Supposedly taken from a Hong Kong elementary school first grade student admissions test, this question has the Internet frustrated and stumped.  The question is:  “What parking spot # is the car parked in?”.  Please answer within 20 seconds.

Don’t mean to brag… but it took me 3 seconds.

What is the number of the parking spot?

  • William Dean Ziemer

    Where’s an Abacus when you need one? Right?
    I can’t believe this has anyone stumped…The numbers would be facing the cars as they pull in…think about it….They are upside down from our perspective… the answer…drumroll please…87

    • William Dean Ziemer

      The driver of the car backed in, which is my prefered way of parking in many situations…not that that really matters to anyone.

      • Gangsta

        In which case you’d be looking n your mirror…. LOL!

  • rahul