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  • Homeless Man Shown Mercy, Shows Mercy: Power of One Person

    Homeless Man Shown Mercy, Shows Mercy: Power of One Person0

    On every corner of most cities, you are going to see a homeless man or woman. Are The Homeless Stigmatized? The homeless have a stigma attached to them that is often a negative one. The immediate stereotype of all homeless are that they are addicts, lazy, or just not looking hard enough for a job.

  • Food For Fines is More Than Giving

    Food For Fines is More Than Giving0

    We are all connected in some way to each other. As a human being, if we are able to have empathy and give back to the community we spread hope to others. Serving the Community What opportunities are out there to serve the community? Turning a negative outcome into a positive action that benefits others

  • Coal Industry Boost vs. Health Issues

    Coal Industry Boost vs. Health Issues0

    The coal industry is vanishing because of environmental laws and restrictions on pollution. Some of the southern states depend on the coal industry for their livelihood, which has been passed down for generations. Coal Industry Boost Trump is an avid supporter of the coal industry. He made promises to the Appalachian coal states that he

  • Food Contamination: Food vs. Product

    Food Contamination: Food vs. Product0

    As we sit down to enjoy our favorite salad, we do not know that it is tainted with E. coli. Beware of Lettuce For so many years, different leafy, green vegetables have been recalled from being contaminated with E. coli.  Packaged green salad had bacteria in them, packaged spinach was contaminated, and romaine has been

  • Women and Men: Differences in the Brain

    Women and Men: Differences in the Brain0

    There has been many studies done on the intelligence of women and men.  Are men more intelligent? Are women more intelligent? Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus was a book that was written to understand the human workings of men and women. Scientific Differences Are men’s and women’s brains different? Some people say that

  • Jim Allison, the Immunotherapy Breakthrough Genius

    Jim Allison, the Immunotherapy Breakthrough Genius0

    Cancer, as we know it, ravages through a person’s body and spreads. Unless cancer is caught early, it spreads to other organs left untreated. Cancer: The Menace What is cancer? Cancer occurs within the body when cells keep dividing and overdeveloping. The immune system is compromised when cancer attacks.  Cancer can weaken the immune system


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