Predicting the future is hard.  Really hard.  And if it were actually possible, psychics would all be millionaires from winning the lottery or would have high power positions with government or corporations.  At the very least, they would help police with their search and rescue efforts to find missing persons – and they’d actually find missing persons.

But even legitimate experts aren’t really good at predicting things.  For example, Steven Levitt of Freakonomics fame has this to say about “expert” predictions for the financial crisis of 2008:

So, most predictions we remember are ones which were fabulously, wildly unexpected and then came true. Now, the person who makes that prediction has a strong incentive to remind everyone that they made that crazy prediction which came true. If you look at all the people, the economists, who talked about the financial crisis ahead of time, those guys harp on it constantly. “I was right, I was right, I was right.” But if you’re wrong, there’s no person on the other side of the transaction who draws any real benefit from embarrassing you by bring up the bad prediction over and over. So there’s nobody who has a strong incentive, usually, to go back and say, Here’s the list of the 118 predictions that were false. … And without any sort of market mechanism or incentive for keeping the prediction makers honest, there’s lots of incentive to go out and to make these wild predictions.  (Steven Levitt)

Therefore, it should come as no surprise that many of history’s predictions have proven to be incorrect.

Here are 13 failed predictions that couldn’t have been  more wrong…
13 Failed Predictions That Couldn't Have Been More Wrong

  • Bill Perron

    There have also been a lot of predictions that have come true, but if your agenda is to post only those that support wrong predictions then of course you won’t post those.

    • Hi Bill, why not make some predictions for 2015? If you post a bunch of predictions that are really accurate AND come true in 2015, that would be really cool. We promise we won’t edit your predictions and we’ll leave them up on the site so that you can refer back to them if you want. That would be a good opportunity, right?

      • Bill Perron

        Yep it would be, but I’m not a psychic, never said I was.

        • Oh ok.

          It’s just that on previous psychic-related articles, you’ve commented and defended psychics (and said you took the Randi Challenge) as Carlos Caliente and linked to which redirects to

          Never mind then.

          • Bill Perron

            What do you mean “Never mind then”? I defend minority rights yet I’m not a minority, defending psychics because I know how biased and bigoted professional pseudo skeptics like Randi and Shermer are. I never took the Randi challenge, if I had I would have won. My challenge had to do with astrology, I am an excellent astrologer and you should certainly know one doesn’t have to be psychic to be a good astrologer. If you actually took time to read my postings about my experience with Randi you would know after Randi accepted my astrology challenge I insisted we video tape the testing because after I passed the test I suspected Randi would lie to weasel out of paying and I might need the video tape as evidence. Then Randi did lie, he blatantly lied, check it out for yourself, he said he was rejecting the Perron challenge because “Perron wants no photos taken.” Video takes 30 pictures a second, in truth I wanted thousands of photos taken. I have publicly offered for 7 years to Randi ten thousand dollars if he can produce anything that I said about not wanting any photos taken. Ask him he why he can’t take my ten grand, I DARE YOU TO ASK HIM. As for Carlos Caliente he is a stage name, a lot of show biz folks have stage names.

    • Mark

      Bill: did you not read the title or the prelude to this article? That is the entire point, that along with the brilliant predictions, there are also myriad astoundingly WRONG predictions made every day. It’s just that we forget those that are wrong because nobody makes a point of reminding us.

      This list is a partial list of some of those forgotten guesses.

  • Bill Perron

    It is now January 1 2015 you have had three weeks to contact Randi and report back as you said you would. How come you haven’t reported back?

    • Rest assured, this has not fallen off our radar. Mr. Randi was in Australia for various speaking events and his team asked that we follow up in the early New Year. When we have a response, we’ll be sure to post it.

      • Bill Perron

        Thank you. Really looking forward to hear what the liar has to say.

      • Bill Perron

        Please, please, please, remember I have a ten thousand dollar offer for him , you, or any one else, that can produce one shred of evidence that I wanted “no photos taken” as he used that lie as a reason to weasel out of my challenge. I could easily and quite safely make it ten million dollars because I know he lied and there is no chance of him coming up with that. He lied, he knows it, I know it, and hopefully you will soon know it too. I am an honest man who always keeps his word, I promised Randi I would be on his lying boney ass until he either admitted he lied and publicly apologized for lying about me, or until he died, whichever came first, I am just keeping my promise. … Thank you, again. Bill Perron

      • Bill Perron

        It’s now February 5th you’ve had over 2 months, what excuse now do you present as your reason for not posting the Randi response as to why he lied to weasel out of the Bill Perron challenge for his disingenuous publicity stunt million dollars.

        • The reason is that we have not received a response from the JREF. Rest assured that when we do, we will post it here.

  • Dave Williams

    If only Mary Somerville HAD been right….