There’s an old saying that goes, “I know this like the back of my hand.”  It means that you know something really well because after all, how much better can you know something than the back of your very own hand?

Well, try taking a close up peek at the back of your hand under a microscope.  That thing turns into an alien desert complete with giant flaking valleys and huge black trees made out of your own grotesque hairs.

Zoom in on anything and you will enter an entire new world of knowing.  Take the caterpillar for instance. There is not a whole lot cuter than a little caterpillar nibbling on a green leaf.  Drop that sucker under a microscope and you’re looking face-to-face at every nightmare you have ever had.

Take a gander at these ten close-up pictures and see if you can figure out what they are.


1 coca cola

If you guessed that this is a snapshot of a painting in a gallery, possibly a Georgia O’Keefe, then you are dead wrong. This actually every modern man’s best friend, good ole Coca Cola.
2 macro grains of sand

What about this?  This can’t be real. It looks like some scene out of My Little Pony where the fields are made of gemstones and the local wildlife poop out ice cream and rainbows. Actually, this is just plain old 1000x’s magnified sand. Yep, sand.


taste buds sem microscopic view

Ewww, what is that? Really, what is that? That is the highway to all things romantic and passionate. That is the magnified human tongue, or taste buds to be exact.


red blood cells

No, it is not a handful of cinnamon candies.  Those are actually red blood cells.


salt and pepper magnified

Is it marshmallows and graham crackers? Or just salt and pepper really really up-close.


magnified macro lint

This may be the most beautiful thing one has ever seen… Or maybe it’s a ball of lint.


used dental floss magnified macro

Isn’t that pretty? Like a blob of jelly just dancing between two tubes of light. Yep, that’s used dental floss.


tree bark magnified macro

This one is easy. With all those wispy and dainty little lines, that’s obviously tree bark.


cat flea magnified macro

Lobster anyone? It’s a little disturbing that that delicious looking critter is actually a flea from a cat. Am I the only one that thinks it looks kind of cute?


Human Skin and Hair, Microscopic View

You got it, that dark and deserted landscape from hell, yep, that’s the back of your hand.


As you can see, once you magnify your world you open your eyes to the endless wonder that surrounds us. Or, you know, absolute terror.  Either way it’s relatively interesting!


Guest Author Bio: Annette Hazard is a freelance blogger that is promoting She writes on a variety of topics and is a an avid cyclist and mother of one.