Apparently, a lot of people.

In fact, as of February 2012, nearly 30 percent of Americans think that Bigfoot (otherwise known as the Yeti, Sasquatch, or Abominable Snowman) is “probably” real, according to an Angus Reid Survey Poll.

Despite the fact that there is no credible evidence, that America has been pretty much fully “discovered”, and that only one primate has been discovered in Africa in the last 3 decades (and only just recently), it seems highly unlikely that the beast exists.  For once – just once – I’d love to see a legit video or some form of physical evidence of Bigfoot – not just blurry photos, hoaxes, or anecdotal stories.  The burden of proof is on the cryptozoologists to prove that Bigfoot exists, not on others to prove that it doesn’t.

Who actually believes in Bigfoot?