Did you know that in the United Kingdom, roughly 24 million whole slices of bread are thrown out every day, along with 5.8 million potatoes?  Is everyone on the Atkins diet over there?  Worse yet, back in 2012, 7.1 billion pounds of food waste was generated.  Thankfully, the UK food industry is innovating and developing solutions – some of which are outlined in the infographic below.


UK Food Industry and Food Waste-600

Hats off to McQueen Cairns for the tip.

  • We waste even more lives due to the lies and propaganda of the meat (including fish) and dairy industries.
    Go vegan! You will start to see everything in a different way, including a better understanding of resources management, and so many other things. Veganism is more than a diet, more than a lifestyle, Once you go vegan, other things start coming into place: it is a large scale solution.