When the image of a 4th grade Science Quiz entitled “Dinosaurs:  Genesis and the Gospel” appeared on my Facebook feed a week or so ago, I immediately dismissed it as a hoax.  The answers are so clearly wrong and the Creationist agenda is so clearly evident – how could it possibly be real?

A couple of sample questions?  “Answers” are in brackets…

  • True or False:  The Earth is billions of years old. (FALSE!)
  • True or False:  Dinosaurs lived millions of years ago. (FALSE!)
  • True or False:  Dinosaurs lived with people. (TRUE!)
  • What is the history book of the universe?  (THE BIBLE!)
  • The next time someone says the Earth is billions (or millions) of years old, what can you say?  (WERE YOU THERE?)

Well, my faith in humanity was broken once more when I looked it up on Snopes and discovered that the test is indeed real.  Check it out below, and read through the Snopes article to get the details.

4th Grade Science Quiz for Creationists

4th Grade Science Quiz for Creationists


  1. Ridicule is what atheists do best, yet they fail to see their own ridiculousness, a good example of this is their faith in a proven liar who calls himself the “Amazing Randi” who lied for decades about a million dollar challenge then when Bill Perron took him up Randi lied to weasel out of the challenge. Atheist are afraid of the truth that Randi is a liar so they refuse to even look at the Perron evidence. Lies are lies no matter if they are about God or Million Dollar Challenges, they are still lies.

      • Really, and what do you know about the liar Randi weaseling out of the Perron challenge that I don’t know, pray tell. This ought to be good, can’t wait to hear.

          • Rudy Randibot, thank you for demonstrating how ignorant you are. Perron never claimed any paranormal ability, if you knew what the challenge was you wouldn’t have made such a stupid posting for all the world to see your ignorance. The Perron challenge Randi lied about to weasel out of had to do with astrology. Even idiots know astrologers claim no “paranormal” abilities.

  2. dwb1957
    Still waiting to hear what wisdom dwb1957 has to share. Perhaps he is taking his own advice and not commenting publicly on something he obviously knows nothing about.

  3. Atheists like to eat marshmallows for breakfast. That’s completely ridiculous! And on the totally same topic as that somehow is how ridiculous that James Randi guy is and how he is avoiding a challenge named after Bill Perron!

    Yes, Bill Perron…who is TOTALLY not the same guy as Carlos Caliente, I mean, because pretending to be a totally separate person to lend a thin veneer of respectability to one’s own rants would be lame!

    That creationist quiz is testing things by its own standard of evidence! You know who else is testing things by their own standard of evidence? James Randi! That’s right! With a lot of weaseling! Lots! Give that Perron guy a million dollars, guy! That totally different totally in the right guy with the magic printer!

    Have I mentioned James Randi yet?

  4. so the correct response to the scientific statement about the age of the earth is “were you there?” but that is not a proper response to “God created the World” or “Jesus was born to a virgin?”

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