How does Science compare to Faith?

This handy flowchart, courtesy of, carefully illustrates the the thought process behind the development of an idea.  It’s quite obviously meant as a jab to the way “faithers” try to rationalize their ideas, but you have to admit, when debating a subject like evolution, it certainly feels like the only defense of a faith based idea is to ignore any contradicting evidence.

Click the image to see a larger (and clearer) version.

science vs faith flowchart small

  • Faith is something you experience, it is not scientific, unlike science faith is internal, science is external. Science is ever changing it’s positions and conclusions, with science what is todays truth is tomorrows fallacy. Things are accomplished often because someone has faith in a project that science says is impossible.

    • Thom

      ” Things are accomplished often because someone has faith in a project that science says is impossible.”

      Examples please.

      • Bill Perron

        Thom … read “The Experts Speak” by Cerf and Navasky ISBN 0-394-52061-0 you will find hundreds of examples.

        • Bill, that book has nothing to do with your comment. Faith is no different than hope; it doesn’t mean anything substantial.

          • Space Disc Jockey:
            You certainly have a right to express a wrong opinion, thank you for exercising that wrong right wrongly.

  • Kkrocker

    Now, Bill Perron, You’re comment above is an oxymoron in its self. Why? You may ask. Well, the definition of opinion is:
    1. a belief or judgment that rests on grounds insufficient to produce complete certainty.
    2. a personal view, attitude, or appraisal.
    So there are no wrong or right type of opinion, and your argument is invalid on that point. I personally side with science, but there is no possible way to determine what side is ‘right or wrong’ because it all depends on the opinion and point of view.

    • Thank you Kkrocker for posting your opinion.