jasmuheen-breatharianismThe fact is that people have been trying to sell each other snake oil ever since money was invented.  But it’s a little known fact that most snake-oil salesmen actually believe in the stuff they’re selling. Yes, they do.

Let me give you an example – the story of Jasmuheen.  This girl is very open minded.  She claims to be able to channel not only Jesus, but Buddha and Krishna all at the same time.  That’s some epic channelling skills.

It all started when she went on a New Age fair where she met a ‘wonderful indian man’ who had ‘shown her the light’, and taught her the secret of…. how to live without eating.

Breatharianism 101:

The kind old man taught her a secret method of living without eating. What I will reveal to you now is classified information that only Jasmuheen’s inner-circle knows… (Or people who bought her $20 book… but only her inner circle ever used this and you’ll soon know why):

  1. Go to a secluded space with no water, electricity, no stores, and no access to food whatsoever. This is needed because the ‘energy of food will not allow you to get over it’
  2. Set up a tend there
  3. Spend 60 days in this secluded space
  4. ????
  5. You no longer require food.

The interesting thing is that the method is 100% correct.  After spending 60 days without eating or drinking you won’t  require food because you’ll be dead.

And it’s a fact that numerous deaths have been caused by people who were trusting enough to believe this girl

She herself claims that it’s obvious that those people weren’t pure enough for the ritual, and so they only have themselves to blame

Recently, the show 60 Minutes made a very extensive documentary about our little three-some channeler:

It’s interesting to note how apologetic she is in the video.  “Oh, I wrote a book that will promise you better health and eternal youth if only you stop eating, but I didn’t write it thinking that anyone would actually do it.  It was for informational purposes only!”

In her book she promotes absolute responsibility, which is why she does not have to take responsibility for the deaths she caused. They have chosen to listen to her, and therefore it’s their fault.

So, okay, this woman charges thousands of dollars for her seminars, sells a lot of books to women who want magic in their lives, and you’re telling me that she’s not promoting or taking responsibility for her own product?

Anyone who tells you that you can live in this world without eating and drinking is a fraud or a psychotic, or both.

If only common sense was actually common

Nutritional science (and common sense) indicates that fasting for extended periods leads to starvation, dehydration, and eventually, death. In the absence of caloric intake, the body normally burns its own reserves of glycogen, body fat, and muscle. Breatharians claim that their bodies do not consume these reserves while fasting.

Few breatharians have submitted themselves to medical testing; of those that have, including a hospital’s observation of an Indian mystic Prahlad Jani surviving without food or water for 15 days, none have undergone peer review with results independently reproduced.  In a handful of documented cases, individuals attempting breatharian fasting have died, and among the claims investigated by the Indian Rationalist Association, all were found to be fraudulent.

hira ratan manek sungazingAnd Jasmuheen is definitively not the only girl that promotes such odd, pseudo scientific  alternative practices.  Get this – there’s even a subculture of sungazers.   These are people who believe that it’s so passe to eat food and water, because all true energy comes from the Sun.

To the Sungazers, you’re really only getting your calories second-hand if you’re eating, and so it’s only totally logical that to achieve ‘total health’ you have to just stare directly at the sun for at least an hour a day. (This is the actual recommendation this guy makes in his book)

So let’s recap the ‘magical techniques for living without food‘ and their potential effects:

  1. Breatharianism:  60 days of fasting + 0 caloric intake = death
  2. Sungazing:  Staring at the sun for an hour each day + stupidity = blindness

Sounds legit to me…

Guest Author’s Bio:

Matt Neputin is a recovering psychotic and fiction author who writes at and has dedicated himself to the research of evidence based therapies.


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