Why do you believe in God?  Is it because you were born into a family with a particular religion and simply inherited the same one?  Is it because you look to the Bible to define your moral codes?  Is it because you don’t understand something, or you’re bothered that scientists can’t explain certain phenomenon in the universe… therefore God did it?  Is it because you are afraid of death, and the concept of “heaven” or “paradise” comforts you? Is it because you’re afraid of retribution for not believing?

Have you taken the time to question your religion, and your God?  Really ask serious questions – and then look at the answers without bias?  Remember, the truth is never embarrassed by honest inquiry.  Don’t be afraid to question your religion.

Consider the following infographic, “Why do you believe in God”, found on “This Ain’t News” (click to see a larger, more legible version).

Why do you believe in God?