Do you believe that the basis for morality is a product of human evolution or that it’s derived from religion?  Many scientists agree that morality – the principles concerning the distinction between right and wrong or good and bad behavior – is a product of evolution and human experience.

Morality is not exclusive to human beings; elements of it can be found in other animal relationships, like chimpanzees.  Additionally, because morality is acquired through evolution, moral universals – like reciprocity, cooperation, sanctions – are exhibited in all societies and cultures.  Finally, infants display signs of morality even before they have experienced much of the world.  More specifically, before they have been exposed to religious or cultural tenets.

The reality about morality is that it is not based on religion, but rather it is a part of our DNA – built from the ground up through evolution as an adaptation to survive as a social species.

The reality of morality.
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