A Map of the Square and Stationary Earth

In June of 2011, the Library of Congress acquired an old map which was created by Prof. Orlando Ferguson in 1893. The information it contains is a bit out of date… but it is very interesting to look at nonetheless.

orlando ferguson, flat earth map

The text can be a hard to read, so here it is, verbatim:

Header: Map of the Square and Stationary Earth.

Subheader: Four hundred passages in the Bible condemn the Globe Theory, or the Flying Earth, and none sustain it. This map is the Bible Map of the World.

Caption (right side): These men are flying on the globe at the rate of 65,000 miles per hour around the sun, and 1,042 miles per hour around the center of the earth (in their minds). Think of that speed! (this caption was clearly meant to be a sarcastic jab to the Globe Theory)

Footnote: Send 25 cents to the author, Prof. Orlando Ferguson, for a book explaining this Square and Stationary Earth. It knocks the Globe Theory clean out. It will teach you how to foretell eclipses. It is worth its weight in gold.

The Flat Earth Society (yes, it’s actually real)

The Flat Earth Society is a real organization led by a Virginian man named Daniel Shenton. Shenton believes in other scientific principles and facts, such as evolution and global warming, but he and his followers also believe that the Earth is a disc that you can fall off of. In other words, that it’s flat.

“I haven’t taken this position just to be difficult,” Shenton told The Guardian news a while back. “To look around, the world does appear to be flat, so I think it is incumbent on others to prove decisively that it isn’t. And I don’t think that burden of proof has been met yet.”

In fact, the validity of the organization as come in to question so often that it’s immediately addressed on the first line of the FAQ:

Q: “Is this site a joke?”

A: This site is not a joke. We are actively promoting the Flat Earth movement worldwide. There are members who seriously believe the Earth is flat, and their research is located in Flat Earth Believers.

Read through their FAQ, as they “explain” the seasons, sunrises, sunsets, and other phenomena.

Here’s a map of the flat Earth that they present:

modern flat earth map

I’m not sure where to start when debunking the notion of a flat Earth, because the theory seems so unrealistic. So I will only present one piece of evidence for the round Earth, and it’s a simple picture:

nasa, view of earth from space, blue marble

‘Nuff said.

To see more images of Earth, our Pale Blue Dot, click here.





    • You’re absolutely right.
      We’ve been conditioned to make a mockery of and ridicule anyone who doesn’t believe anything that we’ve learned in school.
      By what standard is a man measured to be considered ‘normal’ in a sick society??
      Unfortunately, we have been culturally enslaved, and indoctrinated into a society full of lies.
      Stupid is when a person hears the truth, and sees the truth, but would rather continue believing those lies.
      Just because one can regurgitate everything he’s learned from a text book, it doesn’t necessarily make it true.
      Far too often we’ve trusted the intellectual authority to tell us what is and isn’t true, what is and isn’t real. We’ve allowed the intellectual authority to decide for us what is and isn’t allowed into our framework of accepted knowledge. The intellectual authority is not the truth. Truth is the authority, and always will be.
      Stupid: is when someone hears the truth, and sees the truth, but would rather continue believing the lies.
      The most common reaction to the truth is aggression. No one wants to learn the truth because it destroys their vision, their dream.
      “A lie told often enough becomes the truth”. Vladimir Lenin
      Everything that was, and is, and will be, is by intelligent design.
      When I say intelligent, I’m not implying good decision making in the works. I’m referring to a tactful and strategical design so sinister that had to have been well thought out far in advance before you and I were born.
      George Carlin was a genius ahead of his time. He got away with telling us the sad truth about our own government. But not many people were really paying attention…they were too busy laughing.
      Since our creation, the war between science & religion has served only to deceive the masses. Science & religion are merely the gatekeepers preventing man from the real truth.
      The real story is far deeper than your respective faith, and more challenging than all the science in the world.
      We’re not human beings trying to create our spiritual awakening, we’re spiritual beings trying to understand our human awakening.

  2. The “Flat Earth” folks present a compelling argument but for two things, I believe dispel their notion of a flat earth. (1) If you know anyone in Europe or Asia give them a phone call sometime during midday hours and ask them if it is night or day where they are. If it’s daytime then we are standing on a flat earth, but if it is night time we are on a globe. (2) The icy Artic and Antarctic are frozen for a reason… the tilt of a spherical earth
    axis in reference to the sun. I don’t see how those icy regions would be
    possible on a flat earth especially the artic.

    • It is really so easy to prove the ball earth and no none of their arguments are compelling other gthan to a child under five years old or a caveman !

      • My cousin flies planes at 60.000 feet, not all of the time of course.He has flown all around the planet, and he said it round all over too. Plus as you fly that high all around the planet, you can see the curvature as you fly around the GLOBE.
        How about Mars, and Jupiter they are both round, and we watch it spin too?

    • The Arctic is not as icy as the Antarctic. Ball earth theory says because of tilt. Plane earth theory says because orbit of sun above plane does not provide as much sun light to the outer rim as it does to the inner center.
      If the sun were millions of miles away your comment would likely be true. But, since it cannot be very far away, it only spotlights the section of the plane that it is above, maybe a 10,000 mile diameter circle of light?

      • Why are the days shorter or longer at the poles depending on the year, well because of the 23% tilt which is controlled by the Moons gravity as it orbits the GLOBE. The real question is who made the Moon, and when did they bring it here to use as a base, and as a gyro for EARTH..

  3. Yep love the “picture”, go and look at what nasa calls pictures. They ALL are made of either composites, cgi, or artist’s renditions. So if that is what you call a picture you must believe every hollywood movie that comes out. Thanks for being a lap dog for your masters that have indoctrinated you since the time you could first remember and being dismissive to anyone that would like to think differently than what they want you to believe. It shows your childishness as this article clearly was written with contempt. Bad journalist!

        • What about the fact that it’s always sunny in summer, some people work in Antarctica in the summer with 24/7 sunlight. If the earth was flat how would that be possible? And anyway, if the sun was above the earth that close wouldn’t it always be sunny everywhere?.. And the whole sun light through clouds has to do with perspective.. You know, the sun appears in a point in the sky.. So why would the sun light go straight up? I learnt about perspective at bloody high school!

          • Thanks Dylan. I am still reviewing all the evidence for and against the flat earth theory. But the issue is that the flat earth theory has fundamentally different assumptions from the heliocentric model that is commonly known. According to the flat earth model, the sun is not some 93 million miles away and is not millions of times bigger than the earth. The flat earth model assumes that the sun is much smaller and is nearer to the earth, and it moves around the earth and not the other way round. Thus it moves in a certain motion above the earth, providing light to different parts of the earth at different times. Have a look at some of the Youtube videos. I am not 100% convinced but the evidence seems pretty strong.

      • If the earth is flat and is shaped like the maps provided with this article, there is no south pole. It can only exist if the world is round.

        • Here’s one that messes with their heads . we know for a fact that the equator has a greater distance in circumference than either the tropic of cancer and the tropic of capricorn . Now this works perfectly on a ball earth and these distances have been used in navigation pretty much from the time that humans learned to sail over the seas. It can not work on the flat earth model. The other one that baffles them is that during the Volvo ocean races that circumnavigate the globe why do so many of the competitors risk hitting icebergs and enduring the extreme cold of the southern ocean on the legs from Cape Town to Sydney and then to Tierra Del Fuego in South America. Simple answer is because on a globe these are the shortest routes. whereas on a flat earth map they are the longest . Now why would anyone in their right mind take all those risks and discomfort if it was the longest route .. Come on flatheads time to use some of that common sense you keep telling us you have !

          • How much does the NWO pay you to be a Flat Earth Troll? If you’re not receiving a check, you have way too much free time, so perhaps you’re an heir. You are truly a cheerleader for the elites (who also love to mock everyone who isn’t like them). Why do you seem to enjoy insulting people so much? Were you always a bully? Maybe you didn’t receive enough love in your childhood? My hope for you is that one day you might learn to be a nice person. I’m surprised that they allow people like you to post comments here at all. While I don’t believe in censorship, I do believe in civility and respect (neither of which do you seem capable of -from all I’ve read in these comments). I’ll pray for you man.

            • If you get that from my laying out well known and understood facts that can be checked by anyone with even a litte brain then you are the one that is the problem and definitely not the solution. Time is here where straight talk is needed, it is the wishy washy libertard attitude like yours that has is in the current mess the World is in , and it’s high time for a major clean up. Be the solution not the problem !

              • Good one, and I can’t add are detract from that one.

                Jon proof read your post, and correct it, or it will be used to prove osoma obama was right.

        • The world governments are going to fight over the ancient alien technology there too. That might have something to do with why
          you can’t fly there too.

  4. yes your correct there is no real picture of earth from space, nasa’s own words, their
    is no space program, its just a giant heist of taxpayer money

  5. all you need to know is the usgs, united nations, all aircraft travel uses the flat earth map. All aircraft instruments are set for a flat plain

    • The maps are simply transposed from a globe to falt paper for ease of use, and no aircraft instruments are not set to a flat plane they are set to a level and altitude from sea level and they are simply not big enough to to be set to a curve and anyway that is not relevant to level flight as the only relevance is a tiny portion of the horizon that appears to be flat in the direction the plane’s nose is pointed. For the rest learn how to fly or at least read up on aerodynamics and the forces involved in flight. Until then stop making a fool of yourself because you obviously know little about anything !

  6. If you are flying from Charlotte, NC eastward and it takes two hours to your destination, then it stands to reason on a 1000 mph eastward spinning Earth, the return trip should take half the time, but it doesn’t. Why not?

    • Because when a plane goes up.. The earth doesn’t spin 1000 mph underneath it, the plane moves with the earth.. So the plane is moving 1000+plane speed = realistic time period of your destination.

        • it doesn’t but it does affect what time zone you are in because it changes you relationship of where the sun is relative to the earth’s rotation. So if you are flying west you’ll experience a longer period of daylight than if you were flying east. That;s why back in the days when the Concorde was flying from Europe to the US you could have breakfast at pretty much the same time in in both places but in real time you had been flying for hours. It is really very simple. Come on Stan you need to keep up or you won;t get into big school !

      • The Earth spin 1000 mph at the equator and 500 mph halfway north, if the plane go from north to south, how it pick up the speed to 1000 mph. How plane land?

        • According to your theory the plane took off from the north where planet is spinning at 200mph and the plane is going say 300mph, so it should be heading south at 500mph… Right?, so now as it enters the equator and the earth is spinning 1000mph but The plane is going 500mph!!!! how does it land!?, but….. But, have you ever seen a plane flying sideways at 500mph?…. No because when a plane goes up, The earth doesn’t spin 200 mph underneath it, the plane moves with the earth (because a little thing called atmosphere pushed it).. So the plane is moving Earth speed + plane speed so when the plane flied south… it’s moving 1000mph + 300mph. That how plane land ?

          • You should say “gravity”! That is the magical cure all for ball earthers.:) Gravity holds the atmosphere to this spinning ball, but also allows gnats, and butterflies to flutter about at will. Gravity is the answer for everything! Wheeeeeeeeee!!!

        • Learn to fly. Take off see what happens and then try and figure it out. Actually don’t bother I don’t think yoiu’ll ever understand. unless you start over from kindergarten !

      • inertia something the flat earth idiots dont even begin to understand……they are claiming just because the car is moving 100MPH the people in it are NOT MOVING because you can see they are sitting still now cant you?

  7. East is still east, continually in the same direction. You are not even allowed to fly or float over Antarctica, so how would you know?

  8. You have NEVER looked at an actual photograph of our earth, NASA even admits that ALL images are created by CGI and artists renderings.

  9. I have never seen a real picture of our planet. If they are real then why do they always look cartoony or like they’re made on a computer….

  10. The distance from Halifax, Nova Scotia to Glasgow, Scotland is 2642 miles. The distance from Buenos Aries, Argentina and Cape Town, South Africa is 4281 miles, 1.62 times as long if the 2nd and 3rd maps are correct. The difference should be much greater. As for the 1st map, it is impossible to cross the Pacific, which people have been doing since 1511.

  11. Once plane go up , it’s not attached to me Earth. 10 km up the air very thin, how can thin air move plane 500 mph? It’s have to be hurricane all over the world. That’s nonsense. The Earth is flat, and not moving. Go to NASA site, read how they calculate direction for airplanes. Use your brain, do your own research.

    • It is not the air that us blowing the plane forward it is the power and thrust from the jet engines. Now the fly high in the thin air because there is less resistance so the can fly faster with less power needed than at low altitude. But they have limits because the engines need air / oxygen to be able to work. so it is a balance of the right altitude for maximum speed with minimum power and fuel usage.calculated against the planes weight. The funny thing is you show that you have no clue , that you are stupid then you tell others who do know to go and do research. Yyou should take your own advice or go and buy a new brain, because the one you have is not working !

      • You are using reason,and logic again. It will not over ride their emotions.That is what they are PROGRAMED with. The globalist know what they are doing, when it comes to dumbing down their future SLAVES.

  12. It’s really quite cute, the Flat Earth believers are so childlike in their inocence and utter lack of knowledge. All they have are their rather feeble human senses, that logically tell them that it is flat and still, because that’s how it feels and that is what they can see. Fair enough for a very young child or a cave man. Then some of them start to make themselves look very foolish simply because they were not paying attention in school. and they start making seriously flawed , stupid statements with absolute conviction that they are right and hundreds of years of research and science is wrong and a lie just because they say so and then they also often go on a religious rant misquoting scripture written hundreds if not thousands of years ago. When asked simple questions to prove their point they branch off at a tangent and attack one’s sanity for daring to ask them a question that they have no logical answer to . They become frustrated and fall apart, but the fragile egos and irrational beliefs that they are actually significant and therefore have to be by devine intention and design appear to cloud any possibility for rational thought processes. But actually without trying to explain air routes , aerodynamics, weather paterns or how the globe map is transposed onto paper so that it can be more managable for navigation or even any of the maths or formulas or complicated things like surveying , just take this simple test. We all know and agree, including flat earthers that the equator is in the middle , the tropic of capricorn is south of the equator and the tropic of cancer is north of the equator. we also know that direct flight routes and distances measured in real life are the same on either the tropic of cancer or the tropic of capricorn So here is a little very simple test find a map that airline pilots use and take two places that both lie on the tropic of cancer and find out what the distance is . Then go down to the tropic of capricorn and find two places with as close to the same distance as you can. if you like you can gooble the direct flight times and distances while your at it. and all this is from a flat map that the pilots use , right! OK now go to your flat earth mapt, the one with the north pole right in the centre and the south pole all around the outside edge, Now straight away you will see that for this model to be true the circle representing the tropic of cancer is quite small, the equator is bigger and the tropic of capricorn is even bigger so any distance on the tropic of capricorn is twice as much as that on the tropic of cancer. You already measured that didn’t you ? now try and fit the same distances and flight times onto your flat earth map.. Ok scratch your head , feel foolish, maybe have a good cry and stop being so stupid ! After that you will start to realise just who has been lying to you !

  13. I was looking at some maps the other day was a bit blurry I swear i could see the word jade. I zoomed in and it actually said 180E , it also happened tobe the north pole.
    Could be what jade helm is for, when americans find out there tax dollars have been funding nasa.

  14. I wish the Earth is flat. My job as a Cartographer and Geographic Information researcher would be so much simpler. Too many coordinate system and projections for the round earth.

  15. You seem rather defensive. Why not search for yourself. Check out books written by former masons, skull and bones members, political elite, and bilderburg members. These guys all have been part of a larger agenda. The new world order. It’s been going on for centuries. They want people to think just the way you do. Don’t wait too long.

    • Whilst these groups undoubedly have agendas for maintaining power and contriol over the people this is a spurious argument and pathetic attempt at distraction and obfuscation on your part and has nothing to do with the known shape of the Earth. And no matter how much one might read or invest time in real investigation no one is going to prove what is simply not real.

      • Freemasonry is about morals, and the symbolism is based on the building of King Solomons Temple, the one that was built to house the Arc. You owe you FREE dom to them too. Or you would be on your knees to the pope in Rome. The word constitution is a word they invented, and also the vote too.

      • Well, if the moon spins, and the earth also spins, tell me why we all see the same face, anyone with 3 brain cells can see something is amiss somewhere, watch the moon come up travel across the sky and watch it go down, same face. This does not make sense, I am not flat earth, but for some reason things are not right.

    • Which has what to do with the fact the EARTH is round? The US is also called the Masonic experiment, because no government was built on reason before it. They built them on religion like the flat earth religion.

  16. NASA Apollo 11 Lunar Lander. Go to their site. Scope it waaayyy up close, say, a foot at a time. Now, tell us how you’d go a mile down the freeway in that thing, let alone use it for space travel. Do tell. For real fun, review it with Antonio Subirats on YT. His channel. NASA Lander Lunacy, pt. 1&2. No one. No one has come back thinking that went to space, or that we did, either. Ftr, the blueprints of the inside don’t match the outside…the tiny porthole in particular. Then, how did they take a parting shot of the full moon when the full moon was on the 28th? (Hint, the “landing” was on the 20th. You do the math.).

    • I’ll add that FE people do NOT think you can fall off the earth…..makes you wonder what they DO think…. Clearly, the usual not-journalism with which we are all painfully familiar these days is abundant here. Not one actual inquiry was done. Zero. The proof is in the foolish writing.

    • Agree! How did we hear the astronot talking to Houston while the lunar lander was landing? The rocket engines would have been roaring way louder than would have allowed us to hear him, but these rockets were quiet as a mouse, weren’t they?

  17. Flat earth map contradict itself, because the largest continent by area is Asia, followed by Africa, North America, South America, Antarctica, Europe then Australia. Where as the flat earth circle map with the North pole at the center it shows that Africa is the biggest continent. If you compare North and South America the South America is much bigger. U.S.A and Canada combined their land area is as big as Australia, well Australia is the 6th largest country by area. A Faulty map of flat earth tells about its factuality. Flat earthers can’t even explain why the moon’s is circle during fullmoon.

    • The moon is one of the lights that our Creator provided for us to mark the seasons, along with the sun, and the stars, and the wandering stars which we call planets.

  18. This flat earth idea is very interesting. Flat earth? Why can’t we measure a curve on the surface? Where are all the whole earth photos from space? Rotation of earth below a plane or even balloon… remember the Red Bull jump? Took him hours to reach jumping height, yet he ended up landing further East when if the earth is supposed to be rotating below him should not he have landed further West?

    • It rotates on it axis, and it orbits the Sun, and the Sun orbits in an outer arm of the Milky way galaxy, and the Milky galaxy is moving too. That is a lot of movement. You are a real bright fellow aren’t you? Oh yea why are so many of you geniuses (word comes from Jin or Jennie hint read the Koran) not using you real name?

  19. I believe in the Bible, and when it say the 4 Corners of the earth, and that God set the Mountains and the earth on its foundation, I take it literally. There are many scriptures pointing to the earth not rotating or spinning, and that it is set and objects move around us. Also there are scriptures that talk about the firmament and the dome aka water over us and under us, there is no way scientifically and Biblically that man can reach into outer space to the depths they have claimed. NASA has shown they have escape tunnels from each rocket, why would they not use them and fake a landing when Hollywood works for them, and we give them 19Billion in U.S. tax dollars every year. Heck I could fake the most amazing moon landing you have ever not seen, and that is why they only employee 33 degree or above Mason Scientist to work there. Not saying they dont have a passion to research earth, they just as misguided in wanting to be gods instead of giving God the glory for what they do, and deceiving all of the world in what they do.

    • There is nothing in the Scottish Rite above the 33 degree, which is just a degree you get as a honor for you service to the CLUB. They employ many scientist that are not masons, and some were at the top. Most of the Germans were not like Werner Van Braun, because hitler killed or imprisoned them. He hated anything that was that good.
      Masons give GOD the glory for everything. They just have no dogma like the ASTROLOGY of the new testament. To be a mason you only have to have a good reputation, and profess a belief in YOUR immortal soul, and of course GOD. Which they don’t even want to know you GODS name either. A woman teaching us about the Masonic Fraternities. lady you should stick to something you have a CLUE about. I will not insult you by telling you about periods or giving birth, because I know, you know, I don’t know what I am talking about with those TWO subjects,.

  20. Okay I gotta question that might open up a can of worms: what about the Aurora Borealis and Aurora Australis? Can there be a flat earth way of explaining them? I get the international airline routes, they make sense and I’m this near being convinced we’re on a “plane earth” and not a planet. Also, I’ll ask if anyone knows what maritime law says – planet or do they just say earth?

  21. There is a another side to Planet earth with land flowing with milk and Honey, food grows wild! A land beyond the North pole , South pole, East pole, and West pole ! All we have to do is fly over the wall of Ice that extend from all the poles and fight the Guardian!

  22. The Flat Earth Society is not a true representation of the flat earth theory. Leo Ferrari thought it was a colossal joke and started this society (which Daniel Shenton now heads). They prefer to mix some truth with nonsense to muddy the waters.

  23. Nasa pushes lies and passed fakes as authentics for years… uses cgi and composites, models and mock-Ups… claimed go have lost all “MOON LANDING” data(fake as well).. nasa’s moon rock gifts were found to be fake as well And, well, NASA CLAIMS THE EARTH IS A GLOBE…
    (Proven, admittedly fake photo?…that’s your” NUFF SAID” obama drop the mic moment?..idiot.)……
    Looks flat to me..

    • NSAS lies about what is on the MOON, and who is there, and what is was really used for.
      Mars also had an advanced civilization, and when Mars was NUKED by two (HUGE) hydrogen bombs. Some of them came here, and lived at Antartica until the pole shift flash froze them. They are still there, and their amazing technology is too. The anti gravity disc is just the tip of their technology too. Why do you think every government is racing to get there to dig it up?

  24. If the earth is not round, how does the sun come up in the east and set in the west each day? Where does the sun go for the other 12 hours? Flat earth does not make sense. And the earth has to be moving because I can’t keep my telescope on the moon. I am always having to adjust it every few minutes. Doesn’t take a smart person to figure out that either the moon or the earth is moving, and I am just a kid.

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