The “Internet of Things” is a commonly misunderstood phrase.  Many people think it refers to things like an app for your heating, or turning on your kettle from your phone.  In reality, however, it is a world-vision of interconnected devices, buildings, vehicles and other appliances.  These “things” all communicate with each other wirelessly, carrying out independent actions without the need for human interaction.

The Internet of Things could provide intelligent and efficient heating, controlling homes and offices automatically.  It could contribute to smart soil and intelligent crops, feeding information to irrigation systems which are adjusted according to historical data, weather predictions, and crop requirements.  The possibilities extend to the health sector, transportation sector, manufacturing, environmental, and more.

Concerns, controversies and criticism include people’s privacy and security, along with environmental impact, and of course… the concept of the singularity:  a potentially dystopian future a-la-Terminator… or a Utopian future where human’s biological limits are extended via rapidly advancing technological systems.

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What is the Internet of Things?