experience with it, it’ll obviously be hard to relate. But that doesn’t mean that you can entirely dismiss the idea. My older sister died six years ago from cardiac arrest. A couple days after, my mother and auntie were sitting alone in my kitchen, simply having a conversation. Out of nowhere, my sister’s necklace, which was sitting on a shelf, lifted up and started to float. It remained in the air for about five seconds and then dropped to the floor. There was no ‘wind’ or anything of the sort. It didn’t happen to me as previously mentioned, but I know that it happened. She wouldn’t lie to me about something like that. It takes an experience like that for one to truly change your outlook on the supernatural world. Since then, I absolutely believe it. I’ve only used a Ouija board a couple times, and that was over two years ago. We made our own board, had a closed off room, candles, followed all of the rules, etc. We did reach a couple spirits, neither of them were harmful or aggressive. As said, it was a couple of years ago so I don’t remember all of the details. Not sure why I haven’t done it since, it isn’t as though i’m scared or anything, haha, just haven’t gotten around to it again.

    If you are willing to do it, make sure you’re serious about it. From my personal experiences, you don’t get a response if you’re laughing about it or not taking it seriously. Make sure you have people you can trust, too. I’m not sure because I have never had any issues, but it certainly wouldn’t hurt to be careful and say ‘goodbye’ and what not. The debate about having to be religious for it to work is also irrelevant. The group I did it with held a couple strong christians, an atheist, and I am agnostic, but it still worked. Science explains the reason for Ouija boards to work as the ‘ideomotor effect’. To sum it up, it says that humans involuntarily make movements or thoughts. For example, crying is an uncontrolled action triggered by intense emotions. Most people dismiss Ouija boards and their authenticity based off of this theory. But what they haven’t considered is the spirit crossing over and initiating those so-called involuntary actions so that they can interact. Hmm, just a thought.

    Well, that’s it for me, folks. Don’t eliminate the possibility that they work based off of what you hear on the internet-try it for yourself. Don’t consider it a joke and always be safe about it. Kudos to you if you read this whole comment, my apologies. I’m graduated from high school now and currently working and I miss writing, so I sought this as an opportunity to fuel that crave. Have a good one.

  56. Got one today and Ima super excited<3
    Its used and it had duck tap holding the box in place and had a price tag of 2 dollars its from a friend of a friend so its traveled!!!
    I am a naturally spiritual person so lets see how my 1st real time goes=)

  57. Hello, so im a graphic designer and i decided to design my own ouija board. i printed it out and applied it to a hard foam core board. does this increase my chances of getting activity? its not store bought and hasnt been blessed. ive been using ouija boards for a couple years now and they were all bought at a store. they still worked but i was just wondering if this will be better since i made it myself.

  58. I happen to believe that Ouija boards do work. I was a skeptic until last night. My best friend decided to purchase a Ouija board and me, him and another one of our close friends went to a haunted forest nearby to check it out. Keep in mind that this forest is extremely active with spirits, as it is the site of many tragic murders, suicides and deaths (often from getting lost because of the size). In the middle of this forest, there is a parking lot. This parking lot is said to be a hotspot because of the lights (lights allegedly attract ghosts). So we parked there, set up the Ouija board in my car and lit some candles. We tried for about 10 minutes and nothing happened, which led me to believe that it was bogus. Then, at 9, the lights in the parking lot shut off (as they always do) and that’s when we got results. We spoke with a very disturbed ghost who was upset over his murder. He wasn’t a fan of technology and even told my friend to stop texting. Periodically he would spell out “leave” or “leave now”. When we asked why, the planchette wouldn’t move. We would ask him another question and he would answer. We were in the middle of the conversation when all of a sudden the planchette pointed to good bye. We thought he was just bored of us. But about a minute later a car pulls into the parking lot. Unsure of who it was, we tried to sneak a peak. We locked all the doors when we couldn’t identify the driver. We all ducked down and remained still. The car shone it’s lights at us, revved it’s engine but then it eventually parked about 5 or 6 meters away from us. We kept still. Then an extremely large truck appeared out of the trails in the woods. These trails are meant for walking, but sometimes the locals will rip through them in their vehicles. But they don’t normally do it in the winter unless they have business in the woods (by business I mean mischief). So, the truck does the exact same thing as the car did. Convinced that no one was in my car, the driver of the truck parks beside the car. We had no idea what they were doing. But they didn’t seem friendly. It’s almost as though the ghost was trying to warn us.

  59. I have played more than once, with people and without. It didnt work and nothing has ever followed me around..however it dosnt mean it dosnt work I guess everyone has to see for themselves..and stop being so rude about the spelling let people spell in peace!

  60. I’ve played the ouiji board a few times in the past. It has worked for me. Just answered questions and they were right. Even predicted who I’d lose my virginity too thought nothing of it till I thought back later. Have never had any paranormal experiences away from the board. No whispers no shadows and nothing flying off walls or creepy noises. I kind of want to play by myself just to see what happens. And if I do I’m definitely putting some silver on the board just as a cautionary.

  61. It WORKS! Me amd my dad bought one today and we tryed it out (i tryed makeing one on my own but it wasnt accurate.. :/ anyways so today was Basicly like my first time… But my dad has tryed it alot when he was young but it always gave him bad luck and he burned the quija board) anyways…… It worked… And it was alittle girl..age 6 and she said she died in my room :O … And that the toys we found iny attick were hers… And she was murdered by a 40 year old man.. I got teary eyed of course…
    BUT my MOM and DAD tryed it and it was a spirit named “Z” and dad asked him where he was in the room and Z said “above” and i immidiatley screamed and dropped to the floor cuz it was above me and scared me lol .. Then my dad said give me a sign show us that ur here and Z said “look up” and we did and we told him we couldnt see him and later he said “man behind you” and dad asked who the man was and Z said “Jim” and dad asked to talk to him and so jim got on the quija board and jim said to run and dad said from who.. Why run? And jim said “Z” which scared us all lol to death lol..anyways so my dad doesnt belive its real my mom doesnt want really anything to do with it and my brother thinks its stupid and pointless but I am upsest with it and i dont know why but ive always felt drawn to this stuff O_o .. And we wrote down a number and it giest it right 3 times but it kept saying the number backwards O_o and it wasnt dad and mom moving the petchette cuz ONLY i knew the number lol and yes we had a candle in the room lol and the weirdest part was when i asked dad to ask the spirit how my moms mom ( which yes of course is my grammy and she died from cancer) and my dad said “No im not gonna ask that” and right after he said that the panchette read “GOOD” and i got teary eyed lol but yeah i believw it works

  62. Ok, soI think the game is a big lie. I believe it works, but not with all the “dieing, injuries, illusions,etc.”. I feel that some of the people on here need to re-check their spelling, and use more meaningful words. I am also compelled to say some of the people on here are complete mororns!

    • if you came on here to spell check,go authorize a spelling bee, beacause the only moron on here is you ,with an insensitive comment like that,all I can say is be gone demon

  63. I have tried this only once. It was just after my friend past away. At first it didn’t work. And after an hour or so of trying it finally did. Instead of calling upon any spirit we called apon my friend and asked her to contact us. We played by all the rules making sure we were one step ahead of the board. We asked it simple questions that only our friend were able to answer, just to make sure it was her and she did, she answered each question right. Then things went a bit weird and wat she was saying made no sense. Eventually all it ended up doing was moving across the board to my friend (our late friends best friend) and literally went off the board and kept moving on the table towards her. This happened over and over as if she were trying to tell us sonething. Eventually she went to goodbye and had to end it there (never try to speak to the spirit once it has said goodbye, that’s wen things can go weird). After all this we realised that the triangle thing you place ur fingers on was upside down and we wernt using it correctly.

    After that my friend started hearing voices and she was feeling very down towards herself as if she wanted to hurt herself. I don’t no if that is true. But ofcourse we supported her through it and decided not to touch it again until we were ready. I found it really interesting and it also gave me and my friends alot of closure towards our friends death knowing that she was still out there and was okay. Aslong as u obey the rules and make sure u use it properly. Then everything should be fine. X goodluck

  64. i tried to get my fiancy number through ojha board.. and i got it.. nw am gonna try for that number.. and also i got her name and i also know wen am gonna meet her.. but its against religious.. i wont try anymore.. my friend got heartattack by hearing this thing…

  65. Im 15 and me and my cousins always look for scary stuff online. When i was 13 i had gone over a friends house and used the board for the first time there. It was fun and scary and couldnt believe it actually worked. Well last summer i had made my own ouiji board since my parents would never buy one for me. It really works! And we dont push it i swear because sometimes when i play with them the spirit goes so fast i have to catch up alot. Imade mine from cardboard and wrote everything in a black sharpie. Because we’re afraid of glass breaking we use a see through plastic thingy. It really works i swear. Its fun but be safe! Always ask a spirit if it is good or bad in the beginning, and if its bad say goodbye right away. Always say goodbye when you are done. Plus never play by yourself. Its scary but fun after a while 🙂 if u wanna talk about it kik me @katieisme07

    • Not to be rude .. But in actual facts its safer to play it alone… Im calling bs on your comment for the fact that a evil spirit would never tell you it was bad … Demonic spirits will lie to you, only thing to remember when playing ouija board is never let the spirit count 666 and never let it count back from 10 to 0 and always remember to say goodbye …. Peace

      • how do you know that ,yes they would play tricks on you, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a honest mean demon, if he lied you would feel at ease ,if he were honest you would be scared off the bat, rather than moments down the line, it makes sense that the demon would say yes I am mean because it would make you fear it from the moment you spoke with it ,and isn’t that their objective

        • Lol I dont think so duck, I demon would lie about being good because it would be easier for them to escape through the board that way demons are said to be tricksters, liars and evil I know what im talking about and im sure if u read up on paranormal entitys and demonic forms u will have some real knowledge to.

  66. Me and my friends played the ouija board, it is real and it is very dangerous. Im 17years old and this board is not a joke, all those storys you guys are telling I bet are true but it more then likely happend to you cause you either did something wrong they the spirits did not like, didnt say goodbye er disrespected the board, NEVER EVER disrespect the ouijia board and ALWAYS say goodbye, Me and my friends all ways played the board we never treated it like a joke, it is real we was talking to this one spirit who was pree chill we all liked eachother and just laughed even the spirit was laughing but one day when we were playing everything went wrong that spirt that we was talking too sent the ouijia board demon to us his names ZoZo never ever fucking say that name when you are playing the board.. that demon is one of the devils followers and he is attracted to me I can feel him by me and its crazyy and every time I play the board I call apon a spirit and the only spirit I get is ZoZo I have asked him why he is by me why he is always on the board when I play and he said he is attracked to me and he wants me to follow him .. I swear too all of you this is not a joke this shit is real and I do have proof .. so whoever plays this please play it right and never let them do the figure 8 thats where the spirt draws a 8joke on the board really fast when they do that say goodbye cause their trying to open a portal thats what the y did t oo me and my friends ..

    • go back on the board ,ask if anyone is present,if so tell zozo to leave you alone,dont yell but be firm and strong,repeat yourself,go away,then say goodbye

  67. I would never attempt to play the ouiji board! My sister done it twice with our friends…. The first time was in a grave yard, the next day our friend Amy woke up with all scratches covering her back..she said it didn’t hurt her but was just really scared to how they got there.. the second time she was with diffrent people and they wanted to do it, my sister didn’t want to but they was calling her a sap, so she did it again and everything in the room was spinning around. She was scared. Every time I mention the ouiji board to her she makes me promise not to try it! I believe every word she has told me.

    And for those to not believe it. Try and find out..

  68. My friends and I tried the Ouija board today, and it didn’t do anything. Though, things did keep dropping on the ground and lights kept flashing. We heard noises. My friend and I both had heard a voice whispering in our ears saying, “Please don’t leave me,” and we don’t remember the name it had told us, but we remember it had started with a J.

    • please go back on the board, ask if spirits are present ,they probably escaped if you can hear them ,if spirits are present tell them to go away in a firm voice, but don’t yell say go away, leave you alone, and tell them you wish them well ,say goodbye

  69. I have never played the Ouija board,what do you mean don’t let the so called spirits go to the number 8,or go through the numbers,do you mean in general,and once the board says goodbye on its own,,do you still say good bye,and furthermore are any of the spirits that anyone spoke to,good? very paranoid person

  70. and what happens if I play alone,and for all the scientists out there, how the heck can I subconsciencely answer questions that I don’t know or never heard of its insane?can someone play the board and ask a spirit if the government is using the music industry to worship the devil,and using us to help the government?and would a spirit know personal things about people who have passed away,so that they can mask themselves to be that person?just a thought……played the Ouija once,nothing happene nut the people I were surrounded by were all mean nasty individuals,like some were having sex with minors,others I heard set others up to be killed,alot of the people in that particular neighborhood were pretty evil in my eyes,but I do believe that evil was around me,my grandmother had told me so.

  71. I, myself, have never tried Ouija.My friends at school said they have tried it. One said that the spirit will not leave you alone unless it is far away from you and where you live. Does the online version of Ouija work? Also, does anything bad happen to you as lons as you follow the rules of this game, be respectful, and have silver?

  72. I tried it earlier with my brother and sister. I’m 18 so my decision is to play it. Any tips on how to get it to work. P.S what’s the worst thing that could happen

  73. I became interested in ouja boards and found this site. My Mum tried one when she was a teenager and has told me to never try it and stay away from ouja boards.

    When my Mum used it she had her mates around. When they tried, they did it at night and when it started moving they all got scared and threw it over the next door neighbours fence, the board, the glass, everything.

    Once they returned inside they shut the door and although my Mum was fine, she said a spirit followed one of her friends home and they had to get their house blessed and cleansed by a priest.

  74. Me and my friends are wanting to try one out but are kinda freaked out because of reading all this on here! So what should we do!?!?!? We kinda believe but were all teens so its like we gotta find out for ourselves!

  75. Me and a buch of friends decided to play, at first we were talking to a ricki he said he was bad so we said goodbye we then talked to my friend adrik who commited suicide, we knew it was his because he awnserd personal questions no one knew then he became mean and said die slut we asked who it was and it said ricki, he said he wanted me to die and be his mom he kept saying no love and zam? He called me cl or mom he said zam meant devel and he wanted to possess me, he wont leave the board hes there everytime we go back on

  76. OMG I just remembered!! When I was 10 I played one with my best friend. It didn’t work and we saw this video where a girl started spazzing out, so we started laughing at it so we made a video of it. And since it wasnt working we didn’t bother on saying bye. And a week later we did it again and we thought we were just kidding, but we were talking to her dead grandpa. (Died of cancer) and we thought it was each other doing it so we just laughed. At about 3 in the morning we both woke up and went to a picture of her grandpa talking To us and we talked back. It was so scary. We woke up that morning and did the ouija board again and we realized it was actually her grandpa. She started crying. And her grandpa called her a crying bi*** we said goodbye. But he still followed her around. She was kind of happy she got to talk to him though. Do not EVER not say goodbye after using one of these!!!

    • I find your behavior appalling. I guess if someone saw you “spazzing out” you would like for them to laugh at you and make a video of it?! I hope you realize the error of your ways and do some reflection and searching internally before trying a Ouija board… sounds like it might be more helpful to your growth. Best wishes.

  77. When my mother and my uncle played it when they were in their 20’s the person contacting them through the Ouija board kept pissing them off about my mother’s brother that just passed away. My uncle told it to go to hell and the spirit replied with “c u there”. That’s the last they ever touched a Ouija board. My mother won’t allow them in the house, and I don’t blame her.

  78. anybody who thinks a Ouija board is “fake” and “is done via the idometer effect” is a complete muppet who doesnt know what the fark they are talking about. Ouija Boards are VERY Real. in fact ive recorded an EVP during a ouija session, I picked up a spirit, a boy of 11 who died in 1985 who kept on saying “help…help me”…these things are very real It gave me the name of 5 people who i allegedly was in my past live – my user name is the first and last name of one person who i was and my middle name is of the other. Unless you know what you are doing and can prepare to take action when something bad comes up then i strongly discourage anybody from using the ouija board. Idometer effect – HAH!

  79. Soooo me and 2 of my roommates decide to make a Ouija board after talking about doing so and trying it out for a few days now. Anyways we get down to doing it one night set up the board lit the candle and turn ne d off all lights and tv. We sat down making sure outs knees all touching each others. We asked a few questions then asked how long it had been living here. It pointed first to 3 corners of the board not 4 what does this mean? Then proceeded to perfectly align up to the 1 and stopped a few seconds and quickly started counting up it went to 6 before I moved to goodbye. After I waited a good 10 minutes set it up and tried again. Asked it something again but don’t remember what I asked it did the counting up thing again and I did the same thing again, went to goodbye. I then waited another 10min I set up and asked again how long it has ben living here. Took about 30 seconds and then went to 1 then a then s then somewhere near 4 but couldn’t figure out what before it went to goodbye. What would this mean? This Victorian house I did it in was made in 1910 if that helps any

    • I have used the Ouija and had very positive responses. I do not believe in ghosts or anything like that. I also do not believe in ghosts using a board or haunting homes. I do believe in energy. I also believe in multi dimensional beings after using the board. It is important to identify what or whom you are speaking with and show respect and gratitude. the answers may not always make sense to you and when it does not make sense ASK questions! do not get afraid and end the conversation. Simply ask for clarity. Be open, love without limits and have no fear. Best wishes.

  80. I know theres a spirit in my room and some days I wake up with bruises. I have seen her and I just want to find out why she’s hurting me. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

    Tweet me : @xxlunashaxx

    -Xoxo Leah x

  81. Years ago, my friends and I gathered around the Ouija board and began to play. We agreed that NOBODY was to intentionally move it around, but just relax our fingertips on it. After about 10 minutes of nothing happening, we changed the way we asked our questions. Our first response was: fkae. The second: blsiulht. After rearranging the letters, we were able to decipher the messages VERY clearly… fake, bullshit. Amazing what a bunch of non-believers can do with Ouija board. True story… as true and “accurate” as any you just read. 😉

      • The Changing Light at Sandover is a 560-page epic poem by James Merrill (1926–1995).

        Already established in the 1970s among the finest poets of his generation, Merrill made a surprising detour when he began incorporating occult messages into his work. With his partner David Jackson, Merrill spent more than 20 years transcribing supernatural communications during séances using a ouija board.

        Merrill published his first ouija board narrative cycle in 1976, with a poem for each of the letters A through Z, calling it The Book of Ephraim. It appeared in the collection Divine Comedies (Atheneum), which won the Pulitzer Prize for Poetry in 1977.

      • When we get higher educations, we discover methods of research that can make a difference in our theories or ideas. How about sharing information that is worth spreading. So much false information is spread to manipulate society and keep you in your naive bubble. Let’s pop the bubble, and help put an end to spreading more false information about the Ouija without doing any research. I think it is unfortunate that this is continuing. But we can stop this. I suggest reading The Changing Light at Sandover by James Merrill. Or The Book of Ephraim, which won the Pulitzer Prize for Poetry in 1977. I have hope for you future leaders! The revolution begins with you! It starts within yourselves. Best wishes.

  82. I did a ouiji board when i was18 bedore a birthday party me and four friend asked the board are u present it moved to yes and number 4 we diddnt understand why it went to four, but shortly after the game after 4 weeks mi friend had a scratch on her back which looked crap nothin lil wimp scractch turned out to be a scar and she dremt the night before it happend a monster came for her

  83. I was at a public library last year with my sister and found a Yale review magazine. They send it to alumni. well this was donated to the library and inside was an article about a college graduate from the 1970s who used the Ouija board with a colleague and wrote poetry based on their findings. later he tried to burn the board and their notes, but somehow Yale saved it and they are now on display in their campus library. My sister and I decided to create our own Ouija board based on the one pictured in the article and experiment. What we found was very interesting. The Ouija worked and was very positive. I will only divulge a small portion of the messages received. if interested further, please email me or do your own research. I will quote the board…
    “Time is not infinite, you are.”
    “Have no fear.” (we asked how do we do that?) “Love without limits.” (How do we love without limits?) “No fear.”
    “You are LW.” (what does LW stand for?)
    “Light work.”
    “You are why we are here LW follow the signs.”
    Do you’re own experimenting. I didn’t have to rearrange letters. sometimes it took a while to get it going. And Just like with anything in life, patience is key. Good Luck.

  84. I am seeing a collection of some of the most naive individuals I’ve ever seen on the internet. How can any of you, with any semblance of intellect, defend one of the most asinine urban myths in human history? I have news for all of you; there is no afterlife. None. I apologize if that depresses some of you, but the more you grow accustomed to the truth, the easier it will be to handle. I’m supposed to establish my faith in a toy produced by Milton Bradley based upon the supposed testimonies of adolescents and young twenty-somethings who struggle to use the words “you” and “for” without resorting to sophomoric internet colloquialisms? This is terrible for the progression of society.

  85. no…it is art. society people and places all bend and intertwine coarsely to a collective mind that segments itself in complex and simplistic ways of any and until you can difine what is and what is not,you are no better than these things you cannot see

  86. Well truth be told my old house keeper had a real experiance in contact with a oiuja board and she never touched one again she told me. But this is all honest and truth when I say this. My four old friends tried out my old ouija board in my room years ago and let me tell you we really put our minds together and really focused when we did it. We had candles around us and that night the four of us
    Felt somthing that is hard to explain the whole room had went dead silent the air shouldve kicked on by then but it didnt and we stopped after we felt this weird feeling. Years later the board must have gotten thrown away or somthing because it was not under my bed anymore where I use to keep it. My point to this story is that everyone may have different experiances and the only way to see results is to stay focused and believe.

  87. some of the comments people have left are pure lies and just stupid,…i have a proper quija board and use it on my own,nothing happens alot of the time but one time the planchette flew towards me with some force and ended up on the floor when i asked ‘are you lonely’…that experiance has made me think that it is real and now am hooked, just dont expect things to happen straight away

    • Haha for all you guys who really want to try playing with the ouija board its really up to you. Blindfold yourself and try it once though with a friend. You really do just spell out utter ridiculous things. Ive played it with friends and know at least 10 other ppl personally who have and nothing happened. Im pretty open minded about things so gave it a shot. And for all you punk bitches on here who think its funny to scare people and probably mostly kids grow the hell up. If you wanna play the game for fun play it cause its a board game and thats all it is, but if your psychologically weak I wouldnt advice it cause it may just cause you to scare yourself. Anyways nothing bads gonna happen look it up yourself never 1 death or injury as a result of the board its so funny how gullible some people are. Welp have fun even though id say save your money 🙂

  88. Okay.. It’s so not a joke. So we were playing with a few of my friends, and when we were done we forgot to say good bye. Then the next morning my friend was found dead. The spirit stuffed McDonald’s chicken nuggets into his body until he chocked really badly. And he was also cut with Big Macs… Don’t play with these… I’m warning you.

  89. Consider these facts.
    1. To be able to use an ouija board it involves being able to take the string of letters pointed out and read them as a word.
    2. 9 out every ten “real life ouija board stories” are rife with spelling mistakes.

    Good job, you fail at after life.

  90. No offense, but if you really believe in this shit in this age of knowledge and the internet you are about as dumb as a rock. This board was created when people thought primitively.. it’s all BS. Spirits, god, satan, ghosts, alternative medicine, it’s all one big misunderstanding of how the brain works.

  91. Ouija boards are real, and demons can be contacted through them. But why would you want to do this? You see, I am a Christian, and I have seen many cases of where people have been traumatized after contacting a “loved one’s spirit.” They were not able to sleep at night, and they went through many nights of counseling and prayer before they cast the demon out. I am not meaning to evangelize to anyone, Christianity is not forced. All I am saying is, demons can be contacted through Ouija boards, and it is anything but fun. Try it if you want, but I and many others can guarantee you will regret it. Have a good day.

  92. once my friend played quija board and his hand was also broken and next he again played quija board and in his cousins stomach a steel was inside and i also like to play an quija board if anyone can give me one please contact me in this number ‘9447039067’
    have a nice day

    • just make your own, a peice of cut-off wood and marker pen is all you every really need, plus a coin as a planchette, total cost – 0c

  93. I don’t know if it works or not but I don’t want to try it looks scary but if I do play it I won’t play it alone

  94. My friends and I used one last night. We contacted a man who died three years ago of diabetes. He gave us his last name, and he told us his daughter went to our school. He also gave us her name. During the seance I asked him to show me the first letter of my mother’s middle name, which he did produce rather quickly. We ended the session all feeling light-hearted. We proceeded to looked for his daughter in the year book of the year she supposedly graduated as we had her age, name, graduation year, and his name. No such girl existed. Seems like the ideometer effect to me. As when we saw it my friends immediately came up with excuses to rationalize this discrepancy. I reckon they made it move subconscious out of sheer hope of making contact. I too probably contributed, as I wanted him to know my mother’s middle initial.

  95. I want to try one myself with a trusted friend to see if its true, because I think people move the cup / planchette theirselves, I’m a bit skepticle.

  96. You my friend are a complete moron – Ouija Boards are VERY real, the spirit world is VERY Real, beleive me not? ive got EVPs of the spirits ive contacted.
    Strange and spooky as it seems, early this year i communicated with numerous entitys, I Asked one of them “when will i find true love” its answer came up as “april 5” then “b-e-s-t h-o-p-e”, and again just last wednesday “s-e-e-k h-e-r” and “t-h-i-s f-r-i-d-a-y”.
    and guess what, friday night i met a beautiful woman whom we have since connected closely to one another, friends at this stage but room for more. I mean how strange is that? youse still think the ouija is a joke?

  97. The Changing Light at Sandover is a 560-page epic poem by James Merrill (1926–1995).
    Already established in the 1970s among the finest poets of his generation, Merrill made a surprising detour when he began incorporating occult messages into his work. With his partner David Jackson, Merrill spent more than 20 years transcribing supernatural communications during séances using a ouija board.
    Merrill published his first ouija board narrative cycle in 1976, with a poem for each of the letters A through Z, calling it The Book of Ephraim. It appeared in the collection Divine Comedies (Atheneum), which won the Pulitzer Prize for Poetry in 1977.

  98. Well, I believe in it because it happened with me …..
    I was playing it with my cousins and suddenly the lights went off and a cold chill started blowing……that coldness prevailed even when we closed the windows…. and I heard strange sounds from the lobby of my house….. Since that night I haven’t even touched it and if my friends invite me to play…. i refuse

  99. It works if you believe in it! If you play not believing it’s real then it won’t. I”ve played for years now to talk to my son who passed away in an accident. I didn’t think it was real before I started playing then played with people who had done it before and I believed in it so I tried it with them and contacted my son. I know it was him because he told us stuff only I would know. And he explained how the accident happend. Nothing bad has happened to me but I only talk to him and nobody else. If you are going to play make sure to follow the rules and always say goodbye! It’s quite the experience if you play with the right people.

  100. I am now 44 yrs. old. When I was 19 my best friend and I played with the ouija one night. I borrowed the board game from a another friend of mine. As we were leaving in my car after getting the board game a big black spider came down right in front of my face and almost caused me to have a wreck. We got to my best friends house and lit some candles in her living room turned off all the lights and at this time it was about 1:30 in the morning. After playing the ouija for about 10 min. my friends home phone started to ring. No cell phones then. My friend answered the phone, no one would speak and then it would hang up. Everytime we started to play the phone would ring and do the same thing. This lasted until a little after 2:00 in the morning, then the power went out. This is all that happened at her house. I took the board game home with me and never played it alone. My Mom saw the board game and told me that I had to get it out of her house. I laughed at her and told her that it was just a board game. My Mom pitched a fit until I had it out. I ended up putting it in the trunk of my V.W. which back then the trunk was in the front of the car. My Mom had a bad experience with one being in her home when I was a baby. She said that she kept having visions of me reaching onto the stove and pulling hot water on to me. She had the vision went running to the kitchen and I was standing there about to pull the pot down onto me. She caught it before it happened. After this she said that she thought the whole thing was bad news that it could lead to bad things even if people did perceive it as a game. I was driving to work one day and I slid and hit a telephone pole ran through a fence and hit a mail box and landed in the people’s yard. I hurt my back which I still have problems with today. It took two grown men to open the trunk on the car and there lays the ouija board nothing out of place everything else in the trunk had been crushed or scattered all over the place. This is when I decided to throw it away.

  101. Seriously, guys?
    There is absolutely nothing scary about a plastic, mass-produced game from Hasbro that has a cool backstory and a big Internet following.
    So come and join mee!!! *cough* have fun!

  102. It’s like I said before on my last post. It is not so much to do with playing a game. It is what you are doing that “represents” a black magic, a sort of evil if you will. Since Satan walks the earth during this time, I have no doubt that people may experience something weird or a bit scary. I stay away from messing with games or seances or anything to try and speak with the dead. If we were supposed to speak with them, it would happen and not through a board game. The board game itself is not real, it is the people whom are creating a boundry that they want the dead to cross. (Not a good thing) That would be working black magic and is a sin. I think bad things happen to you from what you have tried to open a realm that God has closed to us and for a reason. The board game does nothing. It just represents what we want to happen.

  103. The ouija board is real you all must be very careful the best thing you should do is to remember to say goodbye and be respectful and good because if you don’t you will either get possessed or get killed and trust me the way you get killed is very weird and supernatural and when you become possessed then YOU BECOME A DEMON OR A DEVIL. stay safe

  104. The reason why it is real is because one time i played the board game then after the game i started to hear footsteps and creaks and I was full on scared so then i got out of my bed i didn’t switch on the light because i knew it wouldn’t fix anything so i just standed there and i just sat down on the stairs and i felt very different then the confusing thing is that i felt very comfortable so then i just went to sleep and for some reason it really and truely felt like that me and the demon are one. trust me if it happened to you then you would feel the same thing. if those who don’t believe then try it to believe it.

  105. if everyone wants to know why you wake up in 3:00am is because 3:00am is the time when Jesus died and the time when the demons and devils are out if you want to become a demon the safer way is to be Neutral Evil those are the good demons

  106. Satan is Lucifer and trust me if you want to become the demon or follower to Satan trust me you are leading yourself to suicide and it is no good to commit suicide because you will go straight to Hell and the things the things the demons would do to you is just say gnashing your teeth out skinning you, burning you eating you and rebuilding you and most importantly you will suffer there forever but just so you know if you are a person that believes something or doesn’t believe in anything then don’t become any demon only the ones that are seeking to become a demon can seek it.

  107. our ouija told spelled out “tony. dead. aids.” we thought it was being mean to me since my name is “toni”. Anthony Perkins died the next day of AIDS. Just saying….

  108. What tha? These boards really don’t work? You mean my entire life has been a lie? I want my money back!
    PS: @ Anthony, Yes my friend, Satan does exist. She’s my stepmom…

  109. Do these things actually work?? there are a ton of comments that say yes and no. please respond because I would really like to know. Thanks (:

  110. How do they don’t work give me an explanation because of what I believe is that they do work because then why would the planchette even move by itself because truely the answer is quite unidentified but what I believe that it is true.

  111. I am going to play the ouija board now but don’t worry I am not scared and guess what imagine if you can communicate with Satan on the Ouija board damn that will be cool like if you think about it.

  112. I am going to play with the ouija board now and imagine if someone communicated with satan damn that will be awesome like if you thing about it like if you are contacting the ruler of Hell then that will be awesome but be careful.

  113. I want to try it, because people say yes, it worked and some didn’t.
    but.. is Ouji board works in all places? I mean, I’m in asia, and you know .. we have different ghosts and beliefs about mystical.

  114. Whats with all the negative outcomes?

    When i used my board i met a nice ghost named Luna. She was very kind, but she does not know how to spell. She has never gone to school or anything like that. Luna also has two barn cats named Sun and Moon.

    i highly suggest trying out Ouija boards!

  115. i promise to all of you they work. my girlfriend bought me a ouija board for christmas and my spirit is named GUS he is awesome. If you truly belive and talk to your spirit he will be cool with you. When i talk to Gus i would ask him “could you move something in the house for me” and he would say yes. I ask what did he move he would say a lighter and i say where? and he says in the bathroom go look. So when i did there was a lighter in the middle of the floor sitting up right. There was noone in the house but me and my girlfriend i have plenty of stories of me and my spirit. He has called me on my phone, moved A LOT of stuff and gave me abswers to a lot of things. I highly recomend getting one because it will change your life….. its truely awazing 🙂 I love my ouija board

  116. I am 23 years pld and I have played it a couple of times. The reason it doesn’t work for some of our is because there are no spirits around .
    The Ouija Board is not somwe little game for your enjoyment that shit is real , some times spirits can mix up their words when you speak to them, they do get tired, I came in contact with a demon that called its self AMNX I googled it answer I came across a demon name called MANX…But it didn’t care for me or the other players it asked about one of the guys in the house who didnt even use the board …my advice is to not pissed of or joke around with that board , do as much of research as possible of the board before you use it, youtube it as well

  117. Ouija boards work and if there is no spirits then how are we created how Is humanity come to life because if the ouija isn’t real and there is no spirits then there would be no god no Satan no devils and demons and no angels and the main thing is that if there is no spirits then humanity would never ever been created

  118. Ok. I am 25 & played the board with my sister about a year after my grandpa died, in hopes to contact him. I was 14 at the time. My granny gave us the board because she didn’t want it in her house anymore. Her & her sister told me stories about when they played it in their mid twenties. They swore up & down that it worked. My sister & I tried & tried to get it to work & NOTHING HAPPENED! Big shocker huh? I mean I believe in spirits, unexplained evil, & paranormal experiences due to having many unexplained things happening way before playing the board. So I went in believing & determined that this would work but nope. Just complete silence. All of my friends & even my boyfriend swear it works but I’m not budging from my opinion. If you believe it works & that any unexplained phenomenon that has happened to you is DIRECTLY related to playing this Milton Bradley cardboard game then kudos to you. I however am sticking to the fact it didn’t work for me & have yet to see it work.

  119. I never believed in ouija boards, or the stories, or anything. But a few nights age me and 4 other friends used a ouija board and it was amazing.. It worked, the board or spirit answered our questions.. Sometimes it was wrong (it was right most of the time) but the glass still moved and some odd things occurred around us. It was not what I expected. It was a real experience. It worked.. It was enjoyable and we were fascinated and a bit edgy at times.

  120. does anybody know if this works if you’re outside? my friend and i are going to make one and play it while we’re camping. maybe on the beach or something. will it still work? or is it a lot safer if we’re inside our camper/tent?

  121. also, when i was a toddler, i had experienced paranormal activity. there was a girl named kenitha, she had a dress with pigtails and was my best friend. but there was also a man with a cane who looked like house from the tv show (house) and he scared me. my mother didnt have a psychic come in or anything, and she just prayed to my grandmother and they were gone and i forgot about it all. i go to cemeteries and don’t feel scared or anything, i feel comforted and at home. i’m 16 now and as i said in the previous comment, my friend and i want to use the board while camping. like i said, im not sure if its safer or worse to use it outside. by a beach or something. and also, do you think i could accidently contact kenitha and the man i used to connect with? my intention is to contact my uncle mike, uncle paul, and grandmother, seeing as i didnt know them well and id like to ask them a few things. is that dangerous or reasonable? feedback, please!

    • In my experience, playing with a ouija board outside is completely safe see my post about lake delton \/\/\/\/\/

  122. I recommend not messing with this shit. It never worked for me but I know the dangers.

    Oh and if you wanna talk to an actual demon, sell your soul (backwards pentagram n shit) and get on cleverbot and Satan himself will talk to you… He made me think he was God and that my past-life was Jesus and I was supposed to save the world until I figured out it was really Satan..

    But actually I recommend not doing that twas a big mistake on my part.

    I still believe I’ll go to Heaven though God is STILL there for me after everything I did.


  123. ya i did this and trhe devil killed my frend because he dint say goodbuy it was sad and stuff he had like a note that said ‘ the devil is in me, i am the devil, i am the satan, i am the chosen one ‘ and he was found dead in his room full of cockroaches it was scary but interdating at the same time it was cool

  124. Me and friends do Ouija board sessions on a regular basis. We’re all heavy into believing it and still are to this day. We feel very comfortable around it now, not too scared or whatever, but the chills are still always coming. Anywho, I just did one tonight actually, and we got a bunch of information about this woman who committed suicide due to a man raping her 4 times and the mental stress it led on her. The man she referred to was another man that we’ve already gotten on our board multiple times, who we even asked if he was a dick and he said yes. After having some doubts on it, we decided to look it up and we actually got information on the girl, and almost everything seemed to matchup. Not entirely all the information, but most. So, from experience, i can see that it is pretty legitamate.

  125. I just bought a Ouija board from wal’mart and used it last night by myself.. It did not do anything.. I was disppointed but I did proven my point that Ouija boards are all fake.. I will keep trying it by myself and see if it will work. If it doesn’t work in a month or 2 then i will burn the Ouija Board.

  126. So they sell glow in the dark ouija boards at Toys R Us. Me
    And my 2 friends got it and we let it sit out so it would glow. We sat on her floor, lights completely off, pitch black except for glow board, fan was on, we start playing and I forgot what my friend asked but it was the first question and after she asked the fan went super fast and you could hear and feel it, everything on the walls, like hanging and stuff, flew up and banged back on the wall, then I ran out because it was my first time and I was scared shitless haha

    • Well, i did it last night and nothing really happened.. It was really lame and made me feel i just got ripped off by wal’mart. I’ll be trying it again by myself again so wish me luck.

  127. So they sell glow in the dark ouija boards at Toys R Us. Me
    And my 2 friends got it and we let it sit out so it would glow. We sat on her floor, lights completely off, pitch black except for glow board, fan was on, we start playing and I forgot what my friend asked but it was the first question and after she asked the fan went super fast and you could hear and feel it, everything on the walls, like hanging and stuff, flew up and banged back on the wall, then I ran out because it was my first time and I was scared shitless haha

  128. A couple days ago, me and part of my brothers baseball team made a homemade ouija board at a resort on lake delton, Wisconsin. It took about 5 seconds to find a spirit. We started by asking her positive questions about her family and husband. Then we got more into where she was. We asked what country she had lived in. She answered, U S A. Ok ok we all thought. We then asked what state. When she moved the Gatorade cap to “W” there were only two states to go. When she moved it to “I” we kinda got freaked out. Her husband is the same age as her and he is still living with their two sons, Greg and Quinn in Janesville. Wisconsin. Her husband’s name is Ben. She passed on June 2, 2013 by falling off a boat in lake delton. She was not with her husband at the time and she was not a good swimmer. We started asking questions about the resort she was supposedly staying at when she passed away so we know that it wasn’t a demon playing tricks. She knew all the answers. We asked if her body was ever recovered. The answer was no. The rest of our stay at the resort, we couldn’t stop thinking that there was a dead body in lake delton.

  129. I don’t know for sure, but all I do know is that most of the time when I use one, the words tend to make a lot of sense. Once I contacted a deceased celebrity on one(I’m not saying who I contacted), and I asked the board questions only the celebrity would know…later I looked the person up online, and most of their answers were correct about that person.
    It’s important though, to when you use it be careful and be smart about it. Make sure you’re in a calm and/or a good, positive state of mind. Have a cross or at least a couple of crosses with you. Maybe a Bible. Have silver with you too. And just fill yourself with love and goodness. I was alone when I did it, so I know that I wasn’t purposely moving it since there were no other people with me at the time…if you’re in a group and you use a board, one of the people in the group could be a prankster and be purposely moving it just for the heck of it. You never know.

    • U won’t say which “celebrity”? That’s crazy, why not? They died & spoke to you from the other side, that is cool. Do you think it’ll damage their reputation, or yours? HMM well whatever, it’s just weird. Your story would be more convincing if you did name the person otherwise why even say it was a celebrity, it doesn’t make sense to mention that & say that you won’t say who was. Whaaat? even asking this question is stupid. Anyway I think your full of crap.

  130. I’m not going to make a smart detailed comment about this because I feel like you guys won’t look twice but are you guys serious? This is a fking peice of board thing sold by a dude who knew how to make profit off of an idea; which many absent minded people bought. Did you guys not read the article? This is all BS, the board, your story with your so called ‘friends.’ Give me some hardcore proof, not your little redundant story, -annoyed 17 year old.

    • If you did a little research of your own, you would find that the ouija board wasn’t the idea of a board game developer but something that dates back to about the 11th century, possibly even earlier. I’ve never, EVER done research on the ouija board before today as last night I came across an entity named “Zozo”. It sounds funny, I know, like BoBo’s alter-ego or whatnot, but when we (my friend and I) were in “contact” with this thing we knew something was odd about it. Almost… malevolent. I was so intrigued that today I decided to see if I could actually find something on it (it was my friends first time using one, as was mine, so I was very skeptical). I found out that it is reportedly a demon that has been making itself known dating back to about 1805 and that it is not to be taken lightly. Many, many people have been inquiring about this entity. I know some people claim that people read about this thing online and then they are open to subconscious suggestion, therefore they spell it out on their ouija board. The internet did not exist in the 1800’s, or the first three-quarters of the 1900’s. A skeptic will always be a skeptic until proven otherwise. A person who will not budge in their belief on something will NEVER find evidence because they do not want to. Those people tend to be closed-minded about everything. What I’m trying to say is that you will not find proof if you just sit there unbelieving, you need to actually try it for yourself, with an open mind, and that’s regarding everything you are skeptical of. You might find yourself a bit surprised and discover you’re wrong about something (it’s not a bad thing – a strong-willed person is one who can admit they are wrong once in a while). I tend to think that skeptics are only skeptics because they are afraid that it might actually be very real.

      • Ouija boards real?? maybe if your a deluded child

        No eyes = no spirits

        Ask yourself this, why do i need to touch the glass or planchett if a spirits moving it why do i need too touch it??

        Because if you didnt give yourself the answer it wouldnt move.

        To all braindead believers who think that a lump of cardboard gives a hotline to dead try this

        get your 4 players to put foreheads on table so they cannot see
        then move the board around a different way so memory plays no part
        place glass on board and players hands on glass
        make sure nobodys head lifts to check board and video it all iff possible

        I guarantee you it doesnt work 100000000% they may move to the wrong places on board where they think yes and no is but no reason why that should happen if its a spirit

        take away your eyes and it dont work simple

        Pure BS kids games even sold in toys r us people really need to grow up

        BTW if you really can talk to dead you can claim £1 million from the James Randy Foundation. Its been going years. Its all old circus tricks

        Nobody has ever proved anything and he has shown many people to be fakers John Edwards Peter Popov and Uri Geller to name a few

        Better off finding Pixies

  131. The Ouija board is real, and stay away from it!!!! I have never tried one before but My dad says its real and im a Christian and it is a sin to mess with one!!!! its

  132. I going to have to say this. I played a ouija board last night: 02/08/2013 with my wife and two friends, i have never played one before last night so went in being sceptical. Well i have to say that THEY DO WORK.

    We had a couple of spirits come in from the friends of ours they they knew previously, but towards the end of the evening, the glass moved around and spelt out my name, this spirit knew ME. AS asked its first name “Gareth” then ios second name “Thomas” i asked him how he died “Hanging” is asked him to spell out what his job was before departing “RNM” Mental Health Nurse” I asked him where he committed suicide and he said “Gorge” as in Avon Gorge in Bristol UK, and i have to say no one else at the table knew Gareth apart from me, and my wife knows of him from college. But all the answers he provided were 100% correct. So i am now a believer, Yes they do work, We did an incantation at the start to ward off evil spirits, and closed each session down by saying “Goodbye”. So just like to say yes they work, so be sensible and stay safe.

    • You idiot. That’s precisely the ideomotor effect. You spelt out his info because that was what you were unconsciously expecting.

      It’s no surprise America is in decline.

  133. my friend is a pagan and has experience with ouija boards, so he made one in a graveyard and got some friends over there with me on the sidelines just watching they started messin’ around with it and making fun of it they also didn’t say goodbye (BTW this happened yesterday). since i was there would i get caught up with it if something does happen? also i made one earlier asked ‘is anyone their’ it moved to ‘yes’ and i got scarred and packed it up without saying ‘goodbye’ i feel a presence now! can anyone help (also i’m too scared to get it out again)

    • i won’t keep it because you didn’t make it say goodbye which now means that sprit may attack Anyone who opens it up or might posses you so be prepared for it if you do so like get something that protects you from demons like the cross

  134. i have never actually tried the ouija board but i really want to. at the same time i am very scared to. my big sister went to her friends house because they were going to vans warped tour the next day and that night they tried the ouija board for the first time. they said they talked to a spirit called ‘zozo’. they said the planchetti kept on moving back and fourth to z and o very fast. like it was saying ‘zozozozozozozo’ and after my sister got home she was acting very different. we didnt know why. but later on we found out about what her and her friend did on the ouija board and so me, my sister, and a friend went on the internet and searched zozo. turns out zozo is another word for devil or something… but we read all about zozo and others have similar stories where they contact zozo and change after. my sister is now a devil worshiper when before this she was christian. im not sure if zozo is the reason but it does seem like he is.

    • Holy sh*t! Read the comment I posted above in response to the “annoyed 17 year old”. I didn’t even read the comments past his comment. Then I come across your comment and I was blown away! Again…. holy sh*t!

  135. If you guys encounter an entity that refers to him or herself as zozo you should immediately ask it to leave and close the door. Also it is an entity that may attach itself to the user. It is a trickster who will eighther lie to you and act friendly or will have zero patience and reveal itself on the spot. Once you have spoken to the zozo there is no going back. The entity will harass you and threaten to take you to paradise. When you ask zozo where paradise is he or she will respond simply with he’ll. It will remain in your life. That is all

  136. I have not used a Ouija board but today I was sleeping and my mom and sister were packing I heard my sister say Ouija board and I woke up and said what about a Ouija board they said you don’t need to know.i went on ebay to look for one and im like look I found one my mom and sister said NO! so later my sister said do you know the rules I said no I asked what they were and she wouldn’t tell me and she said you cant get a Ouija board I said what do you have against a Ouija board she said I have one… then I said really why cant I use yours with you and she said I never want to use one again I said why. she said it was creepy she said she talked to somebody named Chris Alexander and his death date and I said whats so wrong with that she said he called her pretty and was flirting with her…(if you don’t know if a spirit tries to call you pretty and compliment you and flirt it is evil and just wants to fool you).

  137. Well i was the most skeptical person around about the Ouija board always putting it down saying it does not work it never will its just a fairy tale, with that being said i had never even seen a Ouija Board besides seeing it on Radio Flyer. Well in 2011 i tried it for my first time with my girlfriend my buddy and his girlfriend we made it out of cardboard and wrote the letters and numbers on the board ourselves along with some zodiac signs for more spiritual invoice we followed all rules turned off the lights unplugged any electrical items and lit a few candles on the coffee table, well we all started to play it began to move. Me being skeptical of course was blaming everyone sitting at the coffee table for moving it all the while getting hateful replies from my friends that they are not moving it, we talked to a girl that kept flirting with me through the ouija board i thought it was my buddys girlfriend screwing with me so i asked the ouija board on the next session if all my friends can please take there hands off the piece, it replied NO, it kept repling No for atleast a half hour, i asked one more time 30 mins later it finally said YES, at that point i was very excited i was about to definately find out if it was real or not, i ask it a question and it starts moving my hand in full circles quite quickly, i asked it why is it doing this and it spelled out G.A.W.K repling to me that i was gawking it which of course i had been all night, it knew my middle name first name birthdate along with all my friends. MY FACE turned completely red and i was soo scared it was crazy. the board started counting down on me from 9 to 1 trying to get out and haunt me so the rules state, i pulled my hand and drug it up to the top of the board then finally after 4 hours of it keeping me held in the game it finally said goodbye. VERY CRAZY, IT IS VERY TRUE, I WAAS SOO SKEPTICAL AND TALKING SHIT ABOUT IT, NOW IM A FIRM BELIEVER AND WONT TOUCH IT AGAINNNNNNN.

  138. So what about when the planchette moves and no one is touching it. Almost every ouija board I have played with we have been able to get it to do this. Everyone touching the edges of the board BUT not touching the planchette. Seeing is believing when you see it move for the first time and everyones hands are inches away.

    • Video it then

      If it works James Randi will give you a $1 Million

      I have a feeling he wont lose his million though and you talk crap

  139. I came across this page doing research after a session of the Ouija board.
    Today is 9/8/2013. My friends and I were in the dungeon of a very old house. We knew the house was haunted, because we had been noticing some very odd things. So a buddy of ours purchased one of these boards, and brought it over.

    I knew in my head this wouldn’t work. We lit 10 candles in the shape of an upside down crucifix. We asked if it was here, it said yes. We had asked many questions like so:
    What is your name: Susy
    When were you born: 1920
    How old are you: 27
    Then we asked how many fingers is zakk holding behind his back (Zakk was not playing, just watching.) Susy took about 10 seconds to answer us, and
    when Susy pointed to 7, Zakk’s face instantly got red, and he could not speak. He was scared, we were all scared.

    We didn’t want to ask Susy how she died, because we were afraid she didn’t know she was dead.

    Many other questions were asked, and I can honestly say I went from not believing at all into becoming a firm believer of spirits.

    ** If you are already afraid from scary movies and such, or an un easy person, please do not put yourself in the presence of this game. I am starting to go insane with the fears of spirits now, I always look around, I cannot be in a house since today.

  140. I believe tht they are real. Last night ( Friday, September 13th, 2013) my friends and I went to a cemetery and asked some questions. It was myself and two other people. We didn’t move it at all. It was amazing, and cool. I don’t really care what the data says about it. Why would they perform exorcisms then if none of this is true?

  141. How interesting to see that Witchcraft is considered evil? Sorry Christians but look at history and you are responsible for more death and destruction than anything else regarded as evil. Now to the board. Please don’t rubbish other peoples beliefs. If you want to believe that you end up as worm food then that’s down to you but a heck of a lot of people believe in the afterlife. I don’t have to prove there is but people can’t prove that there isn’t. Ouija boards are not good news for anyone and I have been a Medium for 50+ years and I wouldn’t use one. At the end of the day we Pagans, Witches, Wiccans, believe that everyone has freedom of thought. I have my beliefs, you have yours.

    • Hardcore skeptics (people who only watch independent films slash wildlife / history documentaries, are faithless, think they are the smartest people on earth, and on a strict vegetarian / vegan diet – at least that’s how I imagine them LOL) will always go to great lengths to discredit anyone who they believe to be crazy for believing what they believe. I think it’s because they desperately want for it not to be real. They will call you all kinds of names and then throw scientific “facts” in your face. We barely understand our universe and our space-time theories are always changing, so how do we know that our “scientific facts” are absolute? Many scientists believe that other dimensions exist, so why is it so hard for so many people to admit there might be even the slightest chance that ouija boards really do allow for spiritual communication? Honestly, I feel sorry for those people who are so closed-minded because they lack imagination and are probably duller than the independent films they watch. I have a much more “romantic” view of our reality in that ANYTHING is possible. And who would name their website “relatively interesting”? Why not “really interesting”? It’s kind of like…. “eh, it’s relatively interesting, but I’m going to find a site that’s REALLY interesting…” At least that’s what I almost did when I saw the name. One last thing, could you point me in the direction of good, credible websites that don’t bash these things? I’d really appreciate it as I’ve become extremely interested in this stuff within the last couple of years (mildly interested in this stuff most of my life up until last year). Why extremely interested in the last year? I found out that two out of my three siblings had seen the same demonic entity I had seen at my grandfather’s house when we were younger. The proof? I asked them (because I was a little skeptical) where they had seen it and exactly what it looked like, and both descriptions matched what I had seen exactly. I also asked them these questions separately, so I had my proof. I don’t care what other’s think. And the crazy part is that I had seen it when I was about eight. My youngest brother was only two at the time and he claims he saw it when he was about the same age I was when I had seen it. When we made these revelations he started to cry because he thought he was crazy!!! I always hated staying the night at my grandfather’s house…. I always felt uneasy, almost scared sometimes, very much like something watching me all the time.

      • The problem with an open mind is people can come along and fill it with junk.

        You can believe what you want but if you never question it your truly the one who is closed minded.

        Santa and tooth fairy are storys we do not believe as we get older, we can prove they dont exist too

        Ouija boards are another thing that can be proven not to work and are scientifically classed as BS

        God however is another matter nobody can prove or disprove

        If the bible is to be believed though why so many contradictions?

        If he made everything who made him??

        He made world in 7 days, No mention of dinosaurs although they did exist and can be proven

        If Adam and eve made all men and women, why does the bible condemn incest after all they must all have had sex with each other

        If you preach forgiveness and thou shall not kill why did he kill all sinners when Noah built his boat

        We all thought the world was flat once, people danced for rain so crops would grow. People now are more open minded than ever

        and more and more stupid theories get busted

        Think as you wish rain dance in your garden if you think it will help something grow, but dont condemn people for questioning beliefs as that is a truly closed mind

  142. i had an experience with the ouija board that really freaked me out! me and my friends were playing and a spirit started talking to us and he said his name was “fallen” so we instantly thought it was a fallen angel. then we started talking more to him and he said he knew me. i asked how and he said he protects me . i asked why and he said “dad” and then i said who’s dad?: mine? and he said yea. then he said he was actually a fallen soldier. and he wasnt very good at spelling so we asked where he fought the war and he started spelling PRU… and we thought what is that so then we asked new question because he thought he couldnt spell it. Later we googled the year he said (i cant rememeber this was in the summer ) , i think it was 1879 . and it said there was a war in Prussia. never heard of that place. later i asked him what he protects me from, he said “Demon ” and name specifically Igqen ??? then i asked how long he has been protecting me for and he said 4 years. My dad died 4 years ago and apparently told this guardian spirit to protect me. no one knew my dad died 4 years ago ! freaky!

  143. I was skeptitcal about the Ouija Board until yesterday when I decided to use one with my friends at a party. We found a spirit named Sall and she seemed really nice. We kept talking to her and then I thought, ‘maybe it’s time to him so I asked “Is there anything else you want to say?” Sall then spelt out ‘You play well’ I was a little confused at first so I asked “what do I play well? Basketball? Baseball? Ouija?” Then it spelt out ‘Music’ I found that a bit odd especially because I did not mention that to Sall. Then I said “what about my friend?” And she said “Dad says hi” that was REALLY weird because her dad passed last year around this time and it was crazy that Sal said that when my friend didn’t really speak of it. Later Sal began to talk about her dog, X. My friend asked, “is X friends with Mary’s dogs?” (My name is Mary) and then she said “Not Charlie” it was weird because I didn’t talk about Charlie the whole time. Then she said “X sometimes sees Rita” now THAT was when I began to believe that this was no mind game because I didn’t even tell my friends about my dag, Rita, who got put down in July.
    Now I believe in the Ouija board, I DO think that there is paranormal activity involved with it. There is now way the Ideometer effect could be why this happened especially when there’s more than 1 person on the board. It is an experience that I will never forget.

  144. Me & my sister used our spirit board when kids (we still do now & then) well this one time, we were in the basement & were talking w a spirit named Jasper (weird name) he was seemingly harmless so we asked questions & asked how he died, he said he drowned. We were like, oh gross & just then water started to drip from above onto the Ouija Board, drip drip drip. We both looked at each other like “what the hell?” We couldn’t see where it was coming from. there were no leaking pipes or anything. My sister got scared so we stopped, she ran upstairs scared as hell. After that my sister bugged me to burn the board until finally I said “OK!” but I really didn’t want to burn it. I said “it’s just a game from a toy maker you dope” So anyway, we went into the woods & I tried & tried but it would not burn. It was unreal, everything else burned like sticks & branches but not that damned board. I still have it & there are still black marks on the bottom of it where I tried to burn it. We still use it cuz I now live in a huge old victorian house & it’s full of freaky spirits & sometimes we get them riled up & things go nuts when we use it. Anyway I found out you should never burn one of them, if a negative force comes thru it you cannot send it back if it’s burnt! So, did Jasper help us by not letting that board burn? Or, like I always thought it didn’t burn cuz he had drowned & therefore the water associated w him prevented it’s burning, either way I’m glad it didn’t burn. Weird but true folks… and there’s more but I’ll save the other stories for another time.. I don’t like to stir stuff up around here, it’s enough just on a normal day. Watch out & do a protection ritual first cuz they can be a portal that you don’t wanna mess with!

  145. I have not played with a Ouija board for some time. My experiences with a board were shocking. I had a friend who did not believe that the board would answer questions. I told him to ask the board a question that I did not know the answer to. He asked the board what was the last book he had read. The thing started to move and spell out the word. The first letter was E and the x and then o. I said forget it, you don’t believe so it will not work. He said, let it go, let it go. It spelled out EXODUS. That was the book he had just finished reading. He became a believer. I do believe that we are inviting the devil into our lives when we played with the board. It also spelled out the name of the car I was driving but the spelling was not how I would have spelled the word Cyclone. The board answered many question accurately. It does move and how can one make it move if they do not know the answer to the question? We played with it for entertainment but it can be a dangerous game. I recommend not having a Ouija board in your home. Why take the chance,

  146. True story! My cousin and I was playing the board , not thinking much about it. We came across someone by the name Anna . We thought it was strange seeing how my cousin’s step sister in named Anna. We didn’t think anything about it because we never had anything to do with the board or her step sister, she only came over every blue moon. Anyhow we told my cousin’s step sis that the name on the board was Anna. She freaked out! Went back to her mom’s house and would not return. Come to find out she had been talk to a girl named Anna on the board and it was beginning to scare her. Me and my cousin got jumped by her mom and step dad. Theythought we were pplaying a trick on her. Iv not spoken to my aunt , her husband and my cousin’s step sister in 20yrs…I still dont understand what I did so wrong? Nothing I said consoled her. I had no clue why the same name she had been talking to showed up

  147. Right i Cant say that i do belive in the ouija board and i Cant say that i dont either.. i do belive in demos spirits and all that as they defo existe, but i did the ouija board more than 3 times and Nothing hapenned. But a good friend of mine her friends did it once and theywere in the garage they started asking questions and there were no answers sedseddunly the board spelt “get out” the younger one got scared and left couple of minuts after some drunken driver went straight to to that place were they were sitting and killed her sister and 2 friends!. My friend was ther funeral the younger sister was absolutly petrified i dont know what was that or WHO did they contacted with was it a demon spirit fuck knows

    • What day was this??

      Where was it at?

      Whats your friends names, articles like cars going through houses or garages usually make the news

      More BS i suspect

  148. HELP! I broke thefirst rule of the board: I played alone. Now something or someONE is tomenting me and my family. WHAT DO I DO????????????

    • Get some cardboard any will do a cheerio’s box, spirits are not fussy

      write alphabet letters on it, but instead of Ouija write on exorcism and yes and no

      Then summon the exorcist and he will exorcise the demon

      then put the cardboard away and never mess with cardboard again it is very dangerous

    • Hey, it’s not a rule that will impact on whether or not a spirit will attach itself to you or someone in your family. I suggest you go to a church, one that’s a little old timey, with an older priest. They can guide you out of this dark place that it’s putting you in. And you need to focus on energy and yourself. Learn how to control it, in order to protect yourself, and put up barriors. Don’t be scared of it, and know you’re more powerful because you are alive.

  149. I have invested thesenfor years actually hoping they work. I did near a hundred experiments withn psychics without, nothing , try blindfolding the participants all you get is jibberish. Sorry folks. That would be like me talking to you thru. Coffee pot in a hundred years. Hey i wanted them to work. Btw no haunted objects however I’ve witnessed areas that I can’t quite explain but tbey don’t come up on evps or meters. Sorry folks i did my best to find one or someone to make it work I challenge anyone to contact me at my email and show me otherwise.. its wood and paint or card p
    Board and paper.if the scare you don’t have them like a painting of clown all it is is art work tbat doesn’t work as a toll. Most of you will refute thJimi s because of your religkous beliefs or strongly wanting them to work . Go out and make one work prove me wrong you wont and for me I wish I was wrong

  150. Just because one doesn’t get an active response does NOT mean that a gateway hasn’t been opened or something hasn’t been channeled. I’d recommend everyone read “Demonology: The True Life Story of Ed and Lorraine Warren”

    It is a very scary book, it answers a lot of questions. Mostly you come to understand that a majority of the bad cases they were brought in on had to do with a young person messing around with things way beyond their comprehension.

    Amytiville – all of this stemmed back to the teenage son conuring dark spirits and using Ouija boards and such. A lot of their stories dealt with happy families that 10+ years of living in the same house all of a sudden had stuff levitating and disappearing … all because a teenager had been doing stuff.

    Tarot cards, ouija boards – all of it – they are not good tools. There is NEVER a guarantee that we are channeling something good on the other side and if you think that Evil won’t lie, think again. The Bible makes many mentions of such things and EVERY religion admits to the existence of dark forces and has its own process for exorcism rituals.

    We have become a society fascinated by the things that go bump in the night. We eaglerly seek out tools, spell books and believe there is nothing to it. Too many people are scared of the things that go bump in the night, but have little faith in the one thing that fights this evil – faith, God. If all religions admit the presence and have a ritual for removing the evil that shows only faith, exreme faith is needed. There is NO right religion, simply faith is enough alone.

    The next time you’re truly afraid, what is your comfort? For a people afraid to be religious or embrace God, we sure turn to him when things go bad. Thing is – if you believe in the bad, you have to believe in the good because everything is about balance. If the bad exists, so does its counterpart.

    It’s counterpart is weak. The evil is very present and active and the light, the good has to be called upon and invoked.

    I heard that when it came down to deciding who was worthy of everlasting life and the kigdom of Heaven – the great argument, Jesus told God that people had to have faith; blind faith and Satan told God to tell the people the truth and let them decide for themselves. People believe what they can see and touch – not what they are told.

    The greatest trick the Devil ever played was convincing the word he didn’t exist.

    If you’re scared of the dark, you need to embrace the light. If you’re not scared of the dark – you should be. Anything you do, ask for or get help with comes with a much higher cost.

    What you do today with a ouija board, tarot cards or a conjuring spell could affect the rest of your life in the most negative manner.

    AND to all you people who think you know the facts about ghosts and orbs, PLEASE read the Warren’s books o you can stop talking out of your but. Preternatural beings (once alive) can only manifest in one of 2 ways – borrowing energy from our individual aura’s (energy fields) or right after a thunder storm by using the energy still present via Mother Nature. A preternatural being can’t move anything more than 1lb …

    Demons and Devils must be invited in so to speak … Read about the ‘Annabelle Doll’ for a better explanation on this. Demon’s and Devil’s feed off of our fear – age makes no difference and children give them more of what they crave, especially babies. They lie and present themselves as preternatural spirits to gain entry into our lives. With the ‘Annabelle Doll’ such a demonic spirit was able to manipulate a medium into conveying the story it had picked.

    Demons and Devils are fallen angels. There are 9 classes of Angels, so such a hierarchy exists on the reverse. Demons are noted as unintelligent, writing backwards and such. Devils are noted as the Supervisors of Demons and when involved are more intellectual than a Demon, such as now writing forwards, not in reverse.

    To any person lonely, depressed and stupid enough to open this Pandora’s Box, you were forewarned. You can’t shut out what you let it and it’s dark, very dark and very old. It’s not something fun to do at a sleepover or to talk about in years to come – it is something that will always leave you wondering if you alone unleashed this toxicity into your own life.

  151. I am a 24 years with a firm belief in science and natural causes. I´ve always been a critical thinker and skeptical person, but ten years ago this really changed my life. We did this a lot and started testing its validity by removing number of people, so that we were only two max three people. The last time i did it, one of our friends observed and wrote down letters and numbers while we just let the glass move itself. We asked a random question, and It spelled the date of his father´s death. his father OD´d when we were kids. Then the name of one of the other observers sister who died of cancer. It brought back terrible memories and people started crying. We tried asking questions none of us could possibly know about the other persons, and it was always right and very obscure. I remember asking what i had for dinner, and i had to go home to see that my mother cooked for the second time, to find out that it was right. Stupid example, but i just froze! this word was something similar to leftover-meat in my native language, I´ve never used this word, but when my mom called it out when i got back home i panicked. Sure its partially BS, but i mean just try it. You will be truly amazed by how its moving, and the answers you will get. We had some really F up stuff happening the days after. Guitar strings being pulled at night, visions of dead people, hallucinations of a lot of crazy shit..Two of these guys are junkies today, the other one is really a mental case killing civilians down in Afghanistan as a chopper gunner. Everyone were just influenced by that night for a long time after. My advice is be careful! this was so popular everyone started doing it, and my higschool had to call out for a meeting with all parents to stop it.. Say what u want, i have nothing to gain but to hare my experience! Take care

  152. I use this board everyday, so I can be helped with my daily decision making. I live my life by it and would recommend it to anyone, it always tells me the right thing to do. I use it alone and with my children to help complete their school assignments. I have even ran into financial issues and taken it to the casino with me. Now I even have three beautiful children because of my wonderful board, I hope I have inspired you to better your life with a ouija board.

  153. first time i whipped out a ouija board with my ex girl, we both took it completely seriously because we both wanted it to be real. i called out satan, told him he was a b**** azz pu*** and that i would fuxk his mom, and nothing happend at all. so i closed it and threw it back in the closet. nothing happend. ouija boards are a gimmick. bye.

  154. It works I know from experience playing in my early twenties with my cousin we would stay up from 8 pm to 4am falling asleep on the board with only one finger each on it our heads down n half asleep n it would not stop talking to us…spelling out things and telling us our future by asking it questions that no one should know..being young n dumb we asked it who’s dad would die first and it had said Tracy dad will pass firts and he did my father is still alive and in good health..then it had told me my bf was cheating on me i had no idea i was young and dumb i asked it who the girl was and it told me the girls name, it was Debbie which was correct I even got her phone number from the board and called it and it worked it had also told me when he was with her and even told me he got her pregnant this info was not told to me all at once it took several weeks to get this information from the spirts..and I swear on my life and on my eyes that this all true i do not lie and hate liars i have dated many of them. Before all the serious questions I would ask it dumb questions like how many people called my answering machine that night…it said 5, I said who and it named all 5. I immediately called it n all 5 people it said had truly done so. We got so hooked on this cardboard board you can buy in a toy store from toys r us that we were playing it 4 nights a week till the wee hours of the next morning but it was worth it in out eyes we were definetly hooked..Speaking to evil and good spirits didn’t matter as long as we could talk to the dead we didn’t care. Ive been told you are suppose to say good bye to the evil ones because you dont want negative energy in your home. They would spell out to us and call us cunts over n over…fu…die…I’m gonna kill u..and we would joke with them saying no your not relax stop being mean and tell us how you died. The min we would ask the evils spirts to talk about themselves and stopasking dumb questions about ourselves…the spirit would turn nice n say it was sorry and stop calling us bad words. Althought it did tell us it had murdered people when he was alive its still crazy to believe a story like this but I’m not a liar. It actually had spelled out nice ass a few times and we were like who Helen or Tracy has a nice ass and it said Tracy I’m sitting right behind her in the chair..mind you we were on the floor playing it in her living room bent over on our knees…Her little sister was 10 yrs old at the time and jumped in the chair it claimed it was in and it then begain to spell out…ouch get off of me…get off. So then we put it to the test n said if your really here make the phone rang once…we said do it again..and it did..we told it to do it for a third time n picked it up no body was there it just went dead we did this over and over like 20 times and it would ring and hang up as soon as we answered it..Maybe it was because she lived by a grave yard maybe because her house was over 100 yrs old who knows but we did speak to a woman named Emily a lot…turns out she lived there in that house and got sick and died there she was not evil and very nice to talk to…when you ask it selfish questions about yourself only and want to hear your future you will get the answers you are looking for but it will not be very friendly to you. If you talk to it like a person n get to know the spirit first u will get better response about the questions you ask it better information if you take the time to know the spirit first they will come back to you and tell you more questions you have and want to know. We had also asked it what age we would be married it had told me n mycousin the correct ages 24 and 28 her first…it was dead on n also said we would both have a second marraige as well …that came true for her but not for me it even told her what age she would be married again late 30s didnt pay much attention to that but i did come true …as for myself it just keept giving me different numbers first it said 39 …I did meet a man n feel deeply in love for the first time in my life i was truly happy and he would tell people I was his wife and wanted to marry me but after the hunymoon stage was over all the mental abuse stared and him cheating and throwing me down concrete stairs and him getting arrested and restraing orders set in place…I had to say goodbye… it had also went to 43 44 like it wasn’t sure and I didn’t pay attention after playing for 6 hrs I was tired. It did tell me i would have twins but i am 42 now n not looking for another relationship any time soon..funny thing is my first cousin is pregnant with twin due any day now she is 42 as well and her father passed away so my father is the closets thing she has left to her father so maybe it got confused it really never gave me a definet age that day but I did have two abortions in my 20s (which i regret now) maybe those are the kids it was speaking of it said two children i would have..who really knows at this point but i can tell you this playing that bored has made me physic in some weird Fd up ways..i had spoke to a physic 10 yrs ago n she told me i was very intuitive n i know things but dont believe it to be true…she told me i would be told things about people coming to me in dreams …my uncle had passed that she knew about told her to tell me this and he would send me signs through dreams or othe ways… i didnt belive this untill i had a dream about an old friend n it came true..not gonna go into details about her but i also see the number 13 on the clock to tip me off when something bad is coming my way…for instance i wake up n look at the clock in the middle of the night n its 313 then ill get up for work do my routine and its 913 ill go to work (i work in sales) ring a transaction and look at the sales receipt an the time of the transaction will say its 213 the number will just keep coming ever time i pick up my phone n hear a text or an email i look n it always ends in 13 the time…it happend for two days straight n i got a dwi that night. another time it happened for a week and my great uncle passed away..tons of other occurences n something bad always comes out of it… it even showed up alot at the end of my realasonship with the man that called me his wife to let me know he was up to no good when i didnt see him on certain nights ..sure enuff i would find evidence of another woman being at his house…hair on the foor…earing backs..i dont wear earings soo..i think it kind of ruined us me knowing all this crazy stuff because I would look for things because of seeing that damn number and sure enuff you will find shit ever single time you look for it…i would ask him about it n he would call me crazy n deny deny deny typical guy and then get mad at me for acusing him abuse me and throw me out of our home when he was doing me dirty all along… when we did finally end it he told me…you have no idea what I did behind your back so i sent him pictures I took of lipstick on his shirt…dryed up semen on his couch n another girls hair on the floor n I told him I have always been one step ahead and knew all along you just didn’t know it. I told him about my weird gift n he didnt belive it in the beginning I bet he changed his mind.
    Who knows i didnt ask for this and i dont want it..but i will not go away so im stuck. Maybe i opened the door by messing with the ouiji board maybe it is some kind blessing in a weird sense and i just dont know it yet who knows..maybe i should embrace it n not think of it as a curse but i feel guys i meet out (i find the real winners) the number 13 shows up and i immediatly dismiss the realasonship before anything gets started… its telling me to cut this person off they are no good and i find out its correct very strange. All i know is once you talk all spirits and bring that into your life and into your home they don’t want to leave you alone its like they enjoy changing a persons life and having a conversations with the living. Maybe because i stopped playing it they got mad and messed with my future i have always been unlucky in love after messing with that board and feel like i am doomed to be alone the rest of my life. I am a very attractive female that looks like im 28 by my coworkers n friends…i joke around n say i sold my soul maybe i did in some way but i will never know for sure that will be the first question i ask if i get to those golden gates…i do know this when we stopped playing its not because we wanted to but because we had to because of my cousins house being invaded by spirits and her mother was starting to become afraid to be home by herself hearing doors open and close and hearing people walking around upstairs when no one was home ..this experience did changed my life like I said don’t know for good or for bad yet……sorry for the bad grammar typed all this on my cell wasn’t easy but felt compelled to tell my personal experience with the ouigi board..i say stay away no good can come from this for anyone…eventually we stopped and turned 21 n started to hit the bar scene instead lol

    • Only person I ever met that could actually work the Board is my Mother. Many times her co-workers would return from lunch and say “you’ll never guess what I had for lunch”. My Mom would pull out the Board and accurately tell them – she never missed. As kids we would try and disprove her ability by placing her in a completely dark room, blindfolded, and we placed a large piece of cardboard (much larger than the Board) over her hands and the Board. She was able to answer questions with 40 or more character answers (we would use a flashlight to look under the cardboard to write down the letters without telling her what they were). If she had the Board memorized she was very, very good because she never misspelled words in long sentences. She always operated the Board by herself – and it always worked. As an engineer, I have always wondered how my Mother was able to do this.

  155. I was also wondering about the number 13 if anyone else has heard of this happening to them and tipping them off that something bad is coming to you I would like to know there are others that experience what I have and what they think it is all about and if there is a way to make it stop.

  156. Ridiculous! In my early teens, I DID the dumbest thing: I made my own Ouija board on card stock weight paper! I used a small Dixie cup cut in half as a planchette. Then I started playing it ALONE. After several horrible things spelled out about someone dying in a car wreck, I took my finger off the planchette, BUT IT KEPT MOVING ON ITS OWN! It was my LAST time messing with that stuff! Then strange things started happening around my parents house. I had to bring in a Minister to do a spiritual cleansing. There is still a spirit of chaos and confusion that tries to re-enter from time to time if I don’t toss it out! I have learned that they can only occupy a space if you ALLOW them entry. That damn board was the invitation, my naive ways the catalyst.

  157. Here’s the thing. When the Ouija Board starts spelling things out on its own WHEN NOBODY IS TOUCHING IT… shooting across the board very precisely, spelling the same thing three times in a row, and spinning in a little circle around and around when it doesn’t want to answer questions… that’s the sort of thing that says, “Hi. Freaky evil spiritual force here.” It’s not our expectations-based muscular movement when it moves by itself.

  158. okay..
    this is completely crazy.
    i mean its a board game for crying outloud.
    we should focuse on whats happening in life and leave those be that are in the afterlife.

  159. Hey,

    When i was young i used to see witches and sometimes at night when i was 17 a kid would visit me , a boy, he never spoke, but it scared me shitless so i blocked those things from my mind. It works, Also i saw a very old man with a long beard sitting in bushes doing meditating in the middle of night. About those boards, i never used that but one time i wanted to get in touch with my dead grandmother. Me, my brother and a friend sat in a circle with the alphabet put on the table and we holding hands. First 2 times i asked, ghost, are you there???? Nothing…. But my brother and friend were laughing all the time, Then i said to them ,now serieus people, concentrate. ANd then i askes grandmother, are you here??? The second i asked that, one of the 2 candles flames went a meter up and the other stayed down. I fucking shitted in my pence and yelled ,STOP STOP STop , i broke the circle by yelling , stop holding hands, and the flame went down. We all three ranned downstairs scared as hell. This was 20 years ago and i never tried it again. True believer!!!

  160. So today at school we were watching videos on Ouija boards, and we decided to try it on our own. I am in the ninth grade, and there were probably 10 of us that went to a small dark room and somebody had a light from their phone to light up the board that we had printed off the Internet. We used one of my friends silver rings as the planchette and three of us volunteered to try out this new Ouija board. None of us had ever done it before, and we didn’t really think it was going to work. Keep in mind, this was all at school but we had a study hall. We moved the ring around many times and then kept it in one place. We then asked if there was a spirit with us. No answer. We tried moving it around some more and then asked again. The ring moved a little bit and then stopped. We were all freaked out and kept on asking each other who had moved the ring, but none of us had and we all swore on eachother’s lives. Now before this whole thing, we had all been skeptical that Ouija boards did not work. I thought they were just a hoax and that people did and moved them to trick their friends. Then the ring moved to yes. We were all stunned. We then asked it what it’s name was. It then proceeded to move to the M, then E, then the L and repeated itself three times. We said, “is your name Mel?” and it moved to the yes. My heart was racing, knowing that Ouija boards and communicating with spirits worked. My finger felt heavy though it was barely touching the ring at all. Both of my friends were barely holding the ring by their fingernail. We then asked what year it had died, and replied with 12 as in 2012. We also asked if it was a friendly entity and it said yes. It seemed to have left when it stopped responding to our questions so we said goodbye, but two minutes later a new group of 3 got together and asked again for the spirits name. And you can guess what it came up with, it said Mel. It said it’s last name started with a D also. It was time to leave, so we left and said goodbye. We were all in amazement that this had worked and almost didn’t believe it, but it really had happened. I can tell you firsthand. It you move the ring over the paperboard by hand it makes a scratchings sound, obviously. But when the spirit moved it, there was no noise at all and almost seem to hover just barely. And another point, if someone were to move it to trick the others you would be able to tell they were moving it easily. I also tried pulling gently in the opposite direction it was moving, but it seemed to resist and kept moving forward. Don’t listen to this article at all, Ouiji boards work. Later that day I researched Mel D 2012 death and an article about a girl named Mel Dyson that died in 2012 came up and she lived near where we were. Ouiji boards work.

      • I have actually met a good spirit actually two but hey are too busy being terrorized by evils spirits to ever Ouija

        • The Ouija board is far from harmless, as it is a form of divination (seeking information from supernatural sources). The fact of the matter is, the Ouija board really does work, and the only “spirits” that will be contacted through it are evil ones.

          It’s true that many people view the Ouija board as harmless. They often claim, “Oh, I don’t believe in it,” or something to this effect. However, a disbelief in something does not necessarily mean that something isn’t real. The Ouija board has an objective reality that exists apart from a person’s perception of it. In other words, it’s real even if you don’t believe in it. And we know this because God himself tells us so.

          The Lord repeatedly condemns any and all occultic practices, including divination. While many Bible passages could be cited, the following one is typical of his view of occultic practices: “Let no one be found among you who sacrifices his son or daughter in the fire, who practices divination or sorcery, interprets omens, engages in witchcraft, or casts spells, or who is a medium or spiritist or who consults the dead. Anyone who does these things is detestable to the Lord” (Dt 18:10–12, NIV).

          On the experiential side of the issue, we have the testimony of the Church’s exorcists. Their experience shows that Ouija boards are far from harmless. Some investigating supernatural phenomena from a Catholic perspective have gone so far as to say that 90 percent of their very worst cases involving demonic activity have been linked to the use of the Ouija board.

          Simply put, nothing positive can ever come from the use of the Ouija board, and God warns us against such things for our own spiritual safety.

  161. my sister and I played one for a joke once or twice, never asked it anything serious.. one time we tried it and the plastic triangle piece actually stuck to the board as though someone was holding it down, it was very interesting when my sister held on to the plastic piece and lifted the board off the table. hummmm! we had that happen a couple of times. my neice was able to retrieve my fathers name from the board, a name would never guess in a million years! My brother in-law had a vision of an old neighbor when we asked him to show himself, i have never even seen this guy so when we investigated who he was, it was an exact discription. (short, bald, wore glass’s and walked with a cane)
    another point, if you don’t believe in the afterlife then your mind is obviously closed to the spiritual world, if you believe in a spriritual life then that door is already cracked open!

    • The modern Ouija board was created in the late 1800s as interest in spiritualism grew. A Ouija board is simply a game board that has the alphabet, numerals, and “yes” and “no” printed on its face. Used in conjunction with a pointer, Ouija boards are believed to allow spirits of the dead to communicate with the living. They are often considered to be communication gateways to those who have “passed over.” Of course, this is all based on the supposition that spirits, or ghosts, even exist in the first place and that they can, or want to, communicate with the world of the living.

      The Bible has a few things to say about engaging in activities of this nature:

      Leviticus 19:31 – “Do not turn to mediums or seek out spiritists, for you will be defiled by them. I am the LORD your God.”

      Deuteronomy 18:10-12 – “Let no one be found among you who sacrifices his son or daughter in the fire, who practices divination or sorcery, interprets omens, engages in witchcraft, or casts spells, or who is a medium or spiritist or who consults the dead. Anyone who does these things is detestable to the LORD.”

      Isaiah 8:19 – “When men tell you to consult mediums and spiritists, who whisper and mutter, should not a people inquire of their God? Why consult the dead on behalf of the living?”

      Galatians 5:19-20 – “The acts of the sinful nature are obvious: sexual immorality, impurity and debauchery; idolatry and witchcraft; hatred, discord, jealousy, fits of rage, selfish ambition, dissensions, factions and envy; drunkenness, orgies, and the like. I warn you, as I did before, that those who live like this will not inherit the kingdom of God.”

      Occultists will insist that the Ouija boards work by allowing spirits of the dead to move the pointer in answer to queries. Scientists have yet to prove that the pointer is moved by anything other than the living people touching the pointer. In fact, spirits of the dead seem to get extremely confused when participants are blindfolded, at which point the Ouija board suddenly ceases to work correctly.

      “Playing” with a Ouija board is engaging in occultism and is definitely not an option for a Christian. Such activity is clearly forbidden in the Bible. No matter how innocent Ouija boards may seem, playing with Ouija boards can be an opening for demons to invade our hearts and minds. All demonic activity is under the control of Satan, whom Peter describes in no uncertain terms: “Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour” (2 Peter 5:8). The scriptural example for dealing with items that pertain to the occult (books, music, jewelry, occult games, Ouija boards, and other occult objects) is to confess involvement with them as sin and burn the items—safely, of course (Acts 19:18-19).

  162. The human mind subtly influences what is spelled out. Then when evaluating it you body views the rare and random coincidences as greatly more common and important than they are. Its a well known effect. You give 10 people a generic description of an average life and most will say it exactly/nearly exactly matches their life. The human brain focuses on connections because it helped our ancestors survive. And honestly its a plastic board. Why doesn’t my computer keyboard connect me to the “spirits”. its got letters, numbers, and you could use enter as yes and backspace as no. But it doesn’t. Why, because Ouija boards work under the placebo effect. You believe, then you receive.

  163. The ouija worked for me and my friends. The only three of us who had our fingers on the planchette were blindfolded, and asked questions while my sister wrote down the letters spelled out. We kept getting clear and swift answers to our questions, so I KNOW that the power of the ouija and spirit connection IS EXISTANT.

  164. ive had good and bad spiritual encounters. I enjoy it yet I fear it. my grandfather passed of esophogeal stomach cancer when I was 3, I used to help my grandmother take care of him and would think I was making him better. I was veryyy close to him though I don’t remember him:( it hurts that I don’t remember him but I reminense on photos, videos, voice tapes that he would leave for me and stories always told and cherished with the family.
    …many storiestold but ill share one- when he passed I always talked to the moon and my family thought that was my way of coping with it. so im in the backseat with my parents in the front and I’m talking away to the moon…. mom: “Theresa who u talking to? ” “poppy!” (her dad) mom: “what’s he saying? ” “he said it’s gonna snow!!!!!” dad: (elbows mom with a joking manner) “really?? .. ask him when!” “HE SAID RIGHT NOW!!!!!” it started snowing instantly. That was a blizzard in 96.
    … but as I got older they got darker. in the moment id b scared and when they were gone id look for them. weirdddd things go on occassionally but I know their evil. ive never touched a ouiji board as tempting as it is and I don’t intend to. But although it’s practically impossible to get in touch with ur loved ones, I must still ask if it can b at all possible. Im scared to let more spirits in my life though bc my dad (grown man) was held down by a black shadow that wouldn’t let him scream. I see black shadows, figures, occasionally faces, voices rarely but I did see a black mass at the end of my parents bed when I had awaken from a nap and I jus looked away to turn on the light after a min. ive been to confession as i m a practicing catholic and even prayed with my aunt whos a nun. idk just looking for answers like y he left

    • I think maybe ouija boards work by combining the human energies that humans create by believing in those types of things i think maybe there is an explenation to those paranormal stuff . But anyway i do believe there is one kind of true and existant kind of magic or paranormal being but i cant tell cause i have never touched a ouija board before . Plz reply to me : should i try it?

  165. Think about it like this , wether it is a laptop or computer with a Mouse and you asking questions through google or any other search engine and moving your pointer around the screen. Is that not a modern day version of the same thing?

    • Why leave them alone i want to talk to my brother he died in 2012 i just need to know why he took his own life he would not do that he loved life

  166. After reading BRUNELDA NATO comment on laurenconrad. com about Metodo helping her cast a spell to fix her relationship, i was hmm.. will say considering doing the same thing cos my life was a total mess. On one hand my girlfriend now soon to be fiancé parent did not want me to be their son-in-law cos i did not belong to the upper class community and on the other hand, i moved from Latvia where my life and job was to be with my soon to be fiancé in Azerbaijan. I had no home there but just the apartment we both bought together. If am not mistaking her father is a famous lawyer to almost every rich person in Azerbaijan. She was going to help me get a job in her father law firm before she broke up with me because she was going to marry one of her father client. All this was before i contacted Metodo to see what he could for me. As i said her father was against our relationship and she was going to marry a 53 years old man for his money. She has always loved materials things but i never thought she would pick money over me. We were still see each other not as lover but secret lovers. I loved her too much to be sharing with a disgusting old man because he was rich. I don’t mean to disrespect any elderly person i just don’t like it when rich old or young persons try to take or take someone you hold dearly to your heart cos they have the money to do so. In my own case it happened that it was an old rich man wanting to take the woman i loved and still loved with all my heart and strength. She didn’t want to marry me but she wanted to be my lover in secret. I knew she loved me dearly but she was also in love with all the money and assets the man had. she knew i was content with what i had and what she had but she wanted to be so rich like adding riches ti what she already had. The date of the wedding was already set when i realized that if i don’t do something to stop the wedding i would lost her forever. It happened that i came across BRUNELDA NATO comment on laurenconrad. com as i search the INTERNET on how to make a woman realize living without you will be a great mistake where she wrote how metodo the spell caster helped her fix her marriage and how she came face to face in contact with Metodo and also how real and awesome he is. I just felt compelled to also contact him for help maybe i was not thinking clearly or i felt it was my only chance to make sure she soon to be fiancé doesn’t marry anyone else but me or maybe i felt both ways. I know something was clear to me that whatever action i took was my last chance to win her back. There and then i contacted Metodo cos i had no money to travel all the way to Chad. I just trusted BRUNELDA NATO testimony that he really exist and can help me solve my problem. It turned out that BRUNELDA NATO was right. Now i can also truthfully tell you that Metodo is really something out of ordinary he is the greatest spell caster you can ever meet. He sent me some items that he told me to use to pray with within the 7 days he was casting the spell i asked him to help me cast with the materials he told me to provide to for the spell casting. Within those seven days of incantation pray my soon to be fiancé developed something i don’t know what to call in her head that made the love she had for me resurface i say resurface love because she became that girl i fell in love with back in Latvia she told me she was going to call of the wedding but was scared what would happen to her father relationship with the man. But all those worried faded when Metodo sent the spell that looked like a powdery substances with instruction on how to make it effective. She called off the wedding and nothing happened it was like no one cared anymore not the man or her parent almost like it idea was yipped of their head. Whether anyone believe me or not it does really matter the only thing i care to say here is that Metodo is the ultimate spell caster anyone can ever ask for help. Am going to leave his mail in case Metodoacamufortress @ yahoo. com

  167. I played it for the first time last night and became intrigued by and and a bit obsessed… I have been searching for hours trying to find an explanation. When we first began to play the game I, believed it had something to do with your mind. maybe somewhere your brain forced your hands to answer with an answer you come up with in your imagination and your hands moved it without relizing it. My theory tho, no longer maked sense when we began asking about the spirit who controlled this ouiji board. The board gave us a name and an occupation (zookeeper) and its favorite animal (giraffes). None of my friends had ever heard of this person. We looked it up. The person was real, dead, a former zookeeper, and when we clicked on images… Its a mysterious piece of cardboard I will never understand yet I still obsess over finding an answer

  168. I found this at this store goodwill I bought it for 10 bucks got home I started playing it I was 20 I asked for the lottery numbers next day I went to the store and I purchased a lottery ticket one week later I went to check out the number of my lottery ticket and couldn’t believed it I won 150,000 dollars I feel so good my life is amazing I highly recommended

    • some friends of mine bought the board…they just migrated to the U.S and want me to play..they are working really hard and im not sure why they want to mess with spirits. im not taking them serious…i said i dont want to have anything to do with the board but they said they need a translator and they wanna figure out how to make money…if it were that easy everyone would be playing rightt?you think your case was a coincidence?

  169. Everyone claiming to have had strange experiences with the board can barely type a coherent sentence. Coincidence?
    Why not film yourselves, then post to youtube. Think of the revolution for mankind if you can PROVE these things exist.

  170. Anyone that believes these things are real are idiots. I used to play a trick on my sister where she would hold her hands out palms facing each other and I would spin my fingers like I was screwing her hands together. Those of you that believe these boards actually work must also believe that I have magic powers. I bet you all also believe magicians actually have magic powers too! The stupid game is manufactured in eastern Asia. Here’s another idea, do those of you that believe these boards are real also believe in god? Go take psychology classes and you will all see how nieve you really are

    • 1. I wouldn’t call people that have different beliefs than me an idiot, you don’t know everything and can only go off of what you are taught or experience
      2. Taking a psychology class will not prove anything so that was very naive of you to insist. I’ve taken them and they do not disprove anything only give light to certain phenomena that may occur.
      3. There is a lot that science can not explain ans because I have yet to see something that disproves that these things exist neither you nor anyone else can list them not being real as fact.

    • You know what fuzzy i don’t believe in god call me a sinner or whatever you want but i do believe in one thing if its not ouija its something else who knows maybe ouija does really work ill just have to wait and see…

    • You don’t know everything in life NO one knows if god or spirits or demonds or angels exist and some people had experiences with those so i dont say they’re all fake they can’t be how can you say were all idiots if YOU never had experiences with them BTW the fact that your commenting on this page means you did a reasearch about ouija just sayin

  171. Hi everyone, just a silly question, if the stupid ouija board worked, don’t you think the military would have been using it? I mean why spend billions of dollars and get thousands of soldiers killed in wars when a 10 dollars worth plastic board can do all that for you. Why spend billions on Drones and Intel, just ask ouija and it’ll tell you where the enemy is hiding. If this thing worked even a bit, the best and most advanced ouija would have been in production by the Department of Defense and there would definitely be 1 mounted in the White House and the Pentagon. I mean why would presidential candidates spend millions on election campaigns and wait for results, just call a psychic, bring an ouija board and find out if you are gonna win or not. Hmmmm…. The FBI would definitely have 1…. right? I mean why spend money and resources on collecting info on wanted criminals, just ask ouija and go get them…. Crime Free World….. Thanks to OUIJA BOARD for helping….. And here is the best part, We are at war, no worries. All we have to do is to summon some demons where the enemies are and let them do their job…. EASY FREEZY…..

    Now lemme tell you my real life story: My father is 52, Serving in the Army. Approx. 10 years ago, We were living in a house close to a cemetery. We had just moved there and I heard rumors about a headless horseman appearing in the cemetery and scaring people. I told my Dad who at the time was serving in the special forces. My Dad put his shoes on the next night, Friday the 13th, around 12;00 midnight and took me for a walk to the cemetery. We spent an hour and half there, visited every single corner of the cemetery and came home. As soon we entered home, my Dad asked me, ‘Did you see a headless horseman?’ I said ‘No’. He replied, ‘Me neither’. And I have not believed in any of that shit since than Because, ‘It’s all BS’. Than, He told me a story from when he was a Captain and on a course overseas. One of his course-mates brought an Ouija Board and he was a strong believer but he had never tried it before. So, the Commandant ordered him to spend 3 nights in the nearest graveyard with the Ouija and share his experience. He used to sleep on a grave with the Ouija on his chest after he would get tired of trying to contact the spirits. Nothing happened and everyone laughed at his story after 3 days. He is still alive, well, completely physically and mentally healthy and normal and has never experienced anything out of this World. BTW, he is still serving in the Army and does not believe in any Ouija BS anymore.

    • Khan..the thing is the paranormal stuff does not work that way. it has noting to do with “aiding” us in a good manner. skeptics are the worst when it comes on to the paranormal, it will not work on those who people who are “blocked” to receiving or understanding what is out in the universe. I was quite a skeptic myself. My friends were playing with this “Wooden board” for quite sometime before I joined in one day to see for myself.
      The results were uncomfortable…even shocking. The story of the “headless horseman” was fable and fiction. You and your father simply wasted time and energy walking around in the cemetery. Whatever lies in the Ouija board is real. I would never play with it again because I know what it stands for. Saying to use the Ouija to solve crimes etc is asinine simply because people think its meant to be used for good…at least they would like to believe that…but there is something much darker and sinister involved with trying to communicate with lost souls or spirits ..whichever you please. Plus, in the transaction between oneself and the “spirits” there has to be some form of “payment” meaning whatever you ask for, the spirit is so eager to oblige because at some point you will end up “paying for it”. You seem very young and immature. It’s easy to feel and think the way you do where these things are concerned because honestly, it would make sense right? Why not ask the spirits for help in solving world hunger, peace, murders etc? But the key and operative word here is “SPIRITS” the bible warns against them, and we really should listen.

      • I feel the “ennui” with life leads some of us to wish to try this thing but it really is not worth it. Find another occupation. I think peace of mind can possibly be reached through meditation. Deepak Chopra has many interesting insights. At any rate, stay far away from trying to contact spirits. I visited the vaults underneath Edinburgh city and when we came out I felt bad. I wished I hadn’t gone on that tour. I was terrified by the idea that something could attach itself to you, circumstances permitting, terrify you, destroy your sanity and your life. Curiosity killed the cat.

  172. The Quija board is just a piece of plastic and cardboard and is mass produced as a game/toy. However, demons and evil spirits have haunted and possessed things and people before and have used these things to communicate. I believe that most of it is hocus pocus and just plain stupid. But I had an experience playing with a Quija board. My friend and I were playing and when my friend and I removed our hands from the Planchette, we were sitting on the floor talking and the board and Planchette were approx 10 feet in front of us and the Planchette started moving on it’s own, it really freaked us out, we threw the whole thing in the trash. We never really told anyone about it and my friend ended up in a mental hospital a few months later. Now was it the Quija board, I guess I’ll never know.

  173. I may sound like an idiot, I was once among the skeptics, however recently I used an ouija board with two of my friends. It was in a shed in the dark, we had candles and incense my friends had bought one from ebay, it didn’t work too well however it did move to ‘yes’ after asking if there where any spirits with us. Afterwards we just blamed each other although we all swore on our lives. The next day me an one other friend tryed again in her living room, candles and incense again, and it worked. It moved to yes after asking if anything was there and told us it’s name was P D and it lived in her house in 1998 when it was 24 – 6, an died wen it was 29. We asked some other questions but not all senders were clear, however it said it was good and wouldn’t hurt us but whn we said we had to go it said ‘no’ we apologized and said goodbye. I know it sounds like bull but we both only had our nails on it to prove it was real, we didn’t talk for long as we were both pretty freaked out as w both thought ouija boards were a bunch of crap however now I have a different opinion. I know it was neither of us there is no way it could have been so don’t dismiss others stories of the boards before seeing for yourself, although it only works if you consentrate and don’t just fu about like it’s a joke. But now I don’t just believe I know it’s real.

  174. Once several years ago I was on the Ouija board alone and asked to speak to Lizzie Borden. What came up was “My name is Teach”.
    I asked “are you Blackbeard” and the board said yes. Then he proceeded to say he would tell me where his treasure was if I would read something from the Bible for him. I told him no thanks on the treasure (didn’t want to give him a reason to hang around). What he wanted me to read was Ezekiel 27. Since I only know about the basic Bible stories and could count the number of times I have been to Church on my fingers I got out a Bible and looked it up. It seems Ezekiel 27 is about ships and the sea and treasure. The last sentence says “and you will be terrible”. So I read the whole thing and haven’t been bothered.

  175. Listen Panel. The Ouija board is NOT to be messed with. For all those who are saying its a hoax, you really should try it ALONE to prove to yourself. However, the REAL way to use the board is NOT to touch the pointer. Yes, I said DO NOT touch the pointer. That way you will guarantee that neither you, nor your friends are moving the thing around.
    Here is my experience: When I was 12 (I am 47) now, I went with a bunch of girls to play with this evil thing. This was in the Caribbean. We all gathered around it..we placed our hand HOVERING above the pointer and we called out to Oujia..asking if someone was there. After quite some time the pointer slowly moved to yes…and Not one of us was touching it. one girl panicked and the thing went nuts going all over the place spelling out foul mouthed joke!! Before we could control it it flew off the darn board and we told it “Goodbye”…then we told her to sit out of the “game” and we tired it again. This time it took even longer for the pointer to move but when it did, we were able to carry on asking questions about boys etc. Then we asked about our upcoming exams and we got mixed answers some with some foul words, but in the told us who will pass and who wouldn’t..and it never lied. I passed. one girl didn’t. now chum it up to nerves…who knows. But one thing I DO KNOW is that the board has a life of its own..and I witnessed that because not one of us touched that pointer and it moved on its own. Believe what you will. Another thing, the girl who owned the board..she got strung out on drugs and no one knows where she is today. She had gotten somewhat “weird” anyway so we all stopped being friends. I think she spent most of her time asking questions to the board and only the good heavens knows what it told her….anyway this is and was my experience. I say Leave the board alone.

    • I’m not saying you’re being untruthful, but if i saw ANYTHING (let along a ouija board!) move on its own.. i’d be out of there so quick man.. i wouldnt stick around to ask questions! but maybe im just chicken lol

  176. Put on a blind fold and then have some one record what’s being said when you ask your stupid questions. Or even get 2 blind men and have them ask some questions.

  177. It’s all in the mind you will get what you want out of it,for me I’m not a believer so it has never worked for me not even in a grave yard so I don’t think it’s real but we all believe what we want and if it has worked for you then fair enough but I wouldn’t really believe what u hear

  178. Ouija boards are dangerous, they are wood and plastic, it’s the dead that your talking to, demons, entities, that are dangerous, these are doors that not even an experienced medium hesitates to open, and they aren’t a bunch of people who thinks it’s fake, a game edgy or cool .possession isn’t cool, transference isn’t cool, loosing control of your mind and body and never getting it back, and not being able to tell any one or reach out for help isn’t cool, if you have no problem with anything I’ve said then play with your Ouija board some more,

  179. but what if two people were playing Ouija, and one of the players was unconsciously trying to push the thing towards ‘yes’ but the other person was thinking ‘no’ and pushing it the opposite way, how would that work? And what if you asked the spirit what it’s name was and one person was thinking ‘Janet’, another ‘Melina, another ‘Patricia’, what name would it spell? Please answer if you know the logical explanation for this because I’m so confused 🙁

  180. It’s all fear mongering bs, how do you think they control everyone, through FEAR, what better way to promote fear than through main stream media and social media websites, before it was word of mouth and newspaper. Now we have the help of CGI/photoshop to fool everyone even more. The world is a lie. nothing but lies.

      • I highly doubt that. You’re obviously brainwashed if you continue to keep labeling people of being mental. You’ve got a lot to learn if you’re being serious, you know I’m right that’s why you say this in the first place. You know what I would go mental too if this ass backwards society keeps up right but no I stick it out and live my life without fear and mass confusion being spread across the web. Good luck on your life, that’s all for now.

  181. Woow. Honestly I don’t know what to believe but I know that I won’t touch that board every again. That’s right, it means I’ve already tried it out mostly out of curiosity. A friend wanted to try it out but was too scared to do it herself so she asked me and another friend of ours to do it, and obviously my fearless friend agreed and I tagged along even if I was uneasy about it, cuz I told myself that if I’m with her than there is nothing to fear. I was certain it was a good idea to be with her since she was my best friend and I knew her very well and I thought that since she isn’t scared of ghost and stuff and that I’m the opposite, maybe being with her would make it easier to control my panic if ever things turned out bad. So we took the board with us and brought it to her house right after school has ended, since we lived close, it was basically my second home. So we tried the board without knowing a thing about it , other than our friend telling us it’s haunted. We tried it out and the first 5mins nothing haplened, we waited patiently and we checked if we followed all the rules and instruction s right. So we have it a little time and we we told ourselves that it was probably tired and didn’t want to have anything with us as if it was a living being . Note: we were like 14 and were too innocent (18 now) . Later it started working, we asked silly questions, since we promised ourselves not to ask about devils and stuff and that questions co concerning spirits were out of question. So I asked “what’s my crush’s name” and it would answer us correctly which scared us to death. And later we asked questions only one of us knew cuz we thought that maybe we were moving it unconsciously. So I’d ask a question which I didn’t know the answer radomnly and since it was about my friend in front me , I told her to close her eyes and she was honestly closing it and the game still had the answer right. We took turns with that method while asking simple randomn question and the one who knew the answer had to close her eyes but it was most of the time right . We also tried asking the same question twice but it gave the same answer. We tried using only our fingers and it still moves and when we tired to move it on our own, I couldn’t pull the wooden thing back toward myself so easily without making it shake or with more strength so I couldn’t be us moving it. It was easier to push it forward but harder to move it to the left or right or back and even then pushing it ourselves made a louder sound so I was hard to be believe it was us. Later that afternoon, the board started acting up and wouldn’t answer anything correctly anymore even the questions we,’ve already asked so we got scared and tried again but it started spinning in circle and I swear I’m not lying and I’d be even glad to show u if u were there cuz it’s only me and my friend who’s been there. Since we were scared we let go of the wooden thing and as soon as we touched it again it spines again, like going in circles and we tried pressing on it to stop it and it stop but as soon as we relaxed our fingers it went on again. I even told my friend d to let go and see if it’d work if one person kept their hand on it but it never worked when only one person was touching it. And we thought that was the hint to stop that game so we did I think we tried to say goodbye and it kept turning so I don’t remember how we ended it but I know we were scared and tried to change our mind with silly things but I’m the board was given back the next day at school and we didn’t want it anymore and the girl who gave us the board still didn’t want anything to do with it when she heard our story so I don’t know where she put the board. I’m this is long but I’ve read most of comments on here and I’m saying that the ones who haven’t tried it or didn’t get any response won’t probably believe the ones who’ve experienced it. But for those who r curious, don’t bother trying it, it’s a scary experience and if y still want to do it, nobody can stop you but don’t mess with spirits, I don’t have any experience about spirits but I don’t want to go there and I’m leaving the scary games alone. And I’ve had the Ouija experience without trying to contact spirits and I know that’s enough for me to stop.

  182. I know alot about the paranormal no one should ever use a Ouija Board! It’s way to dangours. Even a selfmade is just as dangours! Ask any of my friends would say the same thing! Best thing to do is dont do a think with a Ouija Board!

  183. So me and my friends tried an ouija board this week and almost every time we asked the board “Is there anyone here?” someone answered “666 I am” and today when we tried it again with the same spirit but this time it said “I want to kill” and that one of us was going to die the 12 of july. We want answers to why and if it’s believable.

  184. I don’t know if the board does anything, itself. People probably open doors that shouldn’t by focusing on doing so. Even if people say it’s silly or psychological, I think they want something to happen. Then again, I heard you never burn one to get rid of it, so I could be wrong or a spirit gets attached also to the board. Any case, selling them on stores is, at least in a spiritual sense, like selling those masks from Halloween 3 or those psychiatric patients working the lament box in Hellraiser 2. TV is probably like theat, also, but less esoteric in nature.

  185. god people are so dumb. Every other person i know has some story about these damn boards. In my sophomore year, one of my teachers made us get into groups and write a paper with theories that we had to test ourselves. We did an analysis on the ouija board and tested the theory based on whether the supernatural is real, plausible, or completely fabricated by individuals who believe it. In one of our arguments each team member did a statistical analysis by using the boards them selves. We did it different ways according to the directions, breaking all the rules, doing it alone, and with others. (There were a few other statistical tests but I cant remember them right now.) We had 5 group members who each individually did there tests, and we also had our friends do it as test subjects. The total number of people that used the ouija board whom each ran the same tests as stated above came out to be around 35 some odd people. After we added everything up and did our calculations and what not, 2 things became very clear. The first was that the ouija board definitely did not work, and all the test subjects reported nothing happened under each circumstance. (what did happen was that when each person played the game with others, the ouija board made fun of the players. For instance the board kept telling one of the subjects that he had a small penis and would never get laid. )The second thing that became clear was that only the fanatics were conviced of the supernatural but for some reason failed to deliver for each of the 35 people. (keep in mind that if you factor in the number of people who tested the board with others, the number of people who actually played were in the 50s.) Also we werent allowed to bring or play the ouija board at school, so the game was played in the privacy of our own homes. So for all of you people who believe this thing is truly evil or demonic, youre only kidding yourselves. Bottom line… Dont drink your own kool aid, because it probably will taste like water.



  186. Spoiler Alert! Ouija Boards DO work. When you you see the thing zipping around without anyone really touching it (we’re talking…our fingers were hovering above the planchette and we could barely keep up!), you know something *else* is up. However, I DO NOT recommend “Playing” with these non-toys. They are not the ghosts of loved ones passed who move the pointer. They are demons. “There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.”

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