While it is certainly important that good grammar is upheld and taught well, a bit of self-reflection is needed before we sneer at other people’s mistakes.  Except when someone says, “for all intensive purposes…” instead of “for all intents and purposes…” like “in every practical sense”. When you say “for all intensive purposes”, you are saying, “for all purposes that are characterized as intense”.

Also, it’s not “nucular“, but rather “nuclear“.

And it’s not “expresso“, but rather “espresso“.  There’s no “x”.

Additionally, it’s not “expecially” or “excape“, but “especially” and “escape“. You also don’t “axe” questions. You “ask” them.

Finally, when you’re at the ATM, you don’t enter your “PIN Number“, you enter your “PIN“, because the “N” stands for “number”.

Yup, for all intents and purposes, I can be a pedantic jerk, just like the guy in the comic below…

When grammar was invented...
Source: Cyanide and Happiness