What are the world’s largest predators to have ever existed on Earth?  This infographic sheds light on the 15 largest.  Surprisingly, my childhood favourite, Tyrannosaurus Rex, ranks only 14th.  I can imagine a day when even larger predators are discovered and T-Rex is taken off the list entirely…

The Big 15:

  1. Sperm Whale
  2. Mauisaurus
  3. Megalodon
  4. Spinosaurus
  5. Basilosaurus
  6. Tylosaurus
  7. Mosasaurus
  8. Predator X
  9. Titanoboa
  10. Gigantosaurus
  11. Carcharodontosaurus
  12. Elasmosaurus
  13. Colossal Squid
  14. Tyrannosaurus Rex
  15. Deinosuchus

In the infographic below, the little human used for scale in is 1.75m, and each square in the grid represents 1m

The Top 15 World's Largest Predators
Click to see a larger version…

Image Source:  http://predatorhaven.blogspot.ca/2013_01_01_archive.html